The 2010 Season of Carnivolution is Coming to the Ellen Powell Tiberino...

The 2010 Season of Carnivolution is Coming to the Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum


The Human Chicken Sandwich

Not for the faint of heart; but certainly for fans of great music, puppets theater, comedy, and a taste of the extreme! Carnivolution is 3 parts concert featuring music by West Philadelphia The Hydrogen Jukebox, and the alien artistry of The Radarmen. But it is also 2 parts extreme carnival sideshow which features the likes of sword swallowing firebreathing, aerial acrobatics, full sized alien puppets, and things that can only be seen to be believed. And it all happens inside the surreal garden courtyard of the Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum. From the Second Friday of May, to the Second Friday of October, and every Second Friday in between, prepare for your night to be filled with Weird Burlesque, Pain Proof Freaks, a Perverted Puppet Peepshow, and a Living Cartoon known as Jellyboy the Clown during this Vaudeville Carnival in The New Age of Technology.

Jelly and Betty Fire Dance

The Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow

A show full of imagery that will stick into your mind. The Bendable Betty Bloomerz will swallow a sword upside down on a trapeze. The Impenetrable Matters Squidling will become the human see-saw on a bed of 1,500 nails. Jelly Boy the Clown will prove to you that he is truly a living cartoon with a homemade flame thrower built into the pummel of his sword. Witness death defying feats never before seen with such hilarity and strangeness.
Squidling Bros.

The Hydrogen Jukebox

When you are in a surreal indoor/outdoor gallery with several politically and religiously fueled pieces you normally don’t expect to see too much in the realm of the ordinary. But if you see a clown with dollar bills stapled to his body come up and yell “Staple a dollar to my chest, one dollar, staple a dollar to my face, one dollar!”, you might just end up doing a double take anywhere. However that’s just one of the typical sites you may bare witness to when you attend a Carnivolution on a Second Friday. You’ll also take in knife jugglers, fire dancers, hula hoop burlesque clowns, and three impressive sets by Jellyboy the Clown and the rest of The Hydrogen Jukebox. But it’s all just a way for a family to remember a brother who has long departed from this world.

“My brother had a very surreal imagination,” Eric Broomfield (Jellyboy the Clown, singer) explains. “he was used to taking fantasy worlds from his brain and weeding them out into live performances. So that’s why we do the show that we do. We make a circus with crazy costumes and surreal adventures. Many of the songs I write are based on stories that he told”

Founded in 1999 by brothers Eric and Matt Broomfield, The Hydrogen Jukebox started as a small rock band driven by the recent suicide of their older brother Jason, an artist and musician. The music was made to honor artists who have passed on, focusing on the themes of death, dying and remembrance. Throughout the years the band has featured several different members – including horn players, percussionists, and female vocalists, who have taken part while the brothers tried to find the bands sound. Eventually they formed the lineup that they are today, released an exciting album, and have made Carnivolution a West Philly Staple.
The Hydrogen Jukebox

The Radarmen

The Radarmen have invaded! Alien Hybrids monitoring pan-galactic communications, Watchers of the universe, they search for one of their own, lost in the fabric space/time. This is their mission, this is their story…
The Radarmen

the Madoodi Mothers Perverted Puppet Peepshow

Welcome to the Madoodi Mothers official Puppet Peep Show page. We are a live puppet sex show dedicated to disturbing the masses with poly-sexual hermaphrodites, trannies, ass-faced religious icons, menstruating monstrosities, infinite-nippled grandmas with lactating cats, and squirters galore! Come see us in action every 2nd Friday, May-October, at the Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum. 3819 Hamilton St. Philthadelphia.
the Madoodi Mothers Perverted Puppet Peepshow

The Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum

Established in October 16, 1999 The ELLEN:
The Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum celebrates the life and career of this renowned Philadelphia Artist. The complex includes a common courtyard decorated with sculptures and permanent murals. The Tiberino Museum encourages artistic awareness and a love of community and spirit.
The Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum

Matters Squidling Glass Burial

The first Carnivolution of this season is scheduled to happen on May 14th, and will continue on every second Friday, with the last one happening in October.