Two-Way Street: A New Policy Debate Program

Two-Way Street: A New Policy Debate Program


Could the following be the new Crossfire? Let’s hope, and we have 4 different programs to show us.

First, the War on Drugs…

I encourage you to follow this program and share it with your friends. Because that’s the only way we’ll be able to get this type of debate into the mainstream.

Next up is a debate on corporate farming. I’ll have that soon…

  • gerryf

    Well, let’s hope it does not become another crossfire. Crossfire was crap. There was no debate. It was Left submits talking point, right submits talking point. There was no consensus of ideas, there was no attempt to resolve differences. It was the partisan rancor of the past 15 years distilled into it’s purest form

  • michael mcEachran

    I’ll bet they don’t invite on John Stewart as a guest.

  • Chris

    I have trouble listening to someone with such a strong interest in “the industry” – the dea guy – and believing anything he has to say.