Republican Congressman Takes On Birthers…Sort Of

Republican Congressman Takes On Birthers…Sort Of


You have to feel for Rep. Mike Castle. Because dealing with loons like this has to make him question what’s going on with the Republican base. Especially when everybody starts clapping for the birther and booing Castle when he says Obama is a citizen.

And then she convinces everybody and pledge allegiance to the flag!

Seriously…watch it…

When I say “sort of” in the title, Castle tried not to alienate the woman, but if you don’t cut off folks like this immediately they’ll dominate the conversation…and she did.

I mean, do these people genuinely think that the presidency was stolen from a foreigner and they have to literally take it back? Because you add stuff like this with the revolutionary talk of the Tea Parties and you’ve got a very dangerous mix.

By the way, who were these people calling traitors again? You question a war and you’re a traitor, but you question the president’s citizenship and you’re a patriot?

  • Jon

    Obama Derangement Syndrome in full effect. There were a lot of nutters out there with Bush, I guess it’s just a sign on the times. Humorous though that it switches instantly–yesterday’s truthers are today’s skeptics.

  • Agnostick

    Yeah, but to see the full breadth and depth of the, uuhhmm, “illness”… check out the user’s YouTube channel. There’s a whole lot more crazy candy for your trick-or-treat bag!

    Read down into some of the comments, too, and you’ll see a few leftie extremists go off and sink to the same level.

    If there’s a silver lining to this cloud, we can take heart in the fact that we’re dealing with a certain group of “Americans,” not Iranians. It’s one thing to copy a bit of cable news to your HDD, and post it back to YouTube; it’s quite another to really organize, walk the walk, show up, and put in the footwork. Hell, most of ’em don’t even understand what the Boston Tea Parties were really about–which means we’re lacking in some education, somewhere.

    No, Justin, the “very dangerous mix” you refer to is about as dangerous as baking soda and vinegar: A lot of froth, a little noise, and it all goes flat before you even know what happened.

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  • Alistair

    This is why the GOP will have difficulty to attract Independent when you have extremist like these folks bring up the birth certificate which was made up by former Hillary Clinton supporter.

  • Chris

    I continually get into it on a couple forums with birthers, they’ll never believe he’s a citizen no matter what. there’s no way to convince them. they’d have to be present in 1960 or whatever, watching him pop out in hawaii. even they, they might call out Fake! lol.

  • Alistair

    Some of their rational is that they believe because his father was Kenyan that it disqualifies him from being President but behold our second President Thomas Jefferson mother was born in France with defeats their argument.

  • ExiledIndependent

    Birthers would probably shut up (some at least?) if BHO produced an actual Hawaiian birth certificate. Maybe?

  • Justin Gardner

    EI…good lord…

    He did produce the BC and it was independently verified by numerous different non-partisan organizations.

    Please, do some digging before you make a comment like that again. It would have taken you 10 seconds to type “obama’s birth certificate” into Google and find these links.

  • http://sidewaysmencken.blogspot michael reynolds

    Birthers are racists. I think it’s just that simple. In their disordered mental state they’ve seized upon this nonsense as a more socially acceptable way of expressing their rage at the realization that a black man is president of the United States.

    The question for Republicans is this: why do looneys and bigots and racists think they have a home in the GOP?

  • Solomon Kleinsmith

    George W Bush planned the 9/11 attacks… and eats kittens… I heard it from an email, so it must be true.

  • Tully


    Michael…oh please.


    Birthers…Barack Obama was born Aug 4 1961 on American soil in Honolulu at the Kapi’olani Medical Center, the legitimate son of an American citizen mother and a foreign national father. This is reflected in all the appropriate records of the time, including birth announcements in both local papers reflecting the bi-weekly birth listings they received from the hospital. The original birth record, property of the state of Hawaii, has been personally verified as being on file by both the Hawaii Sec’y of State and the State Registrar. The certificate of live birth reflecting this and examined by absolutely everyone was properly issued, stamped, sealed, and certified as an accurate reflection of the short-form file record, and is not a fake.

    He’s a natural-born citizen of the US. Deal with it.

    The first president actually born IN the United States of America was Martin Van Buren. All previous presidents were born in the British North American colonies that later BECAME the United States. Both of Andrew Jackson’s parents were Irish immigrants less than two years off the boat when he was born in 1767. The last President to be born a British subject was William Henry Harrison, unless you believe the rumors about Chester A. Arthur. There’s still some minor dispute over whether he was born in Vermont or Canada — his father was an Irish immigrant who settled first in Canada with his American wife for a time before moving south. But it was probably just anti-Arthur campaign propaganda — there were Birthers even in 1880!

