“Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” gets Taiwan animation treatment

“Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” gets Taiwan animation treatment


As these have become a cultural phenomena, I think we need a new word for stories that get the Taiwan animation treatment. How about “twam” – as in “Jon Stewart gets twammed.” Other suggestions welcomed.

Generally, I completely understand these things with or without the translations, but a few of the elements in this one went over my head. Who is the guy coming out of the bathroom? And what does this have to do with McRibs? Product placement?

Since I’ve posted a few of these on my blog, I’m now on their mailing list. Without further comment, the verbatim NMA/tv blurb/explanation:

“Comedian John Stewart plans to hold a rally for viewers and fans in Washington on October 30. Dubbed the “Rally to Restore Sanity,” the event is seen as a response to a similar rally held by Glenn Beck over the summer. Lending their support to the rally are high-profile liberals such as Arianna Huffington and Oprah Winfrey. Conservative critics allege Stewart is attempting to mobilize young viewers and influence the November 2 elections. Indeed, the rally is seen as benefiting Obama and the Democrats, who are likely to the polls next week. Obama in turn plans to appear on Stewart’s show. Whether Stewart’s fan base can stay energized and show up at the polls remains to be seen. November 2, after all, marks the return of the McRib sandwich at McDonald’s.”

I liked the Stewart/Obama mutual back scratch sequence, and can’t wait to see how The Daily Show responds.

  • kranky kritter

    These just seem stupid to me. I don’t get the appeal.

  • Chris

    It’s called Taiwan animation treatment. and you’re seriously asking for suggestions? lol. Should I go there, or will my comment “be awaiting moderation”?

  • http://westanddivided.blogspot.com/ mw

    You seem crankier than usual.

    Heh. Somehow I missed that. Except on a subconscious level, of course.

  • blackout

    These just seem stupid to me. I don’t get the appeal.

    File under opinions that are probably best left unstated. Curmudgeonly out of touchedness established! lol

  • kranky kritter

    Hah! I’ll take those comments as badges of honor.

    I’m familiar enough with the zeitgeist to know it has a problem with worshipping stylish idiocy. Has the dancing baby made his political endorsements yet? I believe he has taken a position that the rent is too damn high, and has been wondering “where are the f$%&$king jobs.”

    Oh wait, the dancing baby is WAY out of style now. So he must be wrong.

  • BiggerJ

    The guy coming out of the bathroom is Larry King, who donated a port-a-potty to the rally.

  • Mad Mod

    The man leaving the toilet is Larry King.
    King presented Stewart with a porta-john when Jon was a guest.
    Also the door of the porta-john clearly has Larry King’s face on it.

  • michael mcEachran

    Looks like the McRib is a commentary on young American consumerist liberals penchant to be easily distracted. I love these. But I think they only work in an asian language. The fun is in watching what they think of us. It appeals to my American narcissism.