Glenn Beck Can’t Answer Question About “White Culture?”

Glenn Beck Can’t Answer Question About “White Culture?”


One of the most intellectually dishonest political commentators is at it again.

What’s weird is his reason for not answering the question. Basically, he says there’s no way he can define “white culture” without getting himself in trouble. And that begs the question…why make a statement that claims Obama has a deep seated hatred for it? I mean, if you’re defending white culture, why would there be any reason to not define it?

Check out this cringe inducing video…

Let me clue you in to what Beck means when he talks about white culture: money. Because by making these idiotic claims he can tap into a small, but dedicated base of folks who think that the white culture is under attack from all sides and they’ll buy his books, watch his TV show and listen to his radio screeds.

In the end, Beck’s certainly no dummy, but if he’s not smart enough to navigate a simple interview with Katie Couric, well, he’s probably not long for this media world.

( Editor’s note: If you come over here and start claiming things about Beck that aren’t true or defend Beck with a bunch of vulgar language and throw insults around, your comment will be deleted. Do us all a favor and just don’t comment. )

  • Chris

    Must be that “gotcha” media.

  • Justin Gardner

    I like how Beck complained about it being turned into a soundbite, but then Couric said they’re airing the interview completely unedited. Done and done.

  • mike mcEachran

    “he’s probably not long for this media world.”

    You give too much credit to his viewing and buying audience. As long as they lap it up (and I see no end to that), he’ll be around, no matter how he fumbles in prime time. Beck and Palin are here as long as fear and prejudice and victimhood have a toehold – IOWs, a long time.

  • Johnny

    He really did a Palin didn’t he. Any question asked of him is a “gotcha” question. Meanwhile his whole shtick is that he’s “just asking questions.” It’s so dumb it hurts.

  • Trescml

    Yeah, Sarah Palin did SO WELL with Katie Couric and I don’t think she is going away anytime so. Although I don’t like Beck, he has tapped into a fear that the many have with the direction of the country. This interview is going to have zero impact.

  • Manhattan

    It really doesn’t matter if he acts like an idiot and can’t answer questions. The people who watch him don’t care. They just like hearing what they want to hear, and what they want to hear is, “Obama is evil for some reason. Who cares why.”

  • christiano

    I love this:

    “it’s amazing to me, that, for the first time (I think) in history, somebody can ask a question and say, don’t you think, maybe, we have several pieces here? we have several pieces? George Bush says my grandmother was a typical African American…”

    I love Glen’s idea of “history”. emphasis on “his”. What he meant to say was:

    “For the first time in history someone is being criticized for asking a question about a politician that a lot of people don’t agree with.”

    Only he couldn’t say it straight cause it would sound stupid. This is his method – to emphasize the outrage, and de-emphasize the actual content. Glen’s audience gladly swallows all that stupid because it comes with a good does of outrage.

  • gerryf

    I have no idea what the hell he is talking about….George Bush says “My Grandmother was a typical African American who had her ideas bred into her….”…”all the pieces are falling into place….” .. “Good for Adrian…”

    Look at Couric’s face…she is sitting there with the look on her face “This guy is bat-crap crazy”

    NEAT: Captcha is: dumbfound bad

  • Eric

    I’d really expect a professional journalist to be able to use use the phrase “begs the question” correctly. Pathetic.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Wow. I haven’t seen someone shovel so much sh#t into his own mouth in quite some time.

  • Tjenkins

    I love how Beck drives you liberals crazy. Oh no he called Obama a racist, the horror! How uncivil!

    For the same crowd that called Bush everything under the sun to take this “HOW DARE YOU!” stance is truly a perfect example of liberal hypocrisy.

  • Erik Schimek

    It’s cute how he tries to turn the question back onto the questioner, after stammering for 45 seconds.

  • area51

    Glenn Beck makes my skin crawl.

  • kranky kritter

    If you ask me, Beck’s ceiling was already pretty clear. He’s a kook, and his appeal outside the kookosphere has always been discernible as zero, if you ask me.

    But it’s not going to dent his base audience an iota. He has all the fuel he needs to keep going. Unless he has a breakdown, which imo is quite possible. Fox may tire of him if and when he has a real off his rocker gaffe, but he could self-produce without network support now.

    Can he really run over the long term on the kind of energy he shows, that anxious, fearful, angry, defensive stuff? I kinda doubt it. People like that tend to use themselves all up if they are sincere about it.

