Mitt Romney

And by a very large margin.

Hotline On Call breaks down the numbers…

Mitt Romney: 81 points
Tim Pawlenty: 46
John Thune: 38
Haley Barbour: 28
Mitch Daniels: 25
Sarah Palin: 25

Note how far down Palin is on that list. That’s because, as noted, this is a poll of party insiders and they really don’t like her.

So what do Dem insiders think? Once again, Mitt’s a hit…

Romney: 29%
Thune: 15
Pawlenty: 13
Daniels: 11
Gingrich: 6

By the way, where did Huckabee go? Did the tragic Maurice Clemmons incident really hurt him that much?

Also, what’s with John Thune jumping to the top of the pack all of a sudden? If Mitt is a shoo-in for the GOP nomination in 2012, would Thune be a good running mate?

  • mw

    The good thing about Romney is that I don’t have to think of something new to say about him. This from July 2007:

    “Romney is a flip flopper. That’s what makes him trustworthy. Trustworthy in the sense that you can reasonably predict what you will actually get if he is elected. The most interesting aspect of the guy is Romney’s seeming ability to to get away with wholesale changes in core Republican positions. He has a slick Clintonesque sincere-ish quality, even when explaining 180 degree flip-flops in core convictions. People want to believe him, even if his political platform is clearly found at the intersection of his ambition and the latest poll. It is clear that, like Bill Clinton, he will govern based on the polls and continuous compromise. Not a bad thing, since there will likely still be a Democratic majority in Congress in 2009. I am not opposed to a President that pays attention to the will of the American people. We will probably still be in the range of 70% of America wanting us out of Iraq by the time the next President takes office. As president, Romney will get us out of Iraq quickly, no matter what he says now to get the nomination. He can be trusted to blow with wind. Out of this batch of Republican candidates, it’s good enough for me.”

    I kind of like this new plagiarizing myself thing. Saves time. All I have to do is change the dates.

    There is one major difference After 2012, the Senate will likely be in the hands of the GOP, and possibly also the House. If it looks like that will happen, Obama will be my man. We’ll have to wait and see.

    One other cautionary note. Hillary Clinton lead the Democratic Insider poll in 2006 and all of 2007.

  • Huckabee has never been an insider favorite; he was criticized for saying there were dark clouds on the financial front and that people were hurting. He happened to be right, but parties in power tend to want to paint a rosy scenario. And Huck’s style of conservative populism has never been a favorite of the party elite.

    I’m not sure I understand the numbers, even at the original link. Romney is given “81 points” and a parenthetical statement says that is 62%; but below that, Pawlenty has 46 “points” and a percentage of 9%, while Thune has 38 “points” and 12%. If 46=9%, how can 38=12%. The sample size, according to the article is 109 party leaders who were asked who would finish first.

    Looks like bad math. Must be the Bush Republicans that took the poll.

  • I think Romney is the frontrunner. His resume is good, his experience is on point, he’s well known. And he’s a reasonably intelligent and compassionate guy.

    I’m a MA resident and longtime Romney watcher but not really a fan. I didn’t vote for him when he ran for governor because I don’t like social conservatives very much. And nothing Romney ever said on social issues made me think he was really a moderate. He was good as saying things in careful ways that allowed some liberals to hear what they wanted, but he never fooled me.

    It’s an ongoing source of amusement to me that the ambitious Romney became governor of ma to show conservatives he had the broad appeal a presidential candidate needs, and it boomeranged on him. He fooled too many conservatives too, and now they distrust his conservative bonafides. It’s truly enjoyable to me that I can, without reservation, tell social conservatives that Romney has really always been on their team. Why is it so enjoyable? Because I know I am telling them the unvarnished truth, but there’s no way they’ll believe me. LMAO! Nothing would please me more than to see social conservatives drive the nomination of Sara Palin, because then socons wouls get just what they deserve, an epic routing,

    Ads to this poll, though. No sensible person would give it any weight without knowing the identities of the alleged insiders. There’s no way I’d assume that the pollsters made a good faith effort to take a random sample of GOP “insiders.”


    ROMNEY / DeMINT will be the ticket. Call it the Republican/Tea Party Compromise. a UNITED FRONT!!!!

  • Bosman may be right; a Romney/DeMint ticket would be appealing to a lot of people in the GOP.

    Economics really is the dismal science, and there may yet be an unprecedented rise in employment that no economist is currently able to see (usually these come about because of things like the computer revolution, the rise of the Internet, etc., and there could be a break through in some area that enables another such advance). But if unemployment is still over 6% in 2011 then a Romney candidacy would be very appealing.