Mike Portnoy
Mike Portnoy says the lead singer of his old band Dream Theater — a dude who goes by the name James LaBrie — is “insensitive” and called a comment he made during a recent radio interview “disrespectful,” responding to the frontman’s suggestion that the remaining members of Dream Theater are “not sad at all” that Portnoy jumped ship.

“I am so sad it comes to this, but I am even more shocked and hurt by James’ completely disrespectful quote,” Portnoy said in a post to his Web site’s forum that’s since been deleted. Nice try, bitches.

Then, LaBrie issued a statement clarifying the “sad” comments he’d made — the ones that Mike took such offense to. “It seems there is a misunderstanding,” writes LaBrie. “When I said I was not sad with Mike’s departure, it, unfortunately, leaves plenty of room to misconstrue such words. No one can tell you or me how to think and feel.”

LaBrie’s clarification continues that, at first, James was bummed to the max that Mike was all like, “I’m out, Dream Theater.” But he’s gotten passed that, and he’s come to terms with it.

“Let me put it more plain and simple. Life does not afford us the luxury to wallow in our sorrow,” LaBrie’s statement continues. “You have to deal with the situation at hand and make it a productive and positive endeavor. In other words, onward and upward. Mike made it perfectly clear why he chose the current path. I would much rather his words be the definitive answer. In the end, does it really matter what our views are? Other than human curiosity, it doesn’t change a thing. I have said my peace and believe there is no room for misinterpretation. I will give no further weight to this subject; all has been said.”

Meanwhile, Portnoy says in a new interview that he will be with Avenged Sevenfold for this album cycle, and used the word chemistry a bunch, which makes me think this Dream Theater departure will ultimately lead to his becoming Avenged’s new drummer. “As a result of the musical and personal chemistry we had making the record, it’s kind of blossomed into now being on the road with them,” Mike says. “I’m totally at home with these guys and we have a great, great chemistry on stage together — musically and personally.”

It’s just a matter of time before Portnoy becomes Avenged’s drummer on a full-time basis. They’d be idiots now to want him. That last album was something of a progression for the ‘Fold and so, I think now — given their mentality — they can handle working with a guy like Mike.

  • Bakaar

    Portnoy is a complete tard.

    First of he couldn’t think of a better week to announce his departure than September 11th. Always thinkin’ with his fragile ‘ego’.

    I guarantee nobody outside of teh internets or Dream Theater fans knows who the hell Portnoy is. He is no Bonzo, Neil Peart or Charlie Watts. Classic drummers who never quit their bands even when under emotional distress.

    You know what this means for Dream Theater? Metropolis Part 3 of course. They need something to keep fans onboard and revisiting the concept is about bringing in money following up on you’re most successful albums. Queensryche did it Mindcrime 2 and enjoyed temporary success but long enough to keep them afloat a bit longer. Dream Theater will follow suit as well.

    • Dtdrummer68

      your a complete tard. you obviously dont understand why he left the band. he is a very known drummer in the drummer world, which is the only thing that matters. and dream theater fans alone keep that band going, they dont need anyone else, we are all the most die-hard fans you will ever meet for any band.

      • Anonymous

        I can think of ten bands with a stronger fanbase. So you sir are a tard.