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I usually don’t get into the politics or personal destruction because, to me, what’s between two people and their relationship is between those two people.


The war room within a war room dismissed or discredited much of the gossip floating around, but not all of it. The stories about one woman were more concrete, and after some discreet fact-finding, the group concluded that they were true: that BIll was indeed having an affair — and not a frivolous one-night stand but a sustained romantic relationship. …. For months, thereafter, the war room within a war room braced for the explosion, which her aides knew could come at any moment.

When politicians are running for office they represent the hopes and dreams of millions of people…and they have a duty to not be reckless. In this case, it’s not necessarily the politician but a high profile spouse who’s continuing to do incredibly dumb things. However, if Hillary is turning a blind eye to Bill’s wandering one, well, she’s responsible too. And this one of the biggest reasons I was so against the Clintons getting back into the White House. Because Bill can’t be trusted and is therefore a huge liability.

True, Hillary should be commended for getting this far, but the only way she’s going to gain enough momentum to break through that glass ceiling is if she loses 200+ pounds of Bubbaggage.

  • I’m surprised at your reaction, Justin. While I might be considered a “values voter” by some, I tend to withhold judgment of indiscretions by a politician’s spouse. If Secretary Clinton were having an affair I might consider it a reflection of her character. But we all know who Bill is, and we like Mrs. Clinton anyway. And in fact, we feel a bit of sympathy for any woman married to a serial philanderer.

    If Bill’s well-known and very public “kiss it” behavior was known to the voters, and he was elected anyway … twice … why on earth would his wanderings in retirement be anything but a reflection on him?

  • SAL

    I had a husband like that– he died from fooling around.

    now I am old, after years & years– married again and happy–
    good things are for happy people

  • I kinda doubt how much folks care about this, and I doubt that the GOP could make any political hay out of it even if they decided to try. Bill is now accepted as a charming scoundrel emeritus.

    Seems to me that Bill and Hillary lead pretty much separate lives. And as Frank notes. Bill’s character in this domain is well-established. I for one had long ago taken it as a foregone conclusion that Bill and Hillary no longer have a conventional spousal relationship. Instead, it consists of speeches and political appearances, and things related to their daughter. Outside of that, Bill does talks for money and sleeps around, and Hillary keeps striving for her brass rings.

    I simply can’t imagine anyone would dare to believe that Bill Clinton had started to keep his schlong holstered after the Lewinsky thing.

  • Tully

    I never knew Billy had STOPPED fooling around. Anyone paying attention over the last several years knew he wasn’t sitting at home alone while Hillary was in Washington, but was using his NYC apartment as a babe-seeking op base.

    Those jokes I made during the campaign about Bill BACK in the White House with free time and intern access weren’t really jokes. I was serious. He is what he is. That won’t change until his dangly bits fall off. He’s an incurable horndog.

    His and Hillary’s business, not mine, as long as he sticks to consenting adults and uses his own money going about it. It was the “consenting” part that got him in trouble before.

  • Chris

    Yeah I definitely could care less what he does. Maybe the people who are still obsessed with him will try to make a big deal out of it?

  • Sweater’s Pram

    Who cares if B.C. was screwing around? Not I or many other people, it’s situation normal. What bothers me, however, is Hilary’s acceptance of it to further her own political gains. Now they are revealed as a truly sleazy, amoral couple.

  • Lots of people applaud Bill Clinton’s sexual promiscuity. And when Hillary wants to run for office, they show up at fundraisers with their checkbooks as long as he’s the main attraction. He can raise big money for her. It’s all about the money for Hillary.