    Woodrow Wilson’s mother was born in Scotland. Hoover’s mother was born in Canada, and Hoover was the last US president before Obama to have a foreign-born parent. Jimmy Carter was the first President born in a hospital. Mitt Romney’s grandmother was a Mexican national, and his father George Romney was born in Mexico City.

    John McCain was born in Panama. Had he won the election we’d now be rolling our eyes at the chorus of MDS sufferers whining about how the son of two natural-born American citizens who were out of the US on direct military assignment is somehow not himself a natural-born citizen. Because McCain is white, Michael would not call them racists.

  • ExiledIndependent

    Sorry, should have said, “certified birth certificate.” Devil’s in the details.

  • kranky kritter

    Tinfoil hatters? Yup. Without question. Paranoid,obsessive, delusionals. In need of meds, counseling, and quarantining from the object of their obsession.

    Don’t feed the neuroses.

    Now, does the fashion-forward aluminum haberdashery preclude a taste for racism? Of course not. Any notion, idea, or thought which feeds the mental pathology is welcomed aboard.

    But at root, the story of these folks is not really about racism or any other idiotic notion plopped into the fuel tank. It’s about neuroses or obsessions or whatever you want to call them: how they form, how they grow, how they thrive like mental bacteria in a closed moist system with lots of fuel and no air or light.

    Make no mistake…folks such as this are but a small leap away from a “sic semper tyrannis” moment.

    The prophetic captcha? Rejoin US.

  • http://sidewaysmencken.blogspot michael reynolds


    You’re ttrying to equate leftie crazies with rightie crazies. I will certainly admit we’ve got a goodly number of morons and lunatics. But nothing to equal the right’s throw-weight in terms of sheer WTF wack-jobbery.

    Face it: the right is the OPEC of crazy. And yours own guns, whereas ours agonize over paper vs. plastic.

  • kranky kritter

    I will certainly admit we’ve got a goodly number of morons and lunatics. But nothing to equal the right’s throw-weight in terms of sheer WTF wack-jobbery…Face it: the right is the OPEC of crazy. And yours own guns, whereas ours agonize over paper vs. plastic.

    100% perception. No measurable quantifiable data.

    Both sides say this of the other, with regularity. In the absence on anything like decent data to measure, that’s what I always notice, that both sides say this of the other, with regularity.

    Both sides seem convinced that if they say it louder and more often, they will persuade people that they are right. And THAT, my friends, is whacko.

  • Joshua

    ExiledIndependent: Birthers would probably shut up (some at least?) if BHO produced an actual Hawaiian birth certificate. Maybe?

    More likely they’d start poring over every square millimeter of the document looking for the slightest indication of fakery. Yaaawwwnnn…

  • ExiledIndependent

    Of course they would, Joshua. Conspiracy theories are too delicious to let go of easily. But there is a way to silence a chunk of them, which might be better than nothing. Besides, Obama is the transparency president, so it’s a head-scratcher why basic documents like these aren’t easy to access.

  • Agnostick

    Really, EI? That’s the best that you can come up with?

    I’m a native of Texas, and spent the first 30 years of my life there. In all those years, we moved twice. The house that my parents currently reside in–and where I spent the second half of my childhood–is just over 30 years old. Somewhere in that house is my original birth certificate, though I can’t say exactly where. I’m sure my mom knows, and could probably put her hands on it if I really needed it.

    Shit happens. Houses burn down, get demolished by tornadoes, get flooded by hurricanes. Sometimes, you just lose things, moving from one place to another. Just because you say something like this should be easy to access, doesn’t make it so for everyone.

    Another way to shut this down: How about you and/or the other crackpots you align with produce President Barack Obama’s authentic Kenyan birth certificate? Between El Rushbo, Drudge, SlAnnder, Rutherford Foundation and all the other fringe people and groups… it shouldn’t be too difficult to scrape together $1 million to fund an expeditionary research group of 10-12 people to spend 6 months in Kenya and find something. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

    Until then, this is what we have. It’s a legal document–and all the crazy catterwalling in the world can’t refute that.

    Put up or STFU already.

    [email protected]