Health Care Bill More Dangerous Than Terrorism?

Health Care Bill More Dangerous Than Terrorism?


Ahh, I “love” the political critters in the House. Why?

Just watch…

Here’s the thing, the reason these folks can get away with nonsense like this is because congressional districts have been so gerrymandered as to be almost completely red or blue. And given that Rep. Foxx is from North Carolina’s 5th district (very safely Republican) she can keep on talking like this till she’s blue (or red) in the face. And it’ll get her famous, quick.

Just look at Michele Bachmann, a virtual nobody before she started talking crazy on shows like Hardball and Glenn Beck’s cavalcade of crazy. Now she’s being favorably profiled by George Will? And let’s not forget Foxx’s South Carolina cousin Rep Joe Wilson. He jumps so far over the line that even his fellow Republicans chide him, and yet he becomes a folk hero and raises $1M in donations online in short order.

And trust me, this isn’t limited to just Republicans. Dems have said their fair share of nonsense too. But why are these folks being applauded, promoted and revered? Why aren’t they seen as the sideshows they really are?

Yes, yes, I know I’m posting this video and so I’m part of the promotion of this meme, but I point this out to raise the broader topic question….How in the hell did we get here? And is there any way back?

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    This health care bill may be more dangerous than terrorism, but it is certainly not as dangerous as global warming.

  • the Word

    If only stupidity were painful.

  • Chris

    Then jimmy would need some over-priced narcs.

  • Wellescent Health Blog

    It is unfortunate that such talk gets media attention any more than you would give to the rantings of a psychiatric patient who had stopped taking their medications.

  • TAD in AZ

    I want to know why Vetrinarians would get money out of the HUMAN health care plan?
    Why can’t they (The Congress) JUST do the job they were elected to do?

    Why not have a Up or Down vote, and get what the people want.
    No Lobbyists allowed.

  • Maguire

    It is quite astounding how the conservatives are still trying to shoot down health care. The ball is motion and I pray it keeps rolling.

    It really causes one to question what their motivations are? How much money is being siphoned into political pockets by pharmaceuticals and insurers in order to silence a movement toward improving the well being of the entire nation.

    There is a reason this country was recently listed as the 37th best country for health care.

    Thankfully our President has uncanny patience. How he maintains his calm in the face of pure buffoons is astounding and a glorious gift to the health care movement. It is a very emotional subject for the 45+million Americans who cannot afford insurance under the current system’s stronghold, and at this point in our history that is simply unacceptable.

    Change is on the brink!