Glenn Beck Warns Of The Coming Oligarh…Oligarhy…Umm…

Glenn Beck Warns Of The Coming Oligarh…Oligarhy…Umm…


Yes, he’s a man of many words…but he needed a few more this time…

And yet this will become the highest rated show on cable television. Guaranteed.


Some folks in the comment section have told me that he was just playing a joke, misspelled it on purpose, etc.

Yeah, that’s why in the first clip he spelled Oligarchy and in the second clip below he’s spelling Oligarch.

Yeah…right…what happened to that Y the next day?

Good times.

  • http:[email protected] Shay

    He should’ve double-checked the spelling, that’s for sure. But if a guy who thinks America has 57 states (LOL) and believes that Austrians speak Austrian (LOL) can be leader of the free world as America’s president and not have Donklephant get that upset, then Glenn Beck can make spelling error. Perhaps folks should be more focused on the larger points that Beck is making on his show, and agree or disagree accordingly.

  • http:[email protected] Shay

    Should’ve read “make **A** spelling error”. See, now Glenn Beck is rubbing off on my grammar, although I’ve only seen his show once. Ha ha…

  • Justin Gardner


    First, it’s just funny when blowhards screw up. And Obama may be many things, but he’s certainly not a know-little fear monger like Beck. I’m not saying people have to be perfect, but the idea that Obama, after George W. Bush rode in on his dad’s coattails to the presidency, is somehow forming an oligarchy? I mean, that is INSANE. And I won’t even get into the corporate consolidation that has happened over the past 30 years as a result of deregulation and relaxation of anti-trust laws.

    And you’re not the least bit concerned with the state of our electorate when the aforementioned fear monger can basically say whatever he pleases, whether it be grounded in fact or not, and MORE people watch?

    What this all goes back to the notion that Beck really doesn’t know what he’s talking about or isn’t curious enough to care. Either way, it’s irresponsible and Fox is, yet again, lowering the bar.

  • Jon

    Shay: The reason people are making fun of his presentation and not his “larger points” are because he has no larger point. He’s talking nonsense and contradicts himself constantly. Inflammatory statements peppered with a few “I’m not saying that’s the case” or “I hope I’m not rights” and a few flashes of Nazis and Communists on the screen. Rinse, repeat.

    How exactly is Obama going to make America an oligarchy? Wouldn’t Bush, coming from a powerful and rich political family, be a better target for such an absurd remark? Beck can’t even decide what form of government Obama is secretly trying to form us into, I’ve heard socialism, fascism, communism and now an oligarchy. I’ll go out on a limb and say that we’ll remain a Republic. Very little has changed since Obama has taken over, his fear is completely illogical.

  • Jeremy

    No the really funny thing is that Beck purposely misspelled it and just as predicted everyone is writing about it. Rememeber that Whitehouse didn’t want Beck calling them “czars”. The real questions are posed by Beck. I don’t agree with all of his view, but i do agree that his questions were valid and it seems quite odd that the Whitehouse has no answers. What a suprise…

  • bobs

    He mispelled on purpose.

  • Justin Gardner

    Guys, please watch the video.

  • Lucille

    I guess his little stunt proves that the liberals are tuned in. But are they so dull-witted that they don’t wonder what Obama and his entourage are up to? My question: How many czars can be employed with stimulus money? I guess that’s how many czars we will have!

  • Ron

    If you had posted this on Thursday, maybe it wouldn’t have looked foolish. But to post it on the day AFTER he explains that it was a joke just makes you look like a buffoon. Whatever left-wing blog you’re copying this from, tell them to be a little more timely with the content they give you brainless monkeys to copy.

  • xian

    What isn’t a joke from that clown?

    And, btw, whole “Obama thinks there are 57 states” thing is a perfect marker of the an echo-chamber discourse.

  • Chris

    He’s the most popular show because the slight majority of americans are illiterate and moderately retarded. people love to be told what to think.

