A group associated with the Taliban in Pakistan is claiming responsibility, but that’s already pretty much been debunked since a) the bomb sucked and b) the same group claimed responsibility for other situations that they weren’t involved with.

And then there’s the South Park/Viacom story, which seems very thin at this point.

All we do know at this point is the SUV contained a lot of flammable material…but not necessarily a viable or sophisticated bomb.

Here’s a graphic that explains what was in the car.

So, would it have been enough to do any serious damage? Officials claim the material in the truck could have cut it in half had it been ignited, and they’re still not sure what the fertilizer-looking substance is.

In short, even though this could have done some damage…it looks like whoever put this together was an amateur at best…

Ms Napolitano said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department of Homeland Security and the City of New York were examining security video from the area around the vehicle, a Nissan SUV, which was towed early on Sunday to a forensic lab in Queens after a robotic arm was used to break the windows and remove the most dangerous materials.

There was no information to suggest that there are any other terrorism targets linked to the incident and the evidence so far suggested that this was a “one-off attempt”, Ms Napolitano told Fox News.

“There are a lot of cameras in that area,” she said, adding that fingerprints had been recovered from the vehicle.

My gut tells me that somebody will be picked up pretty soon. Here’s more on a possible suspect…

Kelly, during a news conference at One Police Plaza in downtown Manhattan, said that they have identified the registered owner of the Nissan Pathfinder found with deadly explosives. The license plate on the vehicle was linked to the registration of another vehicle, which was found in an auto repair shop in Connecticut, he said.

The license plates were not stolen, but Kelly would not clarify how the license plates of the vehicle in Connecticut were placed on the Pathfinder.

Police have reviewed hours of surveillance footage and found a white male in his 40s who looked ‘furtively’ toward the car with the bombs, Kelly said. Police said they were unsure if the unidentified man was involved in the scare.

The surveillance footage showed that the man changed from a dark-colored shirt on Shubert Alley, about half a block from where the car was parked on West 45th Street and 7th Avenue. As he walked away from the scene, the man then, looked back toward the vehicle, roughly at the time that the bombs were scheduled to explode, authorities said.

A white male in his 40s? Hmmmm

More as it develops…

  • For the time being, suppose we presume that this was, as you say, an amateur attempt. The IED was clunky and wouldn’t have done too much damage had it gone off.

    OK so how much solace ought we to take from that? Certainly we can be glad that no one was hurt and that in the worst case perhaps few would have been, Still, it’s a troubling sign of several things, developments that so far we have seen very little of…

    …one, it’s a concrete sign of the existence of actual individuals on domestic soil with both the motive to act and the willingness to do so. We haven’t seen very much in the way of malicious anti-American acts since 9/11. Every one makes us less comfortable in thinking such folks are in the rare to nonexistent range.

    …and two, it’s a sign that perhaps anti-American terrorists are ready to make the very obvious hop from things like targeting airports for big splashy attack to small simple terrorist acts that are easier to pull off and can invoke terror just as easily as something like 9/11.

    I for one am far less scared by the idea of a big 9/11 style attack than I would be by the advent of a series of small ugly attacks at things like malls, libraries, bus stations, and so on.

  • Nick Benjamin

    I’m not sure what to think about this attack. Nobody died, and the bomb was not very murderous. It’s always nice when your opponents are inept.

    But we still have no idea which nutjobs did this. Tim McVeigh-style Patriot groups are a possibility, but so are those jerks at Revolution Moslem.

    I’ll wait for a little more investigation before I make any conclusions.