The Roundup

The Roundup


Well, it’s been another great week at Donklephant.

I’d be remiss if I started anywhere other than with the woman who inspired us to stand up and take control of our … uh, um, well, our something.

Having attended thousands of community planning board, school board, city council and other public meetings and hearings in my lifetime, I’ve listened patiently to countless far less articulate and often gratuitously angry people say every conceivable ridiculous and/or outrageous thing. As for going on too long, this gal is the soul of brevity compared to many enchanted by the sound of their own voices. – John Burke

Awareness of one’s own limitations and note cards can be two very valuable assets. – Steve

Did she just say we own slaves on the East Coast? – Brian

Remember a lot of the Dems recent victories involved a great ground game. For that to happen you need lots of volunteers, and it’s hard to see where they’ll come from in 2010 even if Obama gets health care passed. There’s no Bush to be angry at anymore. The ground game is usually worth five points. – Nick Benjamin

So if you are popular, and you want to lead on an important issue, then you have to spend your popularity wisely and carefully if you want to get something done. If Obama or any other President backs away from reform on an important issue because his ratings are going down, he’s no leader. – Kranky Kritter

I can’t watch these guys anymore. Neither Fox nor their ratings challenged liberal spawn at MSNBC. – mw

I am a Blue Dog Democrat who favors health care reform, but don’t try to rush it ! After all it’s been in slow motion for years. At least let the elected Congressmen and Senators get the gist of it in order to make an intelligent decision on how to vote ! President Obama made a mistake in trying to ramrod it through in quick time. – Paul

Have a great week!