Shatner Takes On Sarah Palin’s Parting Poem

Shatner Takes On Sarah Palin’s Parting Poem


I didn’t comment on her farewell speech because I didn’t want to sound mean yet again.

Best to let it speak for itself!

Shatner reads a part of her speech verbatim.

So good.

  • Terry

    Apparently someone at NBC doesn’t want us to watch this – it has been pulled for copyright –

  • Chris

    anyone have alternative links? And NBC is retarded.

  • Mike A.

    Youtube link

    It actually does make a better poem than a speech. Maybe this is why she left office….she has a calling.

  • ffbull

    This is the kind of post that makes me realize that this website is less about moderate idea’s and more about political hogwash. Someone had to look for this garbage and post it.

  • gerryf


    Sometimyou just got to have a little fun.

  • Aaron


    Agreed. You can’t be serious all the time. Life would be so boring!

  • Justin Gardner


    Grow a sense of humor or leave. The choice is yours.