A Second Revolution?

A Second Revolution?


I’ve found the base camp of crazy.

Have a look:

At the time that I am writing this, at least 20 – 30% of Americans understand thus far, know the true nature of President Obama, and the steps he is now taking to destroy freedom.  […]  A real Second American Revolution is now on the horizon.

We are witnessing the literal death of our Republic, that can come in less than 4 years.

Well, let us start the journey down the road to Revolution in the United States of America.  I believe you will understand it all, and at the very least, by the end of this article you will be ever vigilant.  Perhaps maybe, you’ll even exercise your 2nd Amendment rights, before you can no longer do so.

maybe, just maybe, enough of us can “peacefully” prevent it all.  It is not likely by far, but we can hope.  Marxists won’t go down without a fight so keep this in mind…

Even if you have never fired a weapon, do yourself a favor and exercise your constitutional right to bear arms. Buy a rifle, take some lessons and start up a hunting club. Even if you don’t hunt.  Start a marksmanship club in your college or even high school.  Whatever you do, DO NOT EVER Give up your right to bear arms! Not to any government EVER.

I’m a fan of the 2nd amendment…

the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Every American should be able to own the biggest, sickest, machine-gunniest weapon they can afford. The modern day fight against tyranny will require more than your average hand gun. These people are spot on.


A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state

A well regulated militia (read: gun-toting populace) should be educated enough to actually recognize tyranny, distinguish between fact and fiction, and exercise some amount of self-control and patience before blowing the roof off the White House. These people are – what’s the opposite of spot on?

These days everybody has a reason for saying that the founders are rolling over in their graves. Here’s mine:

It’s because their Republic is becoming a nation expecting to be ignorant and free.

  • gerryf

    Base camp…heck, that’s just your every day bat crap crazy right wing separatist looney-tunes rest area.

    I wish we could say that is out of the norm, but there are plenty more where this fella came from. Heck, he’s not even in the royal family of goof ball–more like a court jester

  • Miles

    I find myself unable to speak on this issue with the elegance and clarity I wish. I fear I will not be able to make my intentions clear and be misunderstood, perhaps deliberately by some. I shall try nonetheless, please bear with me.


    Yeah, I am hoping a revolution can be avoided also, but maybe there must be one. I don’t mean they way the poster meant though.

    I too am fearful that the US will fall into fascism or worse. But I do not have that fear from Obama and others like him, they are not the bringers of such doom. I see it in the way so many reacted to 9/11 and represented by Bush’s and his associates choices and actions.

    No, people’s revolution I mean is the one where people will rise up in opposition to those who seek to overthrow the U.S. using Obama as an excuse. Do they really think everyone will just fall in line with them and won’t oppose them because they are “true patriots and Americans” and only they know the way?

    “Defend the U.S. constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.” They are seriously lacking in judgment (a given it seems) if they think they are the only ones who strongly believe in this pledge. And most of them have not deluded themselves to the truth as these people have. The agitators may be vocal but they are the minority whether they choose to believe so are not.

    Many – myself included – will oppose this treason with a revolution against the revolution if necessary. I have noticed I am not the only one willing fight and die if necessary to protect against this attack. We rarely speak openly for we do not desire this course of action and we do not wish to inflame the situation as our opponents seem to be trying to do. But I have found I am not alone. Those of you out there thinking similar things need to know you are not alone.

    I realize that I am in no way doing proper service to what I want to say, or to the ideals I hold true. But I can see the possibility of future United States no longer wed to the ideals we have been striving to uphold, to develop and earn a future with dignity, respect, and honor for all people, races, and creeds. We are not there yet and the process seems so incredibly slow. There are many issues to overcome, not the least of which include racial and gender inequality.

    While we have not yet earned the future we yearn for, and indeed, there are those we claim these ideals are actually un-American and not intended in the US Constitution, it is well worth fighting for even if death should be my only reward.

    To those who agitate for revolution I say: Let us not destroy our nation foolishly with the hope it will rebuild itself only to our individual desires. Once destroyed there are no assurances we will ever regain what we had. Even those parts of which you, or I, or even both hold as dear may never rise again. Our nation, our democracy*, has a good chance of never recovering from the damage.

    Friends be comforted in knowing you are not alone and that reason has not yet lost, nor do I think reason will lose in the end. But if all else should fail and the unthinkable must begin, you will not stand alone nor shall you die alone.

    Foes be warned, we will not sail silently into the night and darkness which your fear has wrought. Let us grapple these issues together as true Americans with discourse and compassion, not fear and devastation.

    * Yes I am aware we are not a true democracy as is commonly believed, we are more of democratic republic, or maybe just a republic.

  • http://sidewaysmencken.blogspot michael reynolds


    There’s not going to be a revolution. The revolution has already occurred. What we see now on the far right is the rage of the defeated.

    They’re white, old, not well-educated, generally not well-off. (By the way, I’m three of those things.) They don’t actually have issues. They’re in many cases government-subsidized people (old people on medicare and social security) raging about “socialism” they themselves enjoy and taxes they don’t actually pay.

    We have a black president, a woman secretary of state, a Hispanic on the supreme court. Abortion has not been stopped. Gay marriage is coming and they all know it. They’ve seen Jews, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics all become equal players in an America that was all Christian and all white in their nostalgia-saturated memories. Rural America is dying and southern America is being infiltrated by the forces of modernity. Democrats run North Carolina and Virginia.

