Disney buys Marvel Comics

Disney buys Marvel Comics


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  • Chris

    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrffffffffffffffffff. I can’t wait for even more of my childhood heroes to be exploited.

  • http://www.rodenburgfilms.com Pablo Escobar

    I hope Disney doesn’t mess around too much with Marvel, like in this funny parody of the situation.


  • http://mattresstopperreview.com nes

    Who is that?…Mickey turned into Hulk! Making fun of marvel..

  • http://timothyb.com/ Timothy

    Micky Mouse angry, you won’t like Mickey when angry…..

  • http://www.sharepointconsultants.net Allen

    hahaha..This is crazy! Why did Marvel became like a mouse? a strong mouse though..But its cute..lol

  • http://www.winscribe.com Nell Gumby

    A “strong” mouse? I would’ve actually leant towards “mouse on steroids”…lol

  • http://www.canadianequipmentfinancing.com Taylor

    Interesting picture of the mouse/hulk aside, I think this is a great move by Disney to add more characters into their stable and expand on the growing interest in comic book characters coming to life in 3D on the big screen