News Headlines for Independents

News Headlines for Independents



Continued look at who independent voters are/are not and Obama’s poll numbers…


Calif Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger is determined to leave a legacy of reform — particularly open primaries, which would give more power to voters

  • Schwarzenegger is unpopular but undaunted (George Skelton, Capitol Journal, LA Times)
  • A State of Confusion editorial: State needs fixes to avoid a repeat (Sac Bee) As for the Legislature itself, an open primary in place of the partisan nominating system we have now might help elect more moderate lawmakers and lead to a more consensus-oriented body.

For more independent news, see The Hankster, where the independents are.

  • Sandy Friedman

    Would love to see an article that asked a more probing question then Are You Sick and Tired of Republicans and Democrats? Maybe we’re just sick and tired of parties all together! Stupid to keep referring to us as swing voters. How about calling us independent Americans.

    Still — glad to see independent politics of all brands and stripes get some coverage. Long overdue.

  • B. Drosser

    Take a look at this quote – The 1992 book “The Myth of the Independent Voter” uses psychological research and voting pattern analysis to show that self-proclaimed independents often align along party lines.

    This quote that was used in the article verifying that “independent voters really aren’t”, is 19 years old!

    Plus, how would most Independents and independent minded folks vote if we wanted our vote to have an impact? The last time I looked there were two national parties to choose from – and in this election we had an independent minded candidate who stood for changing the culture of politics, not for bipartisan business as usual.

    Check the stats – Indies made history by electing Obama in the primaries. Indies played a crucial role in electing the first African American President. Yes, we voted for a Democrat, but that doesn’t mean we’re Democrats! Following the election our numbers swelled and continue to do so! Indies are a growing force for reform.

    Hats of to Donklephant – always on the cutting edge.

  • Nancy Hanks

    I couldn’t agree more! Things have been changing relatively rapidly and the partisans are grasping at straws to try to hold on to the clubhouses. Maybe the American people are finally starting to listen to our first President — who was, after all, a nonpartisan independent!

  • GMoney2009

    Between the last election cycle (2004 / 2008) I changed my party affiliation to NO PARTY from Democrat because I wanted to send a message to the Democrats that business as usual would not work, if it meant getting steam rolled by the right again.

    This election cycle, I will be fulfilling every Republican’s worse nightmare and registering well before the primary, so that I might pass judgment of their possible candidates early and / or make them think they are leading a movement to the right.. unless of course either of those are illegal, then I’m merely saying it to watch their heads explode. ;-D

  • wj

    Biggest boost for independents/moderates in California: when legislative districts get redrawn after the 2010 census, they don’t get drawn by the legislators themselves. Meaning that they are less likely to be almost exclusively “safe” districts, and thus will put a premium on nominating more moderate candidates who can win the general election.

  • mw

    Most ‘independent’ voters aren’t

    I absolutely agree. This is consistent with my anecdotal observations. The country breaks down to roughly 1/3 honest partisan Dems, 1/3 honest partisan Reps, and 1/3 that claim to be independent. Of the “independents” I doubt that there is more than a third who have ever switched their partisan preference on a Presidential vote. That is where you flesh out the closet partisans. On the Presidential vote. My guess, is at most you have 15% of the electorate who have ever pulled the lever for a presidential candidate that is not their partisan preference.

    Justin – Have you ever voted for a Republican Presidential candidate in a general election?

  • Justin Gardner


    No, I’ve never voted for a Republican Presidential candidate. Let’s look at the choices I’ve had since I turned 18…

    Bob Dole
    George W. Bush
    John McCain

    Do you think anybody in that group speaks to my generation?

    Here’s who I may consider voting for in the future if they run…

    Jon Huntsman, Jr.
    Charlie Crist
    Jim Douglas
    Mitch Daniels
    Michael Bloomberg
    Colin Powell