Cloud (making) Ships

Cloud (making) Ships


Everyone has one. The one piece of technology that makes it official for you that you’re living in the future. Whether it’s a Roomba vacuum, Skype, the iPhone or something else – there’s something floating around in your mind that, when you see it in real life, you’ll know you’ve reached the future.

For me it’s cloud ships that look like this:


When this flotilla (1500+) of wind-powered spew ships is complete and I can watch them bellow sea water and (presumably) fish guts into the sky, I will have reached the future. One can only hope that the accordion-like stacks will crouch lower and lower as the pressure builds until BOOM! A new cloud is born … to reflect the sun … so the Earth doesn’t get warm.

Clouds are good. Let’s make more.

  • http://sidewaysmencken.blogspot michael reynolds

    In the dystopian steampunk variation we use the ships also to house the most violent criminals and political dissidents who are left to float aimlessly around in the ocean.

    Until the asteroid strike. Then of course the steam ships become pirate ships in effect, like Viking raiders. Preying on the few land-bound humans who have managed to survive the zombies.

    Of course there would be zombies. Duh.

  • Mike A.

    Zombies are good….not the slow, plodding type, but the quick sprinting type. Then the U.S. will survive because we all have serious artillery with which to mow down the zombie swarm.

  • http://sidewaysmencken.blogspot michael reynolds


    I agree. And I am glad to see that we can agree on this important topic.

    For too long have we been forced to stretch logic to explain the capacity of sleep-walking zombies to catch and eat spry humans. Romero was a god, clearly, but zombiedom has moved on to the 28 Days/I Am Legend style of zombie.

    There’s no going back. We will not surrender our rights! Zombies must be allowed to run!