  • Justin Gardner

    Lucille, what exactly do you think Obama is up to that you don’t know about? Illuminate us.

    Ron, maybe we’re seeing different clips, but I think it’s pretty clear that Beck said nothing about it being a joke and danced around the idea that he was pointing out a mistake he had made. He even said he would own up to mistakes at the front of the second clip.

    But seriously, to the both of you, if you don’t have anything to add here except some name calling and empty conjecture, please don’t come back.

  • Justin Gardner

    Chris, same goes for you. Don’t paint with the broad brush. It’s not welcome here.

  • Mike A.

    He’s laughing all the way to the bank.

    And it’s a sad state of affairs that this is true.

  • Steve in KC

    That guy…it blows me away that people actually watch and listen to him. That he is taken seriously. Wasn’t he the one recently said all it takes is one event, one happening to basically change everything [in the nation]…what sounds a lot like an invitation to some unbalanced person — ANY unbalanced person — to engage in some horrid act. That, combined with this other talk of “Obama tags” gives me great pause about the leadership of the Republican party.

    I’m not a huge fan of Obama, he seems to me to have exhibited a lack of leadership on true health care reform (single payer/public option). I’m conservative on some things, moderate on others, and what many would consider liberal on others. But real change from either party seems elusive at the moment.

    The bigger issue for me long-term is the Republican leadership. Where is it, really? Seriously. Their silence on condemning these incendiary remarks (and others) is deafening. They are ceding the party to the far right, replete with anything-but-civilized debate. And I don’t think that’s good for the GOP or the nation.

  • Rob


    It don’t matter how you spell it… it is still OBMA!


    Go Glenn!

  • Justin Gardner

    Rob, you know what…you’ve changed my mind. I actually liked Obama up until now, but who can argue with that case you just laid out?

    So what should I do from here? Where do I get one of those Joker posters?

    I’m all ears!

  • Chris Ahl

    I find it funny how easily it was for Glenn Beck to get the liberal press and blogosphere to fall for such an obvious teaser. Since I did happen to watch all 5 days of this particular series. I can say on Thursday I was wondering at the obvious misspell.

    It hit me later on that evening. It had to be something similar to a viral campaign. When an obvious mistake is made with time to prepare a whole week series then there can only be one conclusion…

    It wasn’t a mistake but a teaser to draw you in Justin. I know, I know you don’t want to give the man credit for having that much intelligence but consider this… He’s a radio personality as well as a TV personality and he’s done theatrical productions. So it would be a safe conclusion that planning goes into his program. Probably, right down to the second.

    So if you were trying to get a ratings bonanza would it be not be the easiest thing to give your critics something to shout about all over the web by showing them what they know to the core of their beings to be true… You are a buffon who can’t even use a dictionary to properly spell a word. Thus creating a frenzy to attract others to see what it’s all about.

    I also want to add, One TV news station in the cable & public channels is actually conservative. Somehow this makes liberals angry and nervous. When if you were to think about it, they are a minority station. They are fighting against ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, and HNN too name the main ones. Why would you think the liberal message won’t get out?
    I thought so…

  • Justin Gardner


    It was clearly a mistake, and I genuinely don’t understand how folks like you don’t see this…especially when Beck basically admitted it too. And that’s what’s truly weird to me…he’s not even denying that he made a mistake, and yet his fans are trying to say he was playing a joke or being clever, etc. I mean…what?

    As far as ratings goes, Beck knows he can say something stupid and get people talking about it. That’s not necessarily a new thing, but there’s also this thing called integrity and many in the news business are genuinely shocked at how low brow folks like Beck are being just to grab ratings. Calling Obama a racist? Again…what?

    As far as every single news organization being liberal…yeah, they were really liberal back in the 90s when they reported every single aspect of the Clinton sex scandal. And they’re really liberal right now when they’re reporting on how health care needed to be passed by August or else it was dead.

    Sorry Rob, but this is all very tried, well worn conservative rhetoric that doesn’t pass the smell test.

