Glenn Beck: God Is Giving Me A Plan

Glenn Beck: God Is Giving Me A Plan


It’s official…he’s turning into a cult leader.

And no, I’m not kidding. He’s turning politics isn’t a religious movement. Listen to the ENTIRE audio clip down here or read the partial transcript I provided below. It’s scary how much he’s mixing the intentions of the Founders with those of God.

And here’s a partial transcript…

Yesterday, when I got off the air, I had a conversation between, um, Pat and myself and it lead to a meeting last night. Because, um, I’m going to, um, change the TV show again. I felt like, I, I mentioned last night that we were flying, circling an airport and I know the landing strip is down there, but the lights aren’t on. And I can’t see it yet, but I know we’re close and we’re circling. And this is not good enough.

And, um, I tell you, you don’t know…just like I don’t really know you, and I know in generalities, how hard you work and what you do and what your life is like…I don’t. I know in generalities. The same with you with me. We both have trust in each other that we’re doing everything in our power, and I have asked you recently, if you’re not doing that, to decide. Because now is the time. Are you here to relax and be entertained, or are you here, will you pick up the mantle left to you by the Founders to be a guardian of man’s freedom? Will you do it? Because your children will ask you what did you do? I believe your God will ask you what did you do.

We all find ourselves at a certain place at a certain time and we may not know what the role is we’re suppose to play, we may, in the end, we may not even know how much we effected different things, but we each are here and experience everything for a reason, that’s why I asked you yesterday…do not accept coincidence in your life. Look for the answers in your life, look for your answers in your life through coincidence, because there’s no such thing as a coincidence.

God is giving a plan I think to me that is not really a plan. And I stopped myself because I didn’t want to utter those things out loud, because that’s not exactly right, and it’s not.

The problem is that I think the plan that the Lord would have us follow is hard for people to understand. But I’m telling you, here’s what I feel with everything in me, and, if you’ve listened to this program for a long time, you know who I am. Um, and you know many of things I’ve done and said that have put me in, ya know, harm’s way one way or another, they always start at the same place, they always start at my gut or my heart, and then I figure it out as we go along. All the stuff that I feel has been important on the show has been things that I felt and didn’t understand.

Because of my track record with you who have been here for a long time. Because of my track record with you, I beg of you to help me get this message out, and I beg of you to pray for clarity on my part. The plan that He would have me articulate, I think, to you is “Get behind me.” And I don’t mean me, I mean Him. “Get behind Me. Stand behind Me.” I truly believe I have done years now of reading the Founders, their diaries, their letters, the Pilgrims, their diaries, their letters. I’ve held their letters in my hands. The exchanges between the Founders, I’ve held their actual letters in my hand. I have seen it with my own eyes…and I will tell you that God was instrumental and then knew it! They knew they had very little to do with it. They just stood where they were supposed to stand and they said the things that they were supposed to say as He directed. Some of them lost their way, some of them got it wrong, they got back and forth…they were human. But that’s what He’s asking us to do…is to stand peacefully, quietly, with anger, quiet with anger, loudly with truth.

Faith…is the answer. Get on your knees, don’t like it take a September 11th, get on your knees, please, I don’t care what church you go to, no church at all, I don’t care. Turn to Him.

When we were, and I’ve never told this story before…when we were starting the TV show, ya know, there were things that I did that I wouldn’t do now because I had to be more of an entertainer to get people to go, “What is this show at five o’clock?” I never said anything I didn’t believe, but I may have said things in an entertaining fashion. And I’m also, I also had to figure out, I’m a learning curve here, what is true and what is not and we were alone, and we still are. Nobody is helping us on this, we have to piece it together.

After that he talks about something regarding Van Jones and it’s just more of the same. He somehow “knew” about Van Jones, his producer found similar information, and he was led there by God…blah, blah. blah.

Listen, I’m not here to bash Beck’s faith. I’m an agnostic myself so I leave the possibility open for creators or a Creator, but to tie God to the intentions of the Founders…wow. I mean, it’s the logical next step in the evolution of a two-bit, opportunistic, intellectually dishonest, political radio shock jock, but yeah…wow.

One thing’s for sure…if the Tea Party ever wants to be taken seriously they’ll jettison this guy post haste. Of course…how can they since he has championed them from day one and is arguably the reason they’re getting so much mainstream media coverage.

Oh, the predicament!

  • Michael LaRocca

    I don’t believe him. In fact, I know he’s wrong, because God gave me the plan.

  • dmf

    i’ve been calling him “the second coming of howard beale” since i first saw him.

    it wasn’t exactly hard to foresee.

  • Rob

    “[T]hey always start at my gut or my heart, and then I figure it out as we go along. All the stuff that I feel has been important on the show has been things that I felt and didn’t understand.”

    The story of modern conservatism.

    Haven’t watched the video yet, but try reading the transcript with your internal Palin voice.