    These people’s kids all move to Atlanta or LA or New York. There are more people in the New York metro area than in all the farm belt. You could drop all of Kansas into the LA metro area and only increase the population by 15%.

    To paraphrase Dylan, the times they have a changed.

    They have a terrible fear of irrelevance. And the fear is justified. They’ve made themselves irrelevant. They’ve chosen not to adapt. So they get angry and lash out at anything they think represents the new world which they think has no further use for them. It’s inchoate rage. Fear aggression.

    But old folks with guns may go on shooting sprees but they don’t launch revolutions. I have no doubt we’ll see more screaming and more shootings and no doubt more jackasses running around in the woods wearing camouflage and ranting about blacks and feminists. Revolution? Nah. We won that.

  • Tully

    There’s more than one base camp for crazy. Just sayin’.

    We have regularly scheduled revolutions every two years. They’re called elections. Those preaching armed revolution are generally those who failed (and will continue to fail) to get their (nuckin’ futz teeny minority) way in the regular revolutions.

    Fortunately they have no monopoly on firearms ownership, and there’s a hell of a lot more non-crazy non-revolutionary gun owners than crazy ones. We too enjoy the 2nd amendment.

  • Agnostick
  • Miles


    I am in complete agreement with you. But having heard so much talk about the need for revolution while they fantasize about how great it’s going to be, and everyone is going to back them happily, I am having a hard time keeping my mouth shut anymore.

    I live in state with a pretty heavy republican base and a number of militia groups who spout some amazing bullshit. They are actually pretty good about keeping quiet so they go mostly unnoticed. A friend of mine’s family is involved and so I hear a lot of it through him. Lately my mother has started to buy into some of their bullshit and that is really starting to get to me. She thinks I just hate republicans even thought she knows I am a fierce independent.

    It is best to just let it go, but as I said, they are starting to push my buttons. They seem to actually believe that no true patriotic American will oppose them. Maybe they will think twice about doing something stupid if they realize people really will oppose them all the way up to and including violence if need be.

    Overall though, my post is really a rant to get some frustration of my chest. At the same time, they should make no mistake, I and others like me are as deadly serious as they are if it really comes down to a confrontation.

    – Miles

  • Mike A.


    I have had similar thoughts and feelings over the last 8 months or so. It began during the presidential election and has continued to now. I live in a highly republican area (local community, not state) and am amazed at the threats openly made against Obama, and democrats as a whole. I do consider myself an independent, but have been so put off by the right that I sometimes behave like a flaming liberal.

    I mostly put off these feelings of a possible revolution as paranoia. It’s hard to extrapolate to where this rabid discontent is going, but I believe the extreme (violent) right will feed off of this anger and that there’s a good chance of a higher level of violence in the years to come.

    As those on the right proclaim “I want my country back!”

  • http://centristcoalition.com/blog/ kranky kritter

    The base camp for crazy? LOL, like there’s only one.Hah.

    I’m more surprised when I don’t find crazy. What I see these days is that lots of people who were already pissed off and barely in control are now in worse shape, largely because of the deterioration of financial conditions.

    18 months or so ago, I did not get the sense that Americans were especially satisfied. Instead, they took for granted what they had, felt entitled to all they had, and in fact felt they deserved more. Gratitude and acceptance are not fashionable American character traits, let’s face it.

    Now lots of Americans who feel stressed, overworked, and time-starved are staring down the barrel of a future that looks to be substantially crappier than what most folks had been envisioning. No winder folks are grumpy.

    Why in the world should we be surprised that the kook-o-meter seems to be redlining? And given the transition from Bush to Obama, why should we be surprised that there’s maybe a conservative tint to the kook conclaves? The tint was blue for the previous 8 years, so… .

  • Mike A.

    Unfortunately I wasn’t as interested in the extreme left mood during the Bush era, so I can’t speak to it, but during this time was the blue tint so outwardly violent (talk of violent revolutions)?

  • http://detroitskeptic.com/blogs Nick Benjamin

    No. American Left-wing loons do not have guns. Most of them tried to keep their kids from playing with toy guns. That almost never actually worked, but they tried.

    They do this because they passionately believe in the power of non-violent protest.

  • http://centristcoalition.com/blog/ kranky kritter

    Violent? Not that I recall. Not this time. Angry to the point of spitting, incoherence, ragefulness? Yup. Fantasizing about revolution via persuasion? Yup.

    Of course when you reach any true radical fringe, violence is seldom off the table. We saw plenty of left-wing violence in the Vietnam era, right?

    Right wing folks are apparently more likely to own guns, although this is IMO as much cultural and geographical as it is political. Many folks who own guns practice with them, and so also find occasion to regularly think about using them.

    It’s a simple truism for all of us to notice that you can’t use a gun unless you have one. Just like you can’t accost a pedestrian with a petition during lunch unless you have a petition.

    It doesn’t seem that, so far, we have seen much if any elevation of actual right wing violence. What we are seeing now is a lot of venting and posturing and expression of frustration. Venting and posturing and expressing frustration is good old traditional protected freedom of speech.

    I think that the vast majority of Americans both right and left are cognizant and appreciative of where the line lies between expressing anger and frustration and acting violently upon such frustrations.

    So I say let this kook windstorm blow. Suppress no one, and counter lies and distortions with facts.