This is a very smart little slide deck and I’d love to hear what you think.

Personally, I think it gives a fairly unbiased view of what’s going on and what this reform debate means to all of us.

In other news, a government run public option is dead……..again.

  • Chris

    I fear it is too long for the average fox news watcher to make it through all slides.

  • It is truly appropriate for this presentation to be drawn on napkins with crayons. What a simplistic and childish view of an enormously complex issue.

  • Thanks for this Justin. I think it does a GREAT job of familiarizing folks with the broad strokes.

  • Chris

    Jimmy, did you make it past slide 5?

  • Aaron

    Okay I like the third frame of slide 49. This is a good explanation of the system without really taking sides on it. I’m not sure that anything really needs to be more complex to come to a decision on the choices at hand.

  • Jimmy, why is it simplistic and childish? Could it be that it doesn’t portray the insurance companies as innocent victims of the big bad government?

  • Chris

    It clearly and honestly outlined the players in this situation, not hard to figure out.