Really Fox News?

Really Fox News?


Not that this is a big deal, and it very well could have been an innocent mistake…but come on…

  • mike mcEachran

    Yeah, except FOX has done this many times. Olbermann did it once accidentally (which was hysterical, becuase he had just mocked FOX for doing it), but then he came back from break and appologized and corrected the mistake. You’ll never see that at FOX, because they tollerate, and surely encourage their partisan hack staff from making little mistakes in their favor all the time. They’ll send any misleading, subliminal message to their half-tuned-in audience, to good effect. This audience wants to be lied to, because it feels so damn good to have prejudiced justified, truth be damned. They know exactly what they’re doing.

  • Tully

    MSNBC and CNN have both managed this trick a few times as well. FOX is more of a regular at it, though, and don’t seem to do it to Democrats. Since they sometimes do it to Republicans who aren’t deep in scandal, one suspects to some extent it’s bad proofing and default templates. But they still keep doing it, so you do gotta wonder, bias or incompetence?

    The usual trick of print media and wire services is to always ID Republicans as such in the first two paras. Usually in the first sentence, sometimes even in the headline. Whereas Dems caught in scandals can expect their party to not get mentioned until deep down in the story, if their party affiliation is mentioned at all. Since wire service stories tend to be cut to fit after the first few paras, low-down mention effectively removes the Dem party ID in syndicated reprints.

    Several years ago Don Surber created the “Name That Party!” net-meme game to have fun with that tendency, and Glenn Reynolds has had an awful lot of fun with it too. So have I. Newsbusters (an admittedly biased source themselves) keeps a standing category for NTP examples, and it’s rare that a week goes by without new additions. You can also Google “name that party” in quotes for endless examples.

  • Simon

    Their system automatically applies “R” or “D” based on tie color.

  • kranky kritter

    I think is a really good and useful test, because if you pay attention to it over time, you begin to see that it can’t really be accounted for without presuming at least occasional intent.

    I continue top think that it should simply be standard practice to note party affiliation with name at first appearance.

  • Chris

    Oh yeah, it’s totally accidental.






    Ted Stevens:

    This one is great, and blatant misinformation:

    I believe… yep, that pretty much covers every republican that has screwed up in the past couple years. I would put it beyond occasional intent. It’s an obvious longterm campaign of misinformation. It works easily I’m sure, knowing the faux viewer base.

  • Mike A.

    If it weren’t sad it would be hilarious! (Actually it is hilarious)

  • ExiledIndependent

    Amateur Hour on the Chyron. Sheesh.