Supernatural certainly hits the ground running with their episode openings this season! We start with gore galore for the guys, and cut to Sam and Dean shirtless for the ladies.

Sam and Dean are investigating the deaths of some police officers, and are figuring things out pretty quickly, but not before we get three disgusting deaths (before the first commercial break no less). Apparently, the dead cops were corrupt, and someone has decided to give them all kinds of crazy revenge deaths (locusts, liquefying body, and boils).

As Sam and Dean figure out that Heaven may be trying to take out the bad guys themselves, we get a tremendous brotherly dispute over who has the better car. Before this is settled, we get THE RETURN OF CAZ!

Castiel doesn’t know who brought Sam back from Hell, nor does he know where God is, since Heaven is in complete chaos. During the chaos, Heaven’s equivalent of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” were stolen and brought to Earth. The Staff of Moses is what is causing the cop-killings.

Sam, Dean, and Castiel discover the brother of a slain boy, who was wrongfully killed by the dead cops. The brother has part of the Moses Staff, but says he sold his soul to an angel for the piece of it. Castiel has to torture the kid to get the information. Dean hates this, but Sam doesn’t mind.

Right as Caz figures out who took the boy’s soul (the angel Balthazar), one of archangel Raphael’s soldiers pops in out of nowhere. He says, “Raphael says hello”, and proceeds to battle with Caz. They fight all over the apartment, and fall through a window…RIGHT ONTO SAM’S CAR!! The car is crushed! Not missing a beat, Dean exclaims, “Well…silver lining.” The look on Sam’s face is priceless.

The soldier disappears, and Caz proceeds to locate Balthazar, where they have a very revealing conversation about Heaven’s plans being rewritten, due to the brothers stopping the Apocalypse. There is an old school thought process where some, like archangel Raphael, believe the Apocalypse should be back on the table. There are more progressive thinkers, like Balthazar, who believe they can now enjoy freedom for the first time.

Raphael appears and brings his goons. Sam and Dean take care of the goons, and Balthazar holds up a gem that turns Raphael’s vessel into SALT (great special effect here…looked very cool on Hi-Def screen).

Caz lets Balthazar go for saving him from Raphael, and Sam and Dean start to reveal their thoughts about each other. Dean has strong words about Sam’s behavior and says that he is “different.” We finish the episode with both brothers back in the Impala and the family tension continues to build.

Moment of the Night: Raphael gets “iodized”

Gore of the Night: The liquefying first death was almost barf-bag-worthy

Quote of the Night: Always a tough one to choose, as this show is great with the one-liners, I would have to go with a dialogue between Dean and Castiel:

Dean: “I don’t know who’s on first and what’s on second anymore.”
Caz: “What IS on second…”
Dean (interrupting): “Don’t start that.”

Next week, we get a Bobby-themed episode, directed by Jensen Ackles. I absolutely cannot wait for this one or the following episode that pokes fun at TWILIGHT!

  • Liat

    “the angel Balthazar appears. He says, “Raphael says hello”, and proceeds to battle with Caz. ” – That is incorrect. It is one of Rafael’s soldiers who followed Castiel and this is how Rafael knows Balthazar is alive. He is later the guy that has a frog come out of his mouth…
    Great episode. The whole bit about “souls” being powerful and worth lots of money was very intriguing. Maybe it hints to the way Sam came back from Hell? Just a though.

    • Whoops! Not sure where my mind was when I typed that! Thanks for the correction. Yes, for those confused by my post, Balthazar is the guy who looks like Chef Ramsey from HELL’S KITCHEN! You’re right, the souls being worth money could open up some good story lines later in the season, and I like where you’re going with it connecting to Sam’s return from Hell.

  • Rob

    I dont think the sould being worth money will be that big of part of the new season but the weapons being stolen from heaven thats gonna make for one great story line

  • Patty

    any idea who is actor who plays soldier of raphael?

    • That is award-winning, Toronto native Demore Barnes. A select few may have caught him on Tia Carrere’s RELIC HUNTER. I remember him from THE UNIT. He had a very commanding presence on THE UNIT, and it already looks like he is bringing that the his recent guest spots on FRINGE and now, SUPERNATURAL. I hope the salt weapon didn’t destroy the vessel he’s playing, because Barnes could bring a lot of range to the role. Hope that obnoxiously long response answers your question.

  • Patty

    Nate he was very talented also
    but I meant the one who falls through the window with castiel.

    • Boy, am I having an off week or what?! Sorry, I skipped right past where you said SOLDIER of Raphael. I checked all of the guest cast on the Internet Movie Database, but none of them have listing on that website. I believe that is Tom Pickett, who was listed as simply SOLDIER OF RAPHAEL in the credits (and the only site to list him was I am not sure if that is correct, since we saw a couple of Raph’s goons show up, but he is the only one listed that way, and Castiel did label him as a possible soldier. If I find out differently, I will let you know.

  • Patty

    thanks for trying I found the same results from it dosen’t fit “cos Tom Pickett is listed as Season 1 “Asylum” episode I rewatched it and he is a bit older 45-50 year old african american actor- is this a confusing run-around or what. I guess -they just don’t list you if you’re a smaller part.
    will keep trying and again thanks

    • One more thing that may help: I looked at each of the guest-cast names in the opening and closing credits. I have narrowed it down to Tom Pickett, Justin Reinsilber, Todd Mann, Darren Bennett, Ian Brown, and Marc Baur. I saw that listing for Tom Pickett in season 1, but there are a few Tom Pickett actors, so it may still be him (same name, different actor). I wrote to Supernatural’s casting agents, so hopefully I’ll have more info to pass along to you if they respond.

      • Patty

        you sure are thourough, resourceful etc… I missed where at beginning and end credits they list more names.
        will cross reference on imdb for starters who it matches where there is a picture.

  • Patty

    Nate-update on my identifying quest,was randomly searching went to they have automatic season/episode/scene choices and picking season 6 episode 3 it showed headshots and soldier of raphael-Tom Pickett’
    not too sure i still buy it though.but an interesting site.
    keep me posted though if you don’t mind.
    thanks Patty