Evidence That Barack Obama Is An Alien?

Evidence That Barack Obama Is An Alien?


I found the following hilarious and I honestly don’t think it’s doctored.

Yes, he’s an alien.

Or a God.

Or a Hawaiian.

Take your pick. :-)

  • http://www.itsfordinner.com Jon

    Not doctored, here are the source images:


    Hilarious :).

  • the Word

    The photos look like they were all shot in one fell swoop, I hate having one picture taken. Can’t imagine standing there and posing over and over for all of those. I’d be looking for a double if they could find someone that would fit the bill.

  • Mike A.

    Well we can say one thing for sure…Obama is consistent.

  • Chris

    he probably just stood there with the same smile the entire time. but clearly an alien. FROM KENYA OMGZORRRSSSSS

  • mike mcEachran

    Maybe Disney gave him a back up from the Hall of Presidents.