Rand Paul’s Sad, Slow Implosion

Rand Paul’s Sad, Slow Implosion


First it was the wishy-washiness of the civil rights act repeal and now it’s criticism of the administration being tough on BP?

Watch the video…

Here’s the thing…yes, accidents happen on offshore oil rigs. However, most damage is mitigated by appropriate safety measures being put in place to keep spills to a minimum.

However, recent reports have revealed that BP didn’t spend the appropriate time, money or energy to ensure that an accident couldn’t turn into a catastrophe. And now the Gulf is paying the price with 2M+ gallons being pumped into that ecosystem every single day.

Do know I’m genuinely sorry to see Rand suffer these slings and arrows. I liked how earnest his dad was, but that doesn’t make up for being so green. In other words, Rand really has nobody to blame but himself. He just isn’t ready for the national stage and this week has been evidence of exactly that. Maybe he’ll recover, but I think we all have serious doubts.

More as it develops…

  • gerryf


    I have to let that sink in. Nope. just not working.

    So how is “going along with BP” and letting them handle it, including allowing BP to dictate to the US Coast Guard the rules in the gulf (in case you missed it, a CBS camera crew was ordered away from the oil spill bu the coast guard and were informed the ship was operating under BP directives).

    And then we have the NOAA ships removed from the area so we have no government oversight of the spill.

    Meanwhile more and more permits have been approved for Oil drilling off the coast.

    I admit it, I was wrong. This is Obama’s Katrina–and he has failed badly. Granted, there is little the government can do to address this issue, they simply are not equipped, but its clear that no one is (anyone thought of maybe dropping a very large bomb on this thing to collapse the well?).

    I said before I can accept off shore oil drilling provided there are adequate safety protocols and contingency plans, as well as punitive actions for addressing failures.

    At this point, the only way for the administration to regain credibility on this issue is some extraordinary measure and some punitive measure against BP that unequivocably scares the crap out of the rest of the oil industry so the risk of this happening again is zero. BP as a company cannot be allowed to survive this.

  • Nick Benjamin

    I wouldn’t call this a “Katrina.” With Katrina it was extremely easy to know exactly what the government’s legal responsibilities were, that it had the resources to carry out those responsibilities, and that it didn’t largely because the White House. There was no reason for Americans to be trapped on their roofs more then a week after the storm.

    With this spill the government has clearly limited legal responsibilities, because BP is supposed to clean up its messes; virtually no equipment to clean oil spills because (again) oil companies have that responsibility; and the reason the reason the White House hasn’t done more is nobody knows what it should be doing. They could have been harder on BP earlier, but that’s about it.

    As for bombs I doubt they’d work. The leak is a hole. Bombs make holes bigger, not smaller.

  • Chris

    ahh libertarians, you tickle me pink.

  • http://centristcoalition.com/blog/ kranky kritter

    Whatever else the spill is, it’s an epic environmental tragedy that will have heartbreaking economic and personal consequences for many people, most innocent.

    It also feels tragic to me how many different interest groups are trying to suck their enemies into the blamestorm. I don’t see blaming the President. I blame BP first and foremost. But to me placing blame matters far less than both BP and the government taking responsibility for mitigating the effects and cleaning this up.

    With this spill, we’re getting a very bitter taste of an oil spill worst case scenario playing out in real time. And with it unfolding before our eyes and the real ugliness beginning with oil landfalls, It’s extremely hard to argue against requiring oil drillers to follow a belt, suspenders, and diaper approach to offshore oil extraction.

  • gerryf


    While you can certainly outline all the reasons why this man-made oil geyser (let’s stop calling this a “spill”) you’re beginning to sound like an apologist for Bush (“Hey, he didn’t make the Hurricane”).

    By Obama’s Katrina, I mean a real big problem that is at worst being given lip service and at best is not being responded to properly. The bomb reference was a half-hearted “well, freaking try something!”–I originally made some reference to getting Bruce Willis and a crew of deep oil drillers in a submarine, but I thought it too flip.

    Instead, let’s talk about why this is a big freaking disaster that Obama has dropped the ball on.

    So far, Obama and his administration have tried to say they “have been there form the beginning”–but other than standing around going “tsk, tsk” it’s hard to see what they have been doing that is positive.

    Thus far, they have taken a backseat to BP which is running the operation. OK, they have the resources (well, maybe) and the government doesn’t. Anyone really trust the idiots who quite obviously created the situation with shoddy materials, bad design and lax rule following to really be in charge? C’mon, the local hair salons in my town are collecting human hair to send to plug the oil, for crying out loud. When some action is about to be taken, even the lame stuff, it’s being taken by BP.

    I want to hear that the Obama administration has taken over the command and control aspects and kicked the BP idiots sorry butts to the curb. They’ve had a month to get this under control.

    Meanwhile, what do we really know about this oil geyser? BP has a different estimate every day; a CBS News crew is chased out of area by the US Coast Guard operating under BP, and has anyone seen a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research ship out there? No. There was one, but it was ordered out in the first week. Meanwhile where is the Ronald H. Brown, the flagship of the NOAA fleet? You know, the one with state of the art equipment, and a crew of the best environmental scientists money can buy? Sailing off the coast of Africa until this week. I dunno, but if I am the president, and I am taking this seriously, I want my best players on the field to use a baseball metaphor.

    And, while we are on the topic of having the best people for the job, anyone read anything about Obama putting a call into the Japanese, French, Chinese or Russions–the onlay nations that have the proper equipment to work more than a mile down? Hey, how about calling the freaking Norwegians? And least they have some actual experience with experimenting with deep sea blowouts.

    Or if BP cannot handle this–as it is clear they cannot–why not call in Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell or some of the other big oil comanies? Hell, call the copy boy from Offshore Magazine.

    And while I am reluctant to blame Obama for the sorry state of affairs at the Minerals Management Service, which is still stocked with pro-oil Bush cronies, he does not get a complete pass. OK, clearing house when you walked into office would be undesirable, but sometime in the last year he should have been taking a look here–ESPECIALLY when he flip flopped on offshore drilling in April and went back on his campaign pledge. The moment he announced his plans to allow oil drilling offshore on March 31, he took ownership of offshore drilling.

    That means he needed to at least start laying the foundation for rules and regulations, disaster mitigation, planning, oversight–the works.

    Standing around waiting for a bunch of regulation dodging, rule breaking, bean counting, corner-cutting corporate greedy hucksters to fix the problem–not my idea of leadership….

  • gerryf

    Oh yeah…I forgot…he’s named a commission to investigate the oil disaster. I feel soooooooo much better now.

  • http://centristcoalition.com/blog/ kranky kritter

    And, while we are on the topic of having the best people for the job, anyone read anything about Obama putting a call into the Japanese, French, Chinese or Russions–the onlay nations that have the proper equipment to work more than a mile down? Hey, how about calling the freaking Norwegians? And least they have some actual experience with experimenting with deep sea blowouts.

    So since you haven’t seen a news story on it, you feel it’s safe to simply assume that no one with environmental affairs responsibility within our government has spoken to any foreign experts about the spill and potential for control, etc.?

    That sounds paranoid to me.

  • gerryf

    Hey, way to go, grab one paragraph out of half page post and try to invalidate everything with a personal attack.


    Given that we’ve got about a half million news reporters trying to cover this story you don’t think that if they had consulted foreign experts it might have been mentioned somewhere?