Poll: Americans Still Blame Bush More For Economic Troubles

Poll: Americans Still Blame Bush More For Economic Troubles


The gap has shrunk a bit, but the economy is turning around so in a year’s time it’s unlikely we’ll have the problems we’re having today. Basically, the question will then be… “Who is responsible for the economic growth in this country?”

Gallup has more on that…

Obama has stated that he “inherited the most profound economic emergency since the Great Depression.” And while some of his critics dispute the extent of the crisis, there is little debate that he arrived in Washington amid rising unemployment, struggling equity and housing markets, distressed banking and auto industries, and a rapid retreat in consumer spending. Americans in July 2009 clearly recognized that the nation’s economic problems preceded Obama’s term; at that time, close to half of Republicans (43%) — in addition to most independents (63%) and nearly all Democrats (92%) — believed Obama bore little or no responsibility for them.

And here are the numbers…

Sidenote…currently Obama’s approval rating is averaging about 48%. If this is as low as he goes as we’re pulling out of the recession…wonder what it’ll be this time next year.

Care to make any guesses?

  • http://theapathyremedy.org SpkTruth2Pwr

    Being that the economy actually is improving and that has been the issue dominating the minds of Americans since 2008, I imagine his approval rating will rise after the 2010 Elections, when moderates and independents that vote in a few more Republicans will realize that GOP was trying to make the most out of a short term issue that Obama had tackled as vociferously as he could in the given circumstances with little support from them.

  • Nick Benjamin

    That economic problems number doesn’t matter much. No shit most people thinks it’s more Bush’s fault then Obama’s, most people acknowledged Bush made the original mess. The question is whether Obama bears responsibility for not cleaning it up by now, and this poll doesn’t tell us that.

    As for his approval ratings I’d say they’ll go up, perhaps a little past his election total of 53. But not far. The number of people who don’t have a strong opinion on this guy is tiny.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    If you had this poll during the recession of 2001, most people probably would have blamed Bill Clinton for the mess Bush inherited. Certainly Bush desrves the credit for the record economic growth that followed during the housing bubble. Of course, that economic recovery was false and the bursting of the bubble led to the collapse of 2008.

    Bush also deserves the blame for the mess Obama inherited, but my guess is we will not see a robust economic recovery beginning next year, and there is plenty of time for people to blame Obama when the currency crisis begins sometime around the end of Obama’s first term.

    Obama is making all the same mistakes Bush made early in his presidency, at best he can hope for another bubble in treasuries, but when that crashes it will be even more devistating than 2008.

  • Chris

    I’m sure that poll exists somewhere, should look it up and see.

  • Bill

    The Dems took control of both Houses on Jan 3, 2007, and 11 months later the country went into recession.

    Owebama, aka Mr. Rubberstamp, got in and we are where we are today – in deep debt – over $14 TRILLION.

    Sure, they will continue to blame Bush, their dumb base will swallow it, and they are counting on that.

    Proof of the matter is, the Dems held both Houses and the White House, spent tax dollars like drunken sailors on bailouts and ‘stimulus’ plans which put the country into the debt it’s in, while kicking-back money to the union bosses for their political machine, and they crammed all kinds of Bills down the taxpayer’s throats, to include Obama Care. YET, with complete control of Congress and the White House, the Dems did not repeal the Bush tax cuts, and that is because the tax cuts isn’t the problem – they have actually kept us from going under even worse, and they know it, which is why they did not repeal them when they easily could have. The Dem’s spending for votes, and lining up illegal aliens for future votes; spending, spending, spending, is the problem.