The Healthcare and the Lieberman

The Healthcare and the Lieberman


  • Simon

    Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it…

  • Chris

    What is that supposed to even mean?

  • Simon

    Chris, the left wing of the Democratic party purged Joe Lieberman in 2006. They threw him out of the party, tried to run him out of town on a rail. They directed at him the foulest, most vitriolic rhetoric fired at a politician in this country between the 1800 election and August 29, 2008. If they’d been able to get away with it, they’d have tarred and feathered him for real.

    Fast forward three years, and now the same people are complaining that Lieberman isn’t showing sufficient loyalty to their agenda! I don’t know if that demonstrates utter cluelessness or admirable cajones. It’s like Stalin turning to his comrades and saying, all faux-bewilderment and anger, “I don’t know why Trotsky is being so disloyal to me!”

    When you screw someone over, you lose the right to expect their loyalty. Period.

    I don’t dirty my hands with a New York Times column, so unlike the vacuous op/ed today, I have no particular reason to wonder why Lieberman is doing this. No matter what his reasons are, however, I know that the man is doing a great thing for America: he may have single-handedly defeated the passage of the most calamitous mistake put before Congress since the ERA and saved this country from the left’s latest assault on limited government for a generation.

    The fact that he has done this while extending a giant middle finger to the extremists who threw him out? That’s not only deliciously ironic, but a service in itself, because I can’t tell you how many lefty activists I’ve seen on blogs and in twitter who are dispirited, frustrated, and crushed, who are now saying that they’re done, they’re not going to give more money to Obama or work for him. Some of them don’t mean it. But what America needs right now are fewer people actively trying to make this country worse.

  • Paul

    Now the Democratic Left is in revolt over Health Care.

  • WHQ

    …the most calamitous mistake put before Congress since the ERA…

    I’d like to see a brief treatise on the evils of the ERA. I’ve never heard many complaints about it, at least that I can recall. But since it’s off topic, I understand if you don’t want to expand on it, Simon.

  • Chris

    Simon what a load of horse poop. He was run out of the party because he’s not even remotely a democrat, and in a party that has no cohesion that’s saying alot. I would say his agenda is barely even american. The left’s assault on limited government? As opposed to all those staunch right wing government limiters? lol. Do you perhaps write fiction as your primary occupation?

  • Nick Benjamin

    There’s hyperbole and then there’s silliness. Your claims about the Lieberman-Lamont race in 2006 are just silly. There were many bitter elections between 1800-2008. Notably the election of 1876, which both sides said was rigged. The Dems accused the GOP of vote-buying and machine-type politics, while the GOP accused the Dems of racist terrorism (BTW, both charges were entirely accurate). Then there was the 1860 election which was so bitter the winner wasn’t on the ballot in most states, and his victory caused the Civil War. In my own memory Clinton was accused of being a murderous crack-addict who used the Little Rock Airport as the hub of a drug-smuggling operation.

    The Left is not pissed at Lieberman because he threatened to filibuster. Landrieu, Lincoln, and Nelson did the same thing for largely the same reasons. Nelson is still threatening to filibuster.

    We’re pissed at him because his actions are not based on any rational thought, but are based on his desire to piss us off. Nelson, Landrieu, and Lincoln had coherent positions I strongly disagreed with. But when we said ok we’ll do what you wanted three months ago they piled on (except for Nelson, who hasn’t gotten what he wants on abortion). But when we tried the same thing with Lieberman’s Medicare buy-in the guy changed his mind.

  • rachel

    Chris, the left wing of the Democratic party purged Joe Lieberman in 2006. They threw him out of the party, tried to run him out of town on a rail…

    And now Lieberman has shown the world why the left wing was right; he’s an unprincipled p**z.

  • Simon

    WHQ: I don’t have time now, but will try to dig you up some commentary next year.

    Chris: The resort to tu quoque doesn’t help your case. I’ve been plenty critical of the corrupt big government conservatism of the Bush administration and the 2004-2006 Congress; I don’t own Democrat-lite it simply because I criticize Democrat-heavy. As to Lieberman: looks like a Democrat to me on most issues. Indeed, his supposed signature non-Democratic issue (the war) would have been well-within the Democratic camp prior to the hysterical reaction to the Bush administration, insofar as it’s basically Wilsonian liberal foreign policy.

    Nick: I stand by my comment. I don’t recall ever seeing anything remotely akin to the sort of venom Lieberman had poured over him. As to why the left is pissed at him: I don’t really care. And I don’t really care what his motivations are. Those things are beside the point. What matters is that they implicitly claimed betrayal long after forfeiting any right to expect loyalty (without such an obligation or expectation, there can’t be betrayal). And I suppose that it also matters that he tried to kill it, even if his motives were ignoble. Too bad it didn’t work out.

    Rachel: Indeed he is a putz. He is not, however, a putz from whom the lefft can demand an iota of loyalty, which is the relevant point.

  • Nick Benjamin

    There were some pretty brutal aspects to Anti-Civil Rights political campaigns. Even if you don’t count Emmit Till (and I do) there were several cases where folks registering voters were murdered.

    So if you think the Lieberman-Lamont campaign was the most vicious you’ve ever seen you should should probably have little talk with some old people. Cracking a history book might not be a bad idea either.

    As for betrayal you’re the one whose brought it up. It’s a straw man. We are pissed at Lieberman because Joe Lieberman wants us to be pissed at him. He wants us to suffer, and know he’s caused the suffering. Otherwise he wouldn’t have threatened to filibuster every version of health care reform we really wanted, even the one he supported three months ago.

  • kranky kritter

    Simon what a load of horse poop. He was run out of the party because he’s not even remotely a democrat, and in a party that has no cohesion that’s saying alot.

    So not a Democrat that he was, umm, the Vice Presidential nominee of the party not too long ago? Let’s face it, Lieberman was run out of his seat and ultimately his party by an anti-war democratic faction. Which is fine, that’s politics, and that’s why he lost the primary.

    But democrats were unable to forgive him for running as an independent secure in the knowledge that that he had broad support in the state that was far superior to that of one-issue douche bag Lamont. He was supposed to go home and cry. Instead he stayed pro-war and he stayed in the senate, democrats be damned. Good for him.

    In general, I have always liked Lieberman, and considered him smart, civil, a good statesman, and a shrewd, tough fighter for what he believed in. But on healthcare, he seems to me to have acted like he’s been in the bag for the insurance industry from the get- go. He’s lost some of my respect.