Palin Says She Could Beat Obama in 2012

Palin Says She Could Beat Obama in 2012


At this point I think we can assume she’s running. Initially I didn’t think there was any chance that would happen, but after the past couple weeks I can’t help but think that the writing is on the wall. Especially since January is right around the corner and Politimas only comes only once every 4 years.

Here’s the news from ABC…

Here’s my take…Palin is seriously overestimating the power of the Tea Party, especially when you marry her popularity rate with their message and her record.

Still…let the good times roll!

Somewhere Mitt Romney is slapping his forehead.

  • Tim

    Yeah – because I want someone that steps down from her position in Alaska to run the country. Have fun on your flippin’ reality show and stay out of politics.

  • Trescml

    Although I think Palin will run, I think that for she and Gingrich it would be a tougher slog. There was a poll in Montana and Palin was at the bottom (although within the margin of error). If the economy doesn’t improve by 2012, any of the Republicans will have a shot, but Palin will have to convince a lot more people the way she was painted in 2008 is no longer valid. Never underestimate an angry electorate.

  • Alistair


    I agree with you because at this time when Hillary Clinton planned to run her negatives were fairly higher than Palins. But unlike Clinton who had a lot of support from Democratic electorate Palins has some negatives within the GOP electorate. She may when Iowa and perhaps South Carolina but I don’t see her win in New Hamsphire, Florida, Michigan and California.

  • Chris

    I think palin winning would be an accurate indicator of how far this country has fallen in the last 30 years. The intelligent and educated would start fleeing like rats on a sinking ship.

  • Buwahaha

    Yay Chris! I haven’t seen the “Democrats smart, Republicans dumb” meme in a couple days. It’s like a visit from an old friend.

    Palin would have better success and more influence staying in her kingmaker/queenmaker role (spotty success rates and all). By 2012 (and face it, by early 2010), the country is going to have a massive Obama hangover. They’re going to want someone with real experience and specific policies that both resonate with the American people (which BHO had) and actually make sense in the real world (which BHO didn’t/doesn’t have). I think she has the right conservative philosophy, but that philosophy and attitude alone can’t win the day in 2012.

    Voters in 2012 aren’t going to be looking for the GOP’s version of BHO.

  • kranky kritter

    She’s not running. She is using the relentless interest in that possibility to her advantage. She was asked whether she thought she could beat President Obama. She answered yes. What else was she supposed to say?

    The farther right and the farther left, the uber-partisans, are very agitated by the idea of the Palin candidacy, and agitation is fantastic for ratings. This agitation also benefits BOTH partisan wings. It enlivens and recommits both Palin’s appalled haters and her uncritical admirers, So the media, witttingly or not, will help Palin to keep this balloon filled and floating until Palin pilots it to the next safe harbor of adoring fans who think she can do no wrong.

    Personally, I have no doubt that Palin would be a inapt choice for President during such precarious times as these. And I also have no doubt that sensible Americans in the middle, including many sane Democrats and many sane Republicans, feel just the same way.

    I have advice for all who feel this way. Realize that this current Sara Palin pseudo-candidacy is no more real than professional wrestling. Like wrestling, this show is a charade fueled by agitation. The way to help it run its course most quickly is to avoid providing it with the fuel of any agitation from us. See this for a game being played, and refuse to get caught up in it.

    Don’t watch her show. Don’t get sucked into hypercritical threads ranting against Palin. Especially, don’t argue against a Palin candidacy on the basis of whether or not she’d be a better President than Barack Obama. Instead, if asked to compare Palin to Obama, simply state that you feel that she’s not quite up to the task of being President. And state that this should be pretty clear to most folks, regardless of how they feel about how Obama has done. Any argument about Palin’s suitability versus Obama’s is irrelevant unless that is the choice which has actually been placed in front of us on the ballot.

    Palin is not up to the job of President of the United States. I believe she knows this, and so in the end won’t run. We should do our best not to let the fear, anger, agitation, and other emotions we’re experiencing during these troubled times distract us from noticing that.

    Every American should focus on taking his or her own measure of Sara Palin, and compare that to their sense of what it takes to be President. I feel quite comfortable that when we do this, 3 out of 4 Americans will agree that whatever her positives may be, your gut will tell you that she’s not quite up to the task of being President. That’s no sin. Most of us aren’t.

  • Trescml

    KK- Although she may be keeping these “will she or won’t she” fires alive to help her brand, I doubt she thinks she isn’t up to being President. It may not be worth the extreme hassle of being President to her, but I don’t doubt for a second she thinks she could do the job. I agree that as of now she isn’t electable as President and the poll numbers consistently show this. However, if the economy doesn’t improve (or gets worse) there are some that will vote against their gut feel. This is particularly true if she manages to avoid the screw-ups that plagued her during 2008 or Obama does something catastrophically bad. Of course if the economy improves a lot then Obama is likely to be re-elected and none of this speculation matters.

  • David Dzidzikashvili

    Due to economic crisis and soaring debt and the deficit, the United States has already lost its status as the superpower of the global financial system. To add more bad news, the soaring cost of health, social security nearing bankruptcy, high unemployment add more bad news to current economic woes of the American society. Bad decisions, bad policy combined with flawed decision-making process have practically killed/destroyed the foundations of Capitalism in America. But even considering all of the economic data & factors, we’re somehow still addicted to spending and some political “heavyweights” advocate even more borrowing & spending by the government. We’ve got to stop and realize that at some point we need to pay the debt, the younger generation of Americans will need to pay the debt, probably next generations as well… So what we are really doing now is taking liability and spreading slowly over next generations, so that they can deal at a later time? How about actually cutting/freezing all spending, conducting audits of all government spending & programs and start slowly and painstakingly cutting to save and to be a bit more fiscally realistic (and responsible?).

  • Chris

    IF the meme fits…

  • kranky kritter

    Trescmi, that point is probably not arguable. You think she has nitwitted delusions of international-leader-level competence.

    And I don’t think so. I think she has enough sense of her own aptitude to know when she’d be outclassed. And she’s smart enough to know that’s no reason for the show not to go on.

    And remember, derisiveness towards her is going to bring out defensiveness, which will plump her popularity.

  • Trescml

    KK- Fair enough. Admittedly neither of us are in her head (a fact I am just as happy about).

  • Chris

    good thing too, getting hit by one of those pebbles rolling around in there might hurt.

  • mw

    She’s not quite up to the task of being President.

  • gerryf

    Who is Sarah Palin?

  • Tully

    Sarah Palin’s a quitter. She already established that when she resigned the governorship.

    She can be a Gingrichian gadfly, but IMHO as a serious candidate she’s already disqualified herself. Voters tend to remember that someone’s got no balls a quitter when the going got tough.