Quote Of The Day – Racist

Quote Of The Day – Racist


“This president, I think, has exposed himself as a guy, over and over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”
Glenn Beck demonstrating again why he’ll only ever appeal to fringers

Here’s the clip…

At a certain point, even if you are Fox News, you really have to start wondering if Beck is all there or is just making stuff up for the sake of ratings. Because, either way, he is such a hack of a commentator that you’d think they have a hard time allowing him on air.

By the way, like my Ann Coulter policy, I’m getting close to never posting anything Beck says ever again. I’m almost there. Wonder what will push me over the edge.

  • gerryf

    Queue the Keith Olbermann is just as bad comment from a right winger…


  • Agnostick

    I propose that the Gravina Island Bridge project be refunded, and reinstated. The resulting behemoth–that really won’t go anywhere–should be named the Beck-Birther Bridge.

  • patrikios

    Olbermann has said some pretty dumb things, but he looks pretty reasonable and low-key next to Beck.

  • Chris

    what is this evidence that shows he hates white people? beck is a complete raving lunatic.

  • Chris

    Also, he’s half white, does that mean he hates only half of himself? Beck is making the rest of the wingers look saner by the day.

  • http://sovereignmind.wordpress.com Mike

    I mostly agree. I was actually a cautious Beck fan when he was on CNN. Now that’s he’s on Fox he’s gone off the deep end (maybe CNN was holding him back? Or is it me that’s changed? Who knows). But I disagree that he is a “hack”. By my definition, a “hack” is someone who will say anything as long as it benefits his party (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_hack), even at the expense of the truth. From what I’ve seen, Beck can be harsh on Republicans too. He’s not a hack, he’s just plain nuts.

  • Logan

    Yes, I have to say that I despise Fox News, I’m forced to watch it on a daily basis due to my step mom’s apparent inability to recognize bullshit. I understand a little bias, but it’s so painfully obvious in every piece that it detracts from their credibility as a media source.

  • gerryf


    When, pray tell, has Glenn Beck ever criticized the Republicans, other than to say they were not being conservative enough–and by conservative, Glenn Beck means batcrap crazy.

    Beck gives conservatives a bad name. Even O’Reilly doesn’t take him seriously any more–and when O’Reilly openly mocks him to his face (back in April when Beck was on his show), you have gone right over the edge.

    From his contention the FEMA trailers were going to be converted into concentration camps (OK, he merely couldn’t debunk the rumor, he really didn’t contend it was going to occur), to his bizzarro rant from his hospital bed, to his “love my country” whine, to his “We surround them” claim–the man is perilously close to a full blow wackout akin ot the Peter Finch meltdown from Network–and one could argue he has already had some Finch-like moments.

    The man should be in a hospital, not on network television.

  • http://sovereignmind.wordpress.com Mike


    I didn’t dispute that he is ultra-conservative or that he sometimes/often crosses the line into crazy-town. I’m making a minor semantic point, that “hack” is not technically accurate (at least by one commonly accepted definition).