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Ouch! I guess someone said the wrong thing to the wrong person, because how else does that happen? Maybe a car or biking accident. Maybe he got drunk and fell? Safe word confusion? I mean, seriously — what happened? Well, it’s funny…the statement provided to Lambgoat doesn’t get into the how, just the whaaaaaaa!

Yes, I first read about this on Lambgoat because the last time I even cared about Chelsea Grin was…well, never. The report says CG throat Alex Koehler busted his jaw “several days ago in Richmond, Virginia, forcing the group to drop off the final week of the Thrash and Burn Tour.”

Understandably, they’d cancel the rest of their shows because the dude’s on, like, 30 different painkillers right now and probably has wires and shit all over his jaw. Dude’s probably drinking out of a straw, and I really feel for him. That sucks shit. I hope you get better soon, duder. Oh wait — his recovery is estimated at more than a month. Damn.

The band’s unedited statement to LG says “Alex suffered a serious injury to his jaw, breaking it in three places. We have came to the decision that we would rather miss these last six shows than to let anyone see us not in full force with our normal line-up.”

They said came…insert Butthead laugh here. So will we ever know what happened? Someone, please…if you know, write me. I need to know what happened to Alex, and I’d like to know the shape of the knuckles of that other dude and what was said. Clear up this mystery, Chelsea Grin! We demand answers or else, we will spread worse rumors every day until the truth comes out.

  • ok what happened was chelsea grin was on there way to there next show to new york, they had to make a stop to a gas station cuz andrew (the drummer) needed to piss,, so some kids came up and start shit with andrew and alex was sleepin in the back of the van and he tried to get out, half awake and half asleep, and he fell out and while he was gettin up some kid ran up and soccer kicked him in the face cause him to have fractures and broke bones in the right side if his jaw, and the middle of his jaw busted down the middle of his jaw.. He went to the show in new york all messed up, but before he went to the show he went to the hospital, anyways they were gonna replace him for the show but he was so heart broken bout seeing someone else do what he suppose to do, so he went and did the show with his jaw all fucked up, later that night the singer of the headliner band asking alexandria said to him “you got balls for what u did” and asking alexandria is offering chelsea grin an european tour with asking alexandria… i found this infomation out by alexs dad G.J. cause hes my neighbor here in west valley utah, if you want more info hit me up at my name is alex oh and im on myspace hit me up

  • vanity taylor

    haha i know this is complete bullshit but i heard someone talking about he broke his jaw screaming?? you would have to have some crazy ass vocals to do that

  • Captaindamnit007

    i don’t know what happened to his jaw but the vocals on my damnation suck.
    i miss old chesea grin now they are another fucking generic death core band
    death core bands always crap out after their first cd.
    as blood runs black, bring me the horizon, chelsea grin, thy art is murder…
    they got me all exited about their next cd… then shit on me…
    im sad now.

  • Jay Schmidt

    i’m surprised i havent heard any jokes about alex gettin a chelsea grin, but seriously i’d love to know wat happened, it ruined their great vocals