  • Chris

    I’m pretty sure that I was the first to receive the plan. In fact since it was written in a language only I could possibly know, it is certain that I have the plan. THE PLAN FROM GOD HIMSELLFFF-A!

    It’s scary how gullible people are. My mother in law completely believes this garbage, but then again she’s a mormon so she’s been prepped for brainwashing.

  • kranky kritter

    Beck sounds like he’s deteriorating into grandiose delusion. Seriously, this is a blossoming psychosis.

    He needs our contributions. No, don’t send money. Mail him some medication. If you can spare a seroquel or a depakote or some lithium or prozac or whatever, he could really use the help. Be sure to tell him that God told you to send it to him, that he really needs it.

    That would make a great PR campaign for folks who want to bring Beck to curb. Because it turns the conversation into whether or not he’s crazy. And if you have to wonder… .

  • Agnostick

    Just a couple of questions for His Holiness:

    * The local farm supply store sells the traditional 7-gallon galvanized wash tub; however, since the three of us (me, wife, daughter) will most likely stay at home for The Blessed Departure, do we really need to mix up that much? Could we just use the 1 gallon glass pitcher that we already have?

    * My daughter really doesnt like grape Kool-Aid, but she loves the lemon lime flavor. May we substitute?

    * The dogs, too? Perhaps we could mix it into some chicken broth for them?

    Waiting expectantly, hearts, minds, and souls open to you, Our God… Our Blessed Beck.

  • Mary

    It’s pretty scary where he and the crew that he hangs out with are pushing the believers to. The good part is the wackier he gets, the fewer people will follow him, but there will always be the followers and the ones who stick are the most passionate = most worthy of straight-jackets and most dangerous.

  • Agnostick

    kranky, interesting idea, but even if that did happen… even if thousands of people mailed little pills to Faux News HQ (and I’m also assuming that the Faux News folks wouldn’t turn over all those people to the postmaster general for violating federal mail laws, for putting drugs into the system without permission, licensing etc.), you know that Beck would turn it to his advantage.

    The segment would start with the usual, predictable props:

    * A giant, clear glass candy jar loaded with pills (actually just sugar pills)

    * Water

    * Chalkboard

    * Kleenex

    Beck would reach into the candy jar, babbling on about how easy it would be to just shove ’em in his mouth–“But that would be surrendering, and God put me on this planet for a mission. I’m not going to take the [fingers hanging quotes in the air] ‘easy way out’ by giving in to some liberal fantasy.

    “And of course, this is a liberal fantasy. Here, I’ll show you…

    [walks over to chalkboard, rambles over various words for a couple of minutes before getting to the home stretch…]

    “You know, some of our more confused viewers often wonder if I’m right about the liberals. Well, look at this big jar of dangerous medication sent to me by thousands of rabid liberals across the country: If this isn’t Proof, then I don’t know what it is. This is proof! Indeed!

    ” ‘Proof of what?’ you ask? Well, proof that our liberal citizens are just candy-coated descendants of godless Communism. Liberals, by and large, are atheists–or worse. They hate freedom, they hate liberty, they hate AMERICA! What do they love? Love, to liberals, is self-centered. They love big government that will take care of ‘ME!’ Keep ME safe! Keep ME well-fed and clothed! Keep ME healthy!

    “And what about God–the very God that has chosen me for what might turn out to be the greatest mission in American history? Well, here comes the bombshell, folks. Liberals don’t love God. Liberals love Satan. How do I know this?

    “This big ol’ jar of pills. Remember what I said about proof?






    [begins crying]

    “But you know what, folks? I don’t love Satan! I love GOD! I… LOVE… GOD! And I know, just like so many of the saints and prophets that have gone before me… God will protect me! In fact [scooping one handful after another out of the jar, washing ’em down with water]… I know God… will protect me… from these liberal, Satanic drugs!”

    “Praise be to God! Goodnight everybody!”

  • kranky kritter

    Who said anything about return addresses? Note that tthey could be mailed to some anti-Beck group (SUFBHAK: save us from Beck he’s a kook, or maybe just BNM: Beck Needs meds) to collect and display as a silent anonymous vote against him.

    If there were issues with mailing meds, folks could mail jelly beans instead.

  • Michael LaRocca

    Religion… it’s easier than thinking.

  • Jake Tower

    Yea, I pretty much just assume everything Glenn Beck says is nonsense. He knows his target audience and just says things that will resonate with them… no matter how illogical or unethical it may seem.

  • angelle

    Seriously guys, this is a blossoming psychosis.

  • Mark

    It’s never ceases to amaze me how much blind faith some people have in guys like GB. I gotta stop pondering this stuff – it’s not like there’s a logical explanation for it.

  • Ferdinand

    What kind of plan was he saying and how come that Glenn was the only person that was given a plan by God?
    Some people uses religion as an excuse so as to gain something…