  • tetsuo

    It doesn’t really matter whether it was a mistake, (which it was you morons), the whole premise of the segment is retarded. Let’s throw a bunch of words up and I’ll pull letters from each to make a word that has no real application to anything that’s going on. It proves nothing, it is a stupid meaningless gimmick. The fact that you think this uneducated, myopic troll has anything to say only shows that you have nothing to contribute to political discussion in this country. Also, the guy is totally unoriginal, he stole the concept..

  • Bill

    It was an obvious mistake, and he did such a poor job of covering it up that he looks even more foolish. He floundered like a belligerant idiot in front of that camera, and he made a huge space in his chalkboard, and removed the “Y”, to believe that he mispelled it on purpose makes you so incompetant you should lose your vote in any upcoming election through the dawn of time. That’s the problem with people like Beck, they refuse to admit their mistakes, and their audience (which is frightfully even less intelligent than they are) believes every word they say.

  • Chris

    Justin have you seen the literacy reports for this country? this is just a snippet of many studies that have been released on our average 5th grade reading level:
    “46% of American adults cannot understand the label on prescription bottles due to low literacy levels..”

  • Lisa

    “Yeah, that’s why in the first clip he spelled Oligarchy and in the second clip below he’s spelling Oligarch.”

    If you watch the clips, or even the show, you will notice he spelled O L I G A R H … and said to ask Y?

    In the second clip he points out, yeah he did spell oligarchy wrong. He forgot the C.
    You can not spell oligarchy without the czars.

    Who are these czars? What are their backgrounds? What kind of power do they have?

    Why are self-proclaimed communists special advisers to the president?

    Should a communist have the ear of the president of the United States?

    Speaking about his time in jail (he was arrested at a protest), Jones said “I met all these young radical people of color – I mean really radical: communists and anarchists. And it was, like, ‘This is what I need to be a part of.’ I spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary.”

    He needs to be a part of communists and anarchists ideas of CRIMINALS who he met in JAIL???????

    Why is Glenn Beck telling America to question the government?
    Because it is our God given right, who ever your god may be, AND Constitutional right to question the intentions of our government.

    WTF is going on?

  • Michelle


    All Beck has to do, is toss out a few buzz words…and the mindless crowd goes WILD!!!

    And you wanna talk about Messiahs?


    Obama is doing a decent job…he has many many issues to deal with, and he is getting the ball rolling on many.

    As far as czars go…didn’t Reagan name a drug czar? Yeah…that war is really working out good isn’t it?

    Right wing nuts will believe anything, as long as its something horrid about the left.

    Beck is a victim of the disease called RightWingRot….it affects the brain, and removes all forms of reasoning ability.

  • Susabaya Stew

    It’s pretty clear to me that these “mistakes”, whether it is how many States Obama says they are or how Glenn Beck spells, are actually well-timed distractions from the issues at hand. When pundits and the media waste time over simple (and harmless) dumb things that public figures do, it takes away time from the controversial message and acts that these said figures plan on doing.

    So if someone wants to propose a radical change or say inflammatory things, but not get called out by the media for it, all they have to do is make an inexplainable error and likely nobody in charge on the opposition will pay any attention to the real thrust of their message. This leaves the door wide open for the followers to carry out the message.

    Our last President used this trick quite extensively, and he pretty much got what he wanted for the entirety of his first term. So its clear where Glenn Beck is coming from. I would be more likely to believe that Obama is just making honest errors when he misspeaks, but at this point in history, nothing would surprise me!

  • Agnostick

    Remember who we’re talking about here, okay? We’re talking about Glenn Beck. He’s a radical extremist with some really messed up ideas about things. He tries to pass himself off as a conservative, but clearly he’s more of an anarchist, if his recent ideas are to be believed. He screams to incite people into not paying their taxes, and carrying guns as a form of attention-whoring. The more he spews this nonsense, the more points he’ll score with the braindead electorate. For a self-proclaimed fiscal conservative, he supported a lot of wasteful spending during the last administration. His radio show is bad enough; now that he’s on the ol’ boob tube, he’s become even more aggressive with his hateful invective. It really is a sad commentary what people are willing to put up with. If people fall for this kind of crap much longer, we’re all going to Hell in a handbasket.

