Marco Rubio & Rand Paul Win Senate Seats. O’Donnell Loses

Marco Rubio & Rand Paul Win Senate Seats. O’Donnell Loses


So far the Tea Party candidates are 2 for 3 when it comes to the Senate. To me, Rubio’s win is much more important to the Tea Party than Paul’s. Especially since Rubio is so young, from a very populous state and is much smarter than Paul. Keep your eye on him.

Christine O’Donnell, yeah, is anybody surprised? Goodbye. Good riddance. You’re done.

  • mw

    I am very excited about the Rand Paul win. For the first time, there will be a libertarianish voice in the Senate. This a political constituency has never had representation at this level before. Ron Paul and Jeff Flake can be said to represent this constituency in the House, but that was it.

    I see him in the same category as Bernie Sanders. Sanders is a self described socialist, which is a small minority of the electorate, but the people of Vermont choose to give this ideology a voice in the Senate.

    The people of Kentucky have now given the libertarian leaning a voice in the Senate, and for that I am grateful. Tonight I am drinking Kentucky bourbon on the rocks in his honor.

    The left should not be unhappy with this. I suspect Rand Paul will be as much a thorn in the side of Republicans as Democrats. When it comes time to start talking spending cuts – Paul will not hesitate to put Defense spending and our stupidly overextended and wildly expensive global military footprint on the table.

    I may even convert to Aqua Buddhism.