With Supernatural’s sixth season just a heartbeat away (or as many heartbeats as it takes to fill in 7 days), I thought I would get into the Supernatural spirit and come up with my favorite moments from the five seasons (or as I like to refer to them: THE ROAD SO FAR…)

Season Three came to a dramatic close with Dean being torn to shreds and last shown screaming in pain for Sam while in a Hell that rivals anything in the Hellraiser films. So, when the two brothers run into each other at the beginning of Season Four, it creates a very subtle and heartfelt moment as they embrace (extra brownie points for showing the usually emotionless Bobby getting choked up at the reunion). There’s even a Youtube video dedicated to it!


The first few moments of Supernatural’s premiere hooked me. Not because I knew it was going to be a horror show or because I knew some of the crew had worked on The X-Files. It was one chilling shot that made me a fan:

Poor Mrs. Winchester became the catalyst for the fate of the Winchester fellas. It is a beautiful shot, though, and it wasn’t the last time we would have this type of surprising moment in the series.

In what many consider to be the funniest episode of the series, Season Four’s YELLOW FEVER remains just as funny after repeat viewings. With so many funny moments in this episode, it is hard to pick just one. When Dean gets infected and becomes scared of toy poodles, cats, teenagers, heights, and eventually cracks on the ground, he takes extreme measures to try to curb the fear: playing EYE OF THE TIGER, the manliest song EVER! Being a child of the 80’s and 90’s, I feel it is my duty to highlight that this had me marking out big-time. The DVD featured a wonderful outtake while filming this scene, which I present to you:

Jus In Bello was already an intense episode in Season Three. Things actually looked up for the Winchesters, as they had developed quite a few new allies with their rescue of the police and Agent Henricksen. Alas, in one extremely disturbing moment, all of that was for naught:

This was heart-breaking, scary, and nail-biting all at once. All the new allies are blown to smithereens, and Lilith makes the most unforgettable debut on a television series yet.  Probably the scariest kid I’ve ever seen, too.  Kudos to young Rachel Pattee for making quite an impression here.  Between this and a small part in PSYCH, she has shown major promise as an actor in only a few minutes on screen.  Bravo.

I’m cheating here, since this is not limited to one single moment, but any time Bobby calls the boys “igits”, an angel gets its wings. Bobby could have just been a character used to move the plot along. In the hands of Jim Beaver, the character breathes and becomes one of the all-time classics in supporting (and scene-stealing) characters.

Top Ten Favorite Supernatural Moments (Part 2)

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    Great multimedia hors d’oeuvre. After reading this, I now am interested in watching the whole series, which I never bothered with before. I am always on the lookout for something good to watch.

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      You should watch it. it’s very good!