  • kranky kritter

    As I always rush to point out, both the left and the right fringes have more than their share of irrational hooks and schticky opportunists. Moore. Coulter. Limbaugh. Dobbs. Etc.

    But Beck is a 99th percentile kook, a real uber kook, one whose material just so happens to match up with the captive Fox demographic. So they gave him a TV show instead of heavy meds and a group home placement. To me, Beck is entertaining in the same way as a smelly bum off his meds wandering the streets ranting a monologue and drinking his own pee.

    Anyone who takes Beck serious really needs to take multiple deep breaths and ratchet it down a notch or seven. America has some serious problems that we need to face together, liberals, moderates and conservatives. Talking honestly and sanely and openly and finding places where we can agree.

    Exactly none of America’s problems will be solved by hysteria. And that’s all Beck has to offer.

  • Chris

    I honestly don’t see the comparison to the left. there are talking heads on the left that are obnoxious, but I’ve yet to see outright liars that are as well received – and paid as beck, orilly, hannity, etc.

  • http://sidewaysmencken.blogspot michael reynolds

    I honestly don’t see the comparison to the left.

    That’s because there isn’t one.

    You are evidently afflicted with accurate vision. Try harder to be “even handed” and you’ll achieve the visual distortion that allows you to see both sides as equally crazed.

  • 7rew

    I’m interested between the ideas of evil left wing hideous stuff and the Czars. Or indeed Oligarchy and the Czars.

    Under the Czars, Russia was an absolute monarchy that was fairly right wing and capitalist towards the end, when it was overthrow by the communists. While an absolute monarchy is technically an oligarchy, it is a small one and surely not what he means.

    Unless he is describing the establishment of a system where power passes from father to son…. fortunately there can be no George III of America (since he is not yet born), even though this would have very plesent implications for British independance from America.

    Still I suppose asking an american TV reporter to know the basic history (or even of the existance of) the rest of the world may be too much to ask.

  • http://sidewaysmencken.blogspot michael reynolds


    He’s not an American reporter. He’s an American clown.

  • Agnostick

    David Zirin just nailed it–for me, at least:

    In a recent monologue, Bill Maher said that the United States has two main political parties: one party on the center-right: the Democrats, and one party in a mental institution: the Republicans. Frankly, his comment insults those who receive care at psychiatric facilities; at least they are looking for help.

    The rest here.

    [email protected]

  • kranky kritter

    IF you are on the left, you probably think it’s the middle. If you are on the right, you probably think THAT is the middle.

    I don’t think that at the present time there is a progressive analogue to Glenn Beck. At least not one that has a similar audience and the same level of exposure. That almost certainly has something to do with the right’s reaction to Obama’s election and the country’s recent swing to the left. It’s been quite some time since the GOP has had so few members in congress, and conservatives are not taking it well. There’s no real market for an angry and deeply misguided progressive loon. It’s an outsider gig. Period.

    IF you know anything whatsoever about storytelling, then you know what kinds of characters central casting calls for during certain times. In view of the times, central casting has called for a right wing nut, and Beck’s the man. If and when the GOP someday gets 60 senators, central casting will call for Noam Chomsky’s grandson, Jesus Heidegger Marley Guevera Squarepants, to unite the small remaining band of foam-mouthed progressives. So save today’s scripts for that day, you young-uns.

    I expect this swinging of the pendulum to the other extreme to take about the same time as from Reagan to Obama, so 28 years give or take. I don”t know if I’ll live to see it. But it’ll come. If you just can’t wait, take solace in the idea that maybe coming cycles are shorter. Look how quick movies make it to DVD. Hannah Montana will surely become a has-been in half the time of Britney Spears. So there’s hope.