Washington Post Apologizes for Salon Idea

Washington Post Apologizes for Salon Idea



Apparently, The Washington Post is completely abandoning the idea of hosting exclusive salons with power brokers – an idea which erupted into scandal last week when a marketing flyer indicated lobbyists could pay for access to Post reporters.

Now, the paper has apologized blaming the flyer on a marketing snafu but taking responsibility for the bad idea of hosting exclusive dinners:

Our mistake was to suggest that we would hold and participate in an off-the-record dinner with journalists and power brokers paid for by a sponsor. We will not organize such events. As publisher it is my job to ensure that we adhere to standards that are consistent with our integrity as a news organization.

I’m glad the Post has apologized for their questionably ethical idea. But I do wonder what would have happened if POLITICO and other news organizations hadn’t broken the story. I guess it’s a good thing that there are watchdogs watching the watchdogs.