Two-Way Street: Is Quality Journalism Dying?

Two-Way Street: Is Quality Journalism Dying?


Is it still possible to have a good conversation about the day’s news?

Two Way Street explores that…

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  • Paul

    There is little “quality” in present day “journalism”. It is mostly agenda driven opinion .

  • kranky kritter

    These seem somewhat interesting, but it’s pretty hard to get me to click through to watch something that’s an hour long.

  • Naomi T.

    It is true that journalism nowadays has become more of a trade than a profession. However, I believe that journalism has been evolving over the many years it has been challenged by society and is adapting well to these changes such as medium changes and news gathering mechanisms. It is true that digital and online media has been beating large media houses but to conclude that the core of journalism is dying, I beg to differ. There’s still honest journalism from people who will scour for truth and share these important stories to the world.

  • Naomi T.

    I’d have to agree with Paul. Somewhat, there’s media groups working and driven by a certain agenda. It could be money or influence by higher power.