Pagan Pride Day in San Diego is September 11th, 2010, Pagan Pride Day and Harvest Faire in the Inland Empire is September 25th, and Pagan Pride Day LA is September 26th in South El Monte.  If you like psychics, tarot, dragons, stones, incense, brooms, ritual clothing, and similar things, you’ll have fun at the annual Pagan Pride Day, held in September on different days in different regions.  All of the September Pagan Pride Day events are a part of the International Pagan Pride Project.  Although Orange County does not currently host its own event, residents are likely to be able to attend one of the surrounding events with little trouble.

Saturday, September 11th, San Diego will host it’s 8th annual Pagan Pride Day event, in Balboa Park on the North Lawn, from 9am until 5pm.  Authors and teachers will host open lectures and workshops, and any flavor of Pagan or non-Pagan is heartily invited to attend.  There are usually also several authors on hand to personally sign copies of their books, and tons of vendors to supply you with everything from jewelry to ritual equipment, and more.

The Inland Empire will hosts it’s Pagan Pride Day and Harvest Faire in Redlands, at Sylvan Park, on September 25th, from 10am until 5pm.  Organizers are asking attendees to bring canned food items to contribute to the Interfaith Food Bank of Redlands.  The IE is happy this year to celebrate a decade of Pagan Pride Day events.

Pagan Pride Day LA has been held at the Whittier Narrows Regional Park in South El Monte for years, simply because it’s an ideal location for the numerous vendors to set up in a rough circle around a center stage and grassy area for performers, drum circles, an open public ritual, and delicious, though pricey, food.  The event is free admittance if you bring canned or dry food donations which are given to local food pantries, and monetary donations are welcomed, but not required.  Parking at the Whitter Narrows parking lot near the festival is $6 for the day.  Enjoy the sights, smells, and sales on September 26th, from 10am until 5:30pm.

  • ” If you like psychics, tarot, dragons, stones, incense, brooms, ritual clothing, and similar things, you’ll have fun at the annual Pagan Pride Day,” Tarot? What kind of tarot? Is is tarot card reading or tarot card games? The media should recognize that there are two kinds of tarot. The media should recognize that tarot is not only tarot card reading. Tarot is also a type of card game. Tarot games are played in places like France and Quebec and some Americans are starting to learn about tarot game playing. The mainstream media should be more inclusive when doing stories relating to tarot and be aware that tarot is also a game.

  • Rachel Mohan

    In this case, it would be tarot card reading. I was not aware that tarot was also played as a game. The Readers that participate at the Pagan Pride practice tarot as a tool to assist in divination and/or clarification. As they say, one learns something new everyday.

  • I read Tarot cards and would love to donate my time to read at the festival in order to make money for Pagan Pride; however, I am having a hard time getting info. Can anyone help me out. My email is
    thank you and Blessed Be!