As many of you have surely noticed, I haven’t been spending much time blogging recently. Sure, I dropped in every now and again to comment on the health care debate or a few economic issues, but my focus has been elsewhere and now I want to show you why.

In collaboration with my co-director Trevor Hawkins of Mammoth Media, we’ve created a story that follows six people who all share a common emotion, but feel disconnected from one another because of those things that seem to divide us all: race, age, sexuality, gender, language and culture. But, when it matters most, the connection they share brings them together to save one of them from making a terrible mistake.

So that’s the background. Take a look at the trailer and tell me what you think.

Pretty soon we’ll be making the film available for download, so if you want to be the first to know follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We update frequently and already have a lot of content you can check out, including a gallery full of stills from the film.

Also, here’s the poster…

In closing…if you want to mention this on your blog…I won’t stop you. 🙂

  • Chris

    I liked the editing, looks like you’re off to a good start 🙂

  • cinemagogue

    Hi Justin. Great looking footage. Definitely get a sense of the director’s eye; expect this to be a beautiful film. What do you want viewers to do, think, or believe after this trailer? It showcases cinematography to the exclusion of all other elements (plot, characterization, dialogue, etc.). If the movie is purely a visual exploration of the themes you mentioned, rock on with your bad self. I don’t get a sense of plot (or even a hint of plot), or why I should care about any of these folks. Don’t take it as a slight; I know personally how next-to-impossible getting something like this done is. But if it’s intended to be anything other than a visual tour de force, you might want to cut a Trailer 2. Regardless, I’ll be downloading and viewing (and recommending) it.

  • Congrats Justin! Quite an accomplishment! cudos

  • @nancy & @chris, thanks!

    @cinemagogue, it’s definitely a visual exploration of those themes. In fact, there’s only one line of dialogue in the entire thing. So what you’re seeing represents a good portion of the story we want people to know about. And glad you like it and are recommending it! Let me know what others think.

  • Alexis Texas

    Congratulations Justin! Great work! “We Will Make You Whole Again” Trailer was awesome!

  • Thanks Alexis! Glad you liked it!