The Decade That Was. The Decade That Will Be.

The Decade That Was. The Decade That Will Be.


As the saying goes, “May you live in interesting times.”

On Decemeber 31, 1999, who would have thought that…

  • …George W. Bush would be elected president…by the Supreme Court?
  • …he would then go on to win two terms?
  • …the Twin Towers would no longer exist?
  • …we would declare war on Afghanistan and Iraq?
  • …Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger?
  • …blogging would become such a force in politics?
  • …a little known Governor from Vermont could excite millions over the internet, raise millions and become an overnight sensation…but would ultimately flame out because he lacked any true organization?
  • …the housing markets would completely implode?
  • …credit would freeze up?
  • …the world economy almost came crashing down? (Well, besides Peter Schiff.)
  • …a little known Congressman from Texas could excite millions over the internet, raise millions and become an overnight sensation…but would ultimately flame out because he lacked any true organization?
  • …a little known junior Senator from Illinois could excite millions over the internet, raise millions, become an overnight sensation, outmaneuver Bill & Hill to win the Dem nomination and then run against John McCain and win?
  • …Sarah Palin?
  • …Obama would win North Carolina?
  • …we’re still talking about Sarah Palin?
  • …Senator Al Franken?

So then…what do the Tens (or whatever we’re calling them) have in store for us?

Some of my predictions…

  • The emergence of a true third way fueled by new social organization tools and a serious candidate with gobs of money who can bypass the traditional campaign finance rules. But it won’t happen until 2016. Because the field will be wide open at that point. And his name will be Michael Bloomberg.
  • And yes, I do think Obama will get a second term, but it’ll be a nail biter. Romney will be his opponent, with Bobby Jindal riding shotgun.
  • Obama’s lack of a supermajority in the Senate or House will be good for his second term and deficit reduction will be a key focus.
  • This blog will still be going strong.

What are yours?

  • superdestroyer

    After losing in a rout in 2012, the Republican party will be so irrelevant in 2016 that everyone will know who will replace President Obama in February 2016, almost a full year before the inaugural.

    After that the Democrats will move the primary season to May/June to cut down on the lame duck period.

  • kranky kritter

    I agree that Romney is the guy who makes the most sense for the GOP on 2012. He is the only current known figure likely to run that I think can give Obama a legitimate run.

    Predictions? What the heck it’s New Year’s Eve. What follows are all riffs, dashed off with little thought at all, so be lenient.

    • After the democrats see a substantial diminishment of their congressional majority in the 2010 mid-terms, most of the lefty blather about an alleged conservative trend towards political irrelevancy will die out.

    • In the 2 or 3 years after healthcare reform passes, most people will not view it as having made a positive impact personally. Obama diehrads will continue to sell its supposed benefits and improvement, and Obama wi;l hail it as an historic, landmark achievement, but the public impression will underwhelming.

    • we will see significant foreign saber-rattling about US debt levels. This will lead to the long overdue trend to higher interest rates, probably by the end of next summer.

    •that is what will lead the way for some inflation. Maybe a lot. Hope not.

    •Rush Limbaugh will be forced to permanently scale back his act or even retire due to his recent poor health. Some liberals will respond to this news in a graceless fashion.

    •Blue collar and small town conservatives will continue to adore Sara Palin. But she won’t run for President or VP in 2012. She’ll opt for a TV show instead, or something that keeps her in the public eye without requiring her to run for office.

    •Tiger Woods will be back for the Masters.

    • No substantial US legislation on environmental issues (like cap and trade) will receive serious consideration. In other words, nothing that gets as far as a senate vote. This will frost the left.

    •Only one from among Huckabee and Paul will run in 2012.

    • A Lou Dobbs for President trial balloon will be floated. By Lou Dobbs. Few will notice before it floats away.

    •Healthcare costs will continue to rise due to demand growth and a devalued dollar. But the rate of development of new drugs will continue to slow, leading to lower drug costs for many. Along with this, we’ll see a call for subsidizing research into important new drugs. It will be sold as help for sick Americans who need help because their conditions haven’t received enough attention, But what it will really be is welfare for panicking pharma cos.

    •People who don’t refi their mortgages in the next 3 to 6 months will regret it by fall.

    •Job growth will be stubbornly slow. Along with this, we’ll see lots of stories about how many people are taking new jobs making a LOT less money than their last one.