    Which Beck seems to be. Sincere. Deranged, but sincere. Compare that to someone like Ann Coulter, who says angry things but seems poised and even flat. I don’t think Coulter is really sincere about anything. I think she’s more of a clever opportunistic nihilist. I doubt she cares about a single thing besides her net worth.

  • SexCpotatoes

    I believe his ending quotation was meant to say “I believe that Americans should ask themselves, tough-tough questions, THEMSELVES! NOT ME!! NEVER ME!!! Americans should, uh, turn over all the rocks, and uh, make their own decisions, as long as they agree with my opinions even when I constantly justify those opinions by asserting lies and contradicting myself.”

    Thank you.

  • Rick Cain

    Couric has a knack for asking the obvious….which trips up most conservatives when you ask them a relevant intelligent question.

    They only do well when the reporter sticks to the pre-approved questions…

  • Mia

    I really don’t think the issue is whether personalities like Beck or Palin disappear or stick around. The fact that Palin, for example, is still around could be seen as evidence of how far in the wilderness the right remains. As long as Beck, Rush, Palin etc., are seen as the highest profile figures of the conservative movement, the middle will continue to be repulsed.

    As soon as Palin was exposed by SNL, Couric etc., the middle recoiled and she was marginalized. She remains even less popular today. So Couric exposing Beck to a wider audience and then leaving him to look like the idiot he is, helps to marginalize him as well. Wingnuts will always have their heros. The idea is to increasingly keep them on the fringe by exposing their lunacy. Keep ’em confined.

  • Anonymouse One

    It is doubtful that Beck could define what ‘White Culture’ is without sounding racist himself. He forgets that America is the melting pot of the world and for him to try to identify it as a ‘white culture’ smacks of prejudice.

    But I agree with what other on this board say in that people listen to Beck because he says what other people want to hear. This is dangerous, because to a degree, they turn the thinking (if you want to call it that) over to someone else.

    If you ever watch his show, he has the same sarcastic, and even narcissistic attitude. His katty attempt to stare down Couric and pretend that this is some hit job was disengenous. If he did not want to run that risk of being called out on other network shows for it, he should have kept his mouth shut. Couric should have pushed him and called him out for it.

  • pretendperson

    That is not what ‘begs the question’ means.

  • Machotaco

    “…And that begs the question…why make a statement that claims Obama has a deep seated hatred for it?”

    It may raise the question, but it doesn’t beg the question

    Really getting tired of journalists, bloggers, and commentators misusing “beg the question”.

  • robo

    Having watched the whole interview, and having watched Beck on Fox for a few weeks now, I realize a few things:

    1) Beck may get bat-shit crazy at times, but he does raise some important criticisms. Don’t shoot the messenger, even if he carries unsolicited junk mail. The things Beck says he is angry and afraid of – corporate interests holding power over legislation, political correctness stifling freedom – may be generic and often vague but are valid despite his rambling arguments.

    2) Ultimately, Beck is continuing the Jefferson-Hamilton argument of what sort of government the US should have. He is simply the Jeffersonian side updated to be relevant to modern times: where people tweet mundane thoughts, are afraid of foreigners trying to blow themselves up, and have so much media available to them that they pick the ones that echo their own thoughts.

    3) The same sort of dissatisfaction with the course America was taking that got Barack Obama elected is also what drives the people behind Beck. Almost everyone in America feels angry about what the US has become today, and some of those people voted for Barack Obama last year for change, some now thing Glenn Beck’s protests are a better idea. Of course, there are definitely some people uncomfortable with a black man as president, as those protests show.

  • http://sidewaysmencken.blogspot michael reynolds

    So Glen Beck — who called for and promoted and gave the name to the 9-12 demonstration — is caught race-baiting. He’s caught ginning up white resentment toward our black president. Is so skewered he can’t even come up with a dishonest answer let alone a real answer.

    But I’m a jerk for suggesting the 9-12 demonstrators might be racists.

    Glen Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are the mentors, the cheerleaders, the spirit guides of the tea partiers. Each is also a notorious race-baiter.

    But the movement they sponsor has nothing to do with race. Yeah.

    None so blind as those who will not see.

  • Tania Beck

    Beck is a washed up morning zoo personality. He is not even a human being, his only motivation is to be the center of attention. Because he is not very intelligent he has to seek out the 25-30% of the population that is less intelligent then him. These people unsurprisingly are superstitious, paranoid, bigoted zealots, so it is equally unsurprising that his screeds play on all of these human weaknesses.

  • Grammar Police

    “raises the question”
    “begs the question”

  • Paul

    Beck is a poltroon who says things to shock people. I doubt that he could give a reasonable definition of “culture”.

