Editor's Note

Editor's Note


Hey folks, Justin here.

Yesterday a new contributor, Kyle Brady, started posting on the site. As is my policy here, I allow people to blog as they see fit unless I think it goes against the spirit of the site. However, upon reading the post, I felt it contained several things that could be considered “bomb throwing” and therefore didn’t promote the type of discussion we’re looking for here. So I talked to Kyle about it and we reached the conclusion that it was best he move on. (Update: The author disputes that we jointly reached the conclusion that it was best he move on, so I’m willing to say that I alone reached the conclusion that it was best he move on.)

I’ll continue to keep the post up because I think a worthwhile discussion started and I wanted to make sure everybody had a chance to join it if they want. (Update: At the request of the author, the content of the post was deleted from the site.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments.

  • http://frankhagan.com Frank Hagan

    Well, that’s a shame. Kyle’s writing style is readable, even if the content was more provocative than what Donklephant usually features. With some “toning down”, he “could’ve been a contender.”

  • http://centristcoalition.com/blog/ kranky kritter

    I think that’s a shame, too. Unless Kyle really is committed to saying things like Sara Palin probably has a severely low IQ.

    Being a moderate or centrist type blogger is a learning experience. And if one aspires to that, the first lesson is that you’ll quickly get called on being one-sided or gratuitously insulting.

  • http://www.donklephant.com Justin Gardner

    Agreed Frank. Kyle is very talented young writer and I’ve told his as much. Also, I’m okay with provocative, but I’m not okay with insulting. And we couldn’t come to an agreement on modifying the tone.

    kranky, exactly. That comment just wasn’t appropriate and it doesn’t belong here. And everybody knows I’m very much against Palin as a national political figure because I don’t think she has the intellectual wherewithal for the job. Still, I don’t think she’s a dumb woman. Not in the least. To that point, I seem to remember this other guy many thought had a really low IQ winning two terms recently.

  • http://westanddivided.blogspot.com/ mw

    I’m disappointed. A rambunctious 22 year old voice would add a refreshing note to the crusty curmudgeons that hang around here (and yes I am speaking for myself). I was looking forward to providing the young’un with a free schoolin’ on critical thinking.

  • Chris

    well it was certainly better than mw’s last unreadable post 😛 Also I don’t see the difference, many of the posters are just as partisan, they just veil it behind pretty phrases instead.


  • Chris Lanterman

    I liked some of the article, but I agree that some of it has too much of an bias-driven agenda feel attached to it. Obviously articles should make points and they don’t necessarily have to point to pros and cons in an equally inclusive manner, but I felt there was too much emotion and hunches (and perhaps outright lies with respect to Palin’s intellect) involved. I believe the phrase Justin used ‘bomb throwing’ is most appropriate for a description. Donklephant seems to be a great site for independents (and even staunch party supporters) to read facts that have arguments based on reasoned arguments without false assumptions and hidden agendas, which is one of the reasons why I frequent it so often.

    However, I wish Kyle Brady luck on his future writing endeavors.

  • http://politicalforum.net Slarti

    He can always open up his own blog or join on another site. There’s lot of opportunities out there.

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