Shatner Reads Palin. Palin Reads Shatner

Shatner Reads Palin. Palin Reads Shatner


I know many don’t think Sarah Palin is a smart woman. And hey, fair enough. It’s not like she made a good impression in 2008. However, I think you have to possess some smarts to become Governor of any state. After all, look how Dubya parlayed his run in Texas to 8 years in the Oval Office.

So while I’m not suggesting that the following clip proves she Magna Cum Laude material, it’s going to take some convincing that this isn’t a smart move.

And do note how the LA crowd goes NUTS on her arrival.

Yes, she’s a force to be reckoned with come 2012. Not just because she’s Sarah Palin, but because she’s becoming very comfortable as the Sarah Palin we know. Also, many of those same folks who dismissed Dubya as a dummy are doing the same with Palin. And the lower the expectations are set, the easier it is for a politician to surprise.

So whether she’ll make a splash in the GOP primaries or as a third party folk hero (Tea Party candidate?), it’s clear she’s not going away any time soon.

  • Frank Hagan

    The politician as dummy is a common theme; I remember wags calling toilet seat covers “Nixon Party Hats”. Reagan was considered a dummy, Bush was considered hopelessly out of touch, George W. Bush was a dummy and now Palin is being painted as dumb. It plays into the opposition’s hands, though, as underestimating your opponent is one of the most tempting and most fatal errors.

  • Nick Benjamin

    The thing about those guys is they had much stronger resumes than Palin. Two were Vice President. Three were Governor of a major state (Cali or TX) for two full terms.

    And I would like to point out that the demographics are shifting in a way that’s very bad for anti-elitist white populists who spout the common-sense wisdom of the prairies. Reagan and Nixon dominated. Bush Sr. won convincingly once. Bush Jr. lost the popular vote once, and eked out a marginal victory the second time.

    This is largely due to the growth of minority groups. A candidate who got Dukakis vote totals among various racial groups, for example, would have gotten nearly 49% in 2008:

    Add in the obvious attack ads — Katie Couric asking “what do you read,” Levi Johnston, Quitter, etc. — and poor Sarah Palin is not gonna have an easy road to the White House.

  • kranky kritter

    It’s not that she’s dumb, it’s that she’s not major league, national stage skilled at politics and policy. Big difference.

    Now,I thought the same thing about Bush, BUT I didn’t think under 2000 circumstances it would stop him from being elected. So soon after the outcome of the Bush Presidency, you have to wonder whether a similar homespun figure without mastery of political details can get elected. IOW, Bush’s big failures make this kind of competency more of an issue in voters’ minds. Bush created a higher competency hurdle for Pallin than what he leaped.

    The Shatner thing WAS a smart move, because it may mean she’s learning how to play the game, show thicker skin, some humility, and the ability to laugh at yourself.

    Is this a signal she’s going to stop whining about being treated fairly, and just shut up and play? If so, good for her. I still don’t think she’ll make a strong run for the 2012 nom.

  • Nick Benjamin

    I’m not sure we should be really surprised at the Shatner thing.

    Her first reaction to Tina Fey was to say Fey had nailed her, and her second reaction was to go on the show. Arguably that was a really dumb move as Fey’s parody was biting, to say the least. “Fancy pageant walking” at a press conference, “I can see Russia from my house,” etc. are not very presidential. Shatner, OTOH, is making as much fun of himself as he is of Sarah Palin. There are loads of speeches actual Presidents made, many of which were fairly well received, that Shatner could turn into laugh riots.

    Certainly her followers have no sense of humor about this stuff, and some act like she’s royalty. But Palin herself never acts that way. That’s part of her appeal.

  • kgr

    No one doubts her media savvy (well, ok, actually many do, but she does know how to find a camera) – what everyone doubts is her ability to actually govern, or to even finish a full term in an office. She has political ADHD, which is not the same as stupidity. Nonetheless, not something that will wrangle a great many votes.

  • Frank Hagan

    My point isn’t that Palin deserves to be President, or that she is “major league” material. My point … and my only point … is that Justin is dead right: It is always a mistake to underestimate a politician.

    You can make as many excuses as you want looking in the rear view mirror, but I remember when “President Dumbell” was elected (Reagan). The Democrats were overjoyed that he was nominated, since he was the “aging cowboy” who was an “empty suit”, only skilled at reading words from a teleprompter as long as Nancy’s hand was in his back, puppet style, to make his lips move.

    “Dubya” was so dumb he beat two of the countries best Democrats, including one that is considered very smart in comparison.

    I don’t think Palin would get past the later primaries in good shape, but has a chance in places like Iowa and New Hampshire (Huckabee won Iowa last time, and New Hampshire has voted for folks like Pat Buchanan in the not so distant past.) Get past SC and I think she’s in trouble. But to underestimate the advantage of “star power” is a big mistake.