  • MBeast

    @TJenkins, apparently the lone conservative voice in the wilderness:

    Read closer. We’re not mad because he called Obama a racist. That, by itself, is a ridiculous and empty claim. We’re mad because *Beck* is a racist, and his remark about “white culture” is appealing to the racist tendency in his audience to believe that Obama dislikes them and wishes them ill because he’s black, because black people don’t like white people, and because a black person given power can be expected to try to victimize white people with it.

    It’s race-baiting of the worst kind, and the reason Beck refuses to elaborate in this interview is because there is *nothing* he can say without either sounding like the racist he is or backing off his claims, neither of which he wants to do. And for the only audience he cares about, the one that already agrees with him, there’s no need to explain what “white culture” means – it means the people who already share the same racist fears and presumptions about a black person holding any power over them.

    Or am I wrong? Tell us liberals, please: what *did* Beck mean by “white culture?” Can *you* explain it without sounding like a paranoid racist? Apparently Glenn can’t.

  • Scott

    Sadly, I don’t think this will hurt him for another reason: his audience mostly wouldn’t care that he’s racist. And for sponsors, as long as he doesn’t say “yes, I’m racist”, they’ll probably be ok with him as long as he brings in an audience.

  • http://sidewaysmencken.blogspot michael reynolds



    I’ve been spent some time trying to get people here to realize the obvious.

  • blackoutyears

    @MR, you’re mischaracterizing the debate again imo. Who here has denied that Beck and Limbaugh have a racist slant to their tirades? Your continued attempts to reduce all opposition to racism has been met with the skepticism it deserves.

  • blackoutyears

    *they* deserve. Lordy.

  • hastingspete

    Glenn Beck captures the anger of the three million people who watch him. They are the ones who voted for Perot. They are the ones who were, in part, attracted to Ron Paul, and who have always existed in American politics. His shtick is just that, and no more sincere for the tears. He is good at what he does, which give vent to a certian type of baby-boy egoistic id. He’s rarely held accountable for his words, only his audience share. And he does well in free-associating babble, which is what a number of these morning drive-bys do so well.

    He will self-destruct, mind my words. He has in the past, and his type can scarcely help but do so, especially when well-watered with a dose of national fame. He’ll keep pushing the envelope, gain a few more voters, and then blow past a limit and get yanked off the air. It will happen, within two years, and he will land up the footnote he deserves to be, no more.

  • chris

    i don’t know if beck drives liberals crazy… personally, i just despise him. he’s a mean-spirited, lying hack. he peddles in lame conspiracy theory and gets a bunch of idiots all riled up.

    also, he talks shit about California. “are we allowed to kick states out?” he asked. who is he kidding? according to The World Factbook, “if California were an independent state, it would have had the tenth largest economy in the world”.

  • tim standley

    i am an independent thinker and all i ask is that when someone like beck , oreily or hannity says something inaccurately that someone show them the error of the5re way or shut the hell up.
    bring some facts to the table to dispute these people. i know the world is not the place i grew up in but please it doesnt have to be so damn radical. obama saiys “look at the people i surround my self with and that will tell you who i am”. so all i ask anyone is to look and see for your self who they are. why have the democrats not allowed any republicans to be in on health care reform. obama said hewas going to reach across party lines , so where are the hands. why all of the secrecy(SORRY FOR THE SPELLING) about these bills and not letting us the people look at it and talk about it , are they afraid. do you know that the higher courts have said that if a bill does not say something specific i.e. ( no federally funded abortions) as an example, that it probably and must be allowed. i am not debating abortion here this is just an example, so the dems say there will not be federally funded abortions in the health care bill but they will not say so in the languagr of the bill. it is these types of actions that make people like glenn beck and my self ask questions . since this is the United States of America we are allowed to ask our leaders why and the bigger question is why dont you ask why.

  • beth

    i am so interested in all of this! beck is a good guy. he has honest views. I share a lot of the “road” that those views could be found on with him. however, with so many rights, (freedom of speech) at risk, i think it is wisdom well used to get him through that statement. and yes, we should only ask ourselves what we think of statements like “white racism” or “reverse racism” racism does not discriminate! all can partake and be affected by it. being a WHITE GIRL, i my self have experienced it, and tried to fight it, I LOST, i believe it is BECAUSE I AM WHITE! but just another story and no interested parties to listen! thanks for ur time. and tim, i think ur my uncle!!! if so, buffey loves u!