McCain Loyalists Rip Sarah Palin In New Article

McCain Loyalists Rip Sarah Palin In New Article


I should come as no surprise that many Democrats pray for Sarah Palin to be the candidate in 2012, but many smart GOPers realize how much damage she could do to the brand.

That’s why we’re seeing pieces like this latest rather lengthy Vanity Fair exposé.

Read the rest over at True/Slant.

  • Simon

    As usual: dubious spin and half-truths bailed together with unsourced nonsense. It doesn’t merit a full response, although it demands and will get one in due course.

    And these supposed McCain loyalists? Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace, one supposes, whose incompetence in running the campaign disqualifies them from criticizing anyone else’s conduct before, during, or after. The post-election inside stories made it pretty clear that these folks were in utterly over their heads, and it doesn’t take much to figure out their incentives to dish Palin: that intriguing sartorial trick where one covers one’s ass by laying the blame at someone else’s feet.

  • the Word

    I think I speak for many when I say “Isn’t he just precious?!”

  • ExiledIndependent

    Palin aside, “McCain loyalists” couldn’t campaign their way out of a paper bag; they’re either monumentally inept or intentionally threw the election. So not giving their opinions a huge amount of value.

  • Sarah

    Yeah how can you say that Vanity Fair is written by “McCain loyalists?” Once again the double standard pops up. Its PC to pick on republicans, even republican women, even on a website that says it wont “disparage people based on color, race, sex, etc”. Where are the equal rights supporters, why arent they outraged at calling Palin sexy in every paragraph???? This is just so rediculous. Try picking on the anointed one, Obama, or his girls and see how far that would get????

  • Veganservative

    This guy was on the Ed Shultz show tonight. I think I am the only person who watched that tonight, and I only saw the clip online. The guy is a partisan hack that cannot site his sources.

    I am not sure though that Democrats should wish for Palin, I for one, would not be so quick to rule her out. I am not worried at all that she could win the nomination, but Barack Obama would have to continue on this terrible path he is in order for her to have a chance. I really am concerned that she would not be electable, she is just too divisive. With the brand new supermajority (Pictured here:, much could go wrong for someone who is increasingly seeming to be Carter v2, (under whose administration the democrats last had a supermajority, which worked out SO well for them) and Palin could emerge as Reagan did, someone involved in a losing presidential race that then went on to win against an incredibly unpopular president. Palin could not win unless these circumstances came to be.

    I rather like Haley Barbour, big guy back in the 90s, who recently came back to prominence with becoming the Governor of Mississippi, and now the chairman of the Republican Governors Association. He is very conservative and has some great credentials, but is just another older fat southern white male, the general stereotype of the Republican Party, and I am not sure we could win with our stereotype.

    Tim Pawlenty has a good chance, but let me talk about Romney, from a Mass resident perspective. I used to love him. He was able to win in ultra liberal Mass, I thought that was a good thing. He was a conservative, who was able to win a liberal area, perhaps he could do this nationwide. Then I realized, the only reason he was able to win is because he was kinda squishy. While he was governor, he came up with that wonderful idea that Obama and Kennedy are basing their healthcare bill off of, MassCare. I thought and assumed this was Deval Patricks fault, it was towards the end of Mitt’s career, and I wasn’t that involved back then. It really bothers me that the top conservative candidate out there is the guy who came up with Universal Healthcare. Sorry, but for this sole reason he is not my top choice.

  • http://sidewaysmencken.blogspot michael reynolds

    The Word:

    I know. I’ve kind of crossed the line from heaping scorn to finding it kind of chivalrous.

    None of which alters the fact that Palin is God’s gift to Democrats. If you did a poll of Democrat and Republican insiders you’d find the Dems much more enthusiastic about a Palin candidacy. Personally, I love her: she’s narrow, ignorant, mean, parochial, and arrogant. Everything we want our Republicans to be.

    Okay, that’s eerie: the captcha? “Veep star-chamber.”

  • Mike A

    Sarah says: “This is just so rediculous. Try picking on the anointed one, Obama, or his girls and see how far that would get????”

    Yes, insinuating that Obama is a secret muslim is NOT “picking” on him. Nor is insinuating that a black man is less experienced than a white man, he’s not a true citizen and his fist bump is a muslim secret hand shake. People have and will continue to pick on Obama. It’s tiring hearing this continual whining and claims of “it’s not fair” when it comes to Sarah when Sarah has left herself open to “being picked on” by her own words and poor management of her image.

    BTW it’s PC to pick on all politicians.

  • kranky kritter

    Personally, I love her: she’s narrow, ignorant, mean, parochial, and arrogant. Everything we want our Republicans to be.

    LOL. Hard to argue with that list other to wonder whether it’s too short. What astonishes me the most is that she somehow manages, despite her lack of anythiung remotely resembling deep understanding of the underlayments conservative thought, to come across as pedantic.

    Who want to be lectured at by someone who knows less about something than you do yourself?

  • gerryf

    I don’t even like Palin, but found most of the article slanted, unsourced, and at best speculative.

    That said, nothing in there that a lot of people aren’t saying–just no proof that people “close” to McCain are saying it.

    Palin is the worst thing that could happen to the Republican party–immensely popular and influiential with the base that is too small to win a general election, she can screw up the GOP nomination something fierce.

    In that way, she can be a kingmaker if she wants to be, but if she is as narcissistic as some say and cannot stand the idea of anyone else being at the head of the ticket, the party will have problems.

  • Jeremy from NJ

    The Word: You would speak for me if you said “off balance” instead of “precious”.

    Michael and KK: I like the way you talk.

  • Nick Benjamin


    Romney didn’t have a choice in implementing universal health care. A dedicated group of activists were on the brink of making health care a right under the MA Constitution. That would have forced him to create a health care equivalent of the public education system, with no co-pays for anything.

    Romney managed to thwart them by creating his own universal health program. He doesn’t talk about it much because it doesn’t really work very well.