Will Health Care Reform Pass?

Will Health Care Reform Pass?


Seems like a lot of insiders believe so.

National Journal polled lawmakers and found that 62% of Dems think it’s “very likely,” while 33% of them think it’s “somewhat likely.”

On the other side, a majority of Repubs believe it’s likely, with 13% thinking it’s “very likely” and 39% thinking “somewhat likely.”

Some “very likely” quotes from Dems…

“The clear consensus that the current system is broken is the driving force that assures some type of comprehensive reform will happen this year.”

“This is a huge problem for businesses and families. The public overwhelmingly supports reform.”

“Never underestimate Nancy Pelosi’s capacity to move bills with big impacts through the House. The Senate may notice that two-thirds of the American public and the president want action.”

“We have to. Now is the moment.”

And some “very likely” quotes from Repubs…

“This is a must-win for Obama and congressional Democrats. If they fail, they lose their political legitimacy. Whatever it takes, they won’t fail.”

“Obama has invested too much of his own capital not to accomplish something of note.”

“Some reform will get passed, but it will have to be much less aggressive than the current proposal (i.e., no massive tax increases) in order to get the necessary votes.”

“The closer we get to the election cycle, the less likely the administration will be able to justify the costs of massive and permanent expansions. They’ll make it happen now.”

Question for the comments: Will health care get passed and what will it look like?

  • kranky kritter

    Sure, they will pass something, and declare victory. Whether they pass something is not in question in my mind. What I question is whether what they pass will do much good. I’m feeling pretty agnostic on that one.

  • http://itsthe21stcenturystupid.wordpress.com/ Jim S

    I agree with kranky. Shocking, I know.

  • Chris

    Oh absolutely. Like I said in a previous comment, I have the most to lose from this, my health care is almost 100% free for me.

  • http://francoisworld.blogspot.com Adam Herman

    As David Brooks observed, the Democrats’ strategy is to pass anything and declare victory.