Is Sarah Palin A Birther?

Is Sarah Palin A Birther?


Sarah Palin

Oh boy…here we go…

On the Rusty Humphries show on Thursday, Sarah Palin said the following…

Humphries: Would you make the birth certificate an issue if you ran?

Palin: I think the public, rightfully, is still making it an issue. I don’t have a problem with that. I don’t know if I would have to bother to make it an issue ’cause I think there are enough members of the electorate who still want answers.

Humphries: Do you think it’s a fair question to be looking at?

Palin: I think it’s a fair question, just like I think past associations and past voting record — all of that is fair game. You know, I’ve got to tell you, too: I think our campaign, the McCain/Palin campaign didn’t do a good enough job in that area. We didn’t call out Obama and some of his associates on their records and what their beliefs were and perhaps what their future plans were. And I don’t think that that was fair to voters to not have done our jobs as candidates and as a campaign to bring to light a lot of the things that now we’re seeing made manifest in the administration.

Humphries: I mean, truly, if your past is fair game and your kids are fair game, certainly Obama’s past should be. I mean, we want to treat men and women equally, right?

Palin: Hey, you know, that’s a great point, in that weird conspiracy-theory freaky thing that people talk about that Trig isn’t my real son. And a lot of people say, “Well you need to produce his birth certificate! You need to prove that he’s your kid!” Which we have done. But yeah, so maybe we could reverse that and use the same type thinking on them.

And, here’s the video. It’s 7min45sec in.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I’ll never forgive McCain for turning Palin into a conservative folk hero.


  • Jacob


    Can we please be done with Palin until she actually decides to run for something? Better yet, can we be done with her until she gets a major party nomination? I’m so sick of her divisiveness. She has contributed nothing worthwhile to the public dialogue and perpetuating birther nonsense does not help.

  • Jim S

    Why, yes, Justin. She is.

  • superdestroyer

    Who cares what Palin believes. She is just a distraction who cannot be more irrelevant to politics in the U.S. First, she is a member of an irrelevant political party. Second, she is supported by a demographic groups that is shrinking. Third, there is zero chance of her being president and if the Republicans do nominate Palin in 2012 or 2016, it is more a sign that the Republicans are irrelevant than a sign that Palin is relevant to politics.

    I guess thinking about Palin gives the left something to do other than thinking about the sum total effects of the Obama Administraitons policies on the U.S.

  • kranky kritter

    I find this sort of stuff encouraging. Palin keeps showing how very graceless she is. She isn’t really even skilled enough to be cagey about the birthers, so she shows herself again as small, petty, and eager to play the games off the small-minded.

    Good. Better Americans suffer her (lack of) charms now than for her to emerge viable in 2012. It’s like she’s handing out the nails for the coffin of any mainstream appeal she might have had.

    If the worst we have to put up with 10 years from now is the occasion professions of bluntskulls that Palin was treated unfairly and that’s why she faded away, I’ll suffer those claims with a quiet inner smile.”Yes, poor Sara Palin, whatever did happen to her?”

    And the biggest irony?My captcha for my post on a graceless lady was bouvier 79.

  • Frank Hagan

    Kranky, I couldn’t agree more. Even though I don’t think this will blunt her popularity among the social conservatives who like her, it should give pause to the segment of conservatism that likes her from a political expediency point of view because she can deliver that social conservative demographic.

    You nailed her problem. I don’t for a minute think she agrees with the birthers, but as you note she wasn’t “cagey” in responding (a better approach would be to say something like “Our constitution only has a few requirements for potential candidates, so it is an important question; but both President Obama and Sen. McCain met the requirements, even though some people doubted that either of them were natural-born citizens.”

    BTW – in the “ironic captcha” category, mine is “Afterthe texans”. Indeed.

  • gerryf

    Who is Sarah Palin? If she was relevant, I would surely know.

    captcha: false boggled

  • kranky kritter

    On further review, I don’t think Palin will fade away. She’ll probably get a show on Fox that’s a cross between Rush Limbaugh and Frontier Oprah: She bakes, she hunts, she jogs, she preaches to the choir, she delivers eyeballs!

  • Frank Hagan

    Kranky, I’ve often thought that the book tour was more about paying off the legal bills her family incurred from her term as governor (the Dems in Alaska abused the state’s ethics challenges, in my view, and they had to defend themselves from the charges).

    Its hard to think of a VP candidate of a failed Presidential campaign that went on to win the party’s nomination. I can’t think of one without going back to someone like Wilson (and my memory may be faulty there). John Edwards certainly flamed out quickly this last time, and while he was morally bankrupt, he was much more glib than Palin.

    Palin is still a rock star to the social conservatives. She’ll do well with media appearances, campaigning for conservatives in districts with a lot of social conservatives, and possibly running for Senate from her home state. But I think that’s as far as her talents should take her.

  • Trescml

    Dole lost as VP and came back to be the nominee (and lost) but I don’t think that Palin has the ability to pull off that (other than the losing part). I think what this story shows is that Palin isn’t learning from her mistakes and is doing none of the growth needed to be taken seriously by the majority of Americans as a Presidential candidate. She has a fan base and that will keep her in the news, but that is about it.

  • Rob in Denver

    “Its hard to think of a VP candidate of a failed Presidential campaign that went on to win the party’s nomination.”

    Fritz Mondale, too.

  • Frank Hagan

    Trescml, you’re right, Dole qualifies as someone who had never been a VP, was a VP nominee but lost, and then was nominated as the party’s Presidential nominee. I should have remembered that because a lot of us saw that one coming.

    Mondale doesn’t qualify for the same distinction since he was VP under President Carter, and didn’t lose a VP contest (a little synchronicity at play here: Mondale won the VP slot the same year Dole lost it).

    Palin would have to be right about a few things before people will respect her (other than her social conservative base, at least). She can sell books, though.

  • Michael LaRocca

    Conspiracy theories are so reassuring because they mean that somewhere, someone has some clue and/or control over WTF is going on.