    •Mitt Romney will show a little bit of grace as a 2nd-time presidential candidate, and not criticize Obama as harshly as the GOP base wants. Liberals will see any criticism from Romney as far too harsh, and conservatives will be apoplectic about hany tempering of agression, but moderates will appreciate it.

    •We will see a splashy newsmaking challenge to Obama from the left for the 2012 primaries. Possibly related to the liberal frosting about a lack of progress on environmental issues mentioned above. Someone more formidable that a lame-ass like Kucinich. Is Al Gore this stupid? Maybe a new face, maybe a woman. It will come well before the advent of the actual voting, in order to get maximum press. This person will be a college campus darling. When the actual voting starts, he or she will fade, probably quickly.

    •And what the heck, one more, a real wild-asser. Joe Biden will be pushed out with some sort of accompanying bull story, so that Hillary Clinton can join the ticket for 2012.

    Than was fun.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    An unprecidented increase in solar activity will cause the earth’s surface to shift dramatically, creating massive natural disasters all over the globe. We will find out that world governments had predicted this all along and built huge futuristic ocean-liners to rescue what they can of the world’s population, and John Kusack will save thousands of lives.

  • mw

    Republicans will pick up 3 seats in the Senate and over 15 seats in the house but the Democrats will retain one party rule. Justin will write a post implying this was a victory for the Democrats. Economy will show moderate improvement and unemployment drops to about 8.5% – right around pre-stimulus pre-Obama levels. Markets up over 20% for the year. Moderate monetary tightening before the election, but brakes are slammed on after the election. Inflation, bond rates, and gold spike as China slows purchase of US treasuries. Obama administration still blaming Bush.

    Despite a lot of lip service, Democrats and Obama will be unable to change their one core belief – every problem can be solved by throwing gobs of money we don’t have at the problem. However they will be able to moderate their spending and deficit creation back to level that are only slightly worse than GWB, as opposed to being 2X-3X worse as they are now. Unemployment remains around 8% (pre-Obama levels) as inflation continues to rise. Obama administration continues to take credit for jobs “saved” and expands the thesis by taking credit for not starting new wars, while continuing to fund a large military presence in Iraq and Afganistan (he kept us out of Sri Lanka!). Markets move sideways or fall. Unemployment remains high, Stagflation is the word use most often to describe the economy. Obama administration still blaming Bush.

    Corruption and waste will continue to be revealed in the stimulus package. Joe Biden will be thrown under the bus, and Hillary Clinton will run as VP. Dennis Kucinich will run a progressive challenge to Obama in the primaries showing some strength. He will consider a 3rd party run but will be talked out of it. Shortly before the election Obama will veto his first bill, insisting that a $100M Murtha earmark to convert a unused warehouse into a defense policy think tank in his district be removed. The Republicans will retake the majority in the Senate and possibly the house in 2012. Barack Obama will be narrowly re-elected, due primarily to the general incompetence of the GOP campaign and votes siphoned by a Tea Party Candidate who garners 9% of the popular vote. In the first bill passed after the election a $200M earmark to convert an ununsed warehouse in Murtha’s district into a Global Warming think tank is inserted into a spending bill. Obama signs it.

    An alliance of Republican and Progressive legislators will repeal portions of the wildly unpopular Health care bill, and replace it with a marginally less worse one over Obama’s veto. Unemployment and Inflation continue to worsen. Obama blames Bush. Draft reinstated. Obama blames Bush. We invade Sri Lanka. Obama blames Bush. China unpegs yuan from the Dollar and dollar collapses. Obama blames Bush. Elin Woods finalizes divorce and marries Charlie Sheen. Obama blames Bush. Chicago Cubs win World Series. Obama takes credit.

    Ain`t gonna need to tell the truth tell no lies
    everything you think do and say
    is in the pill you took today.

  • Frank Hagan

    MW for the win!

    I’ll agree with his 2010 predictions. 2011 could turn out much differently if President Obama adopts the “Clinton strategy” and saves his Presidency by working in a bi-partisan basis with a more divided (democratic with a small “d”) Congress.

  • mw

    I forgot to mention. Barack Obama will be awarded the Cy Young Award after throwing out the first pitch in the 2013 World Series. A curveball way off the plate.