Chris Adler
This is part one of a special two-part interview we’re bringing you with Lamb of God’s Chris Adler. Check back for part two in the coming days.

There aren’t many bands that can tour behind a single record for two years straight. But then again, most bands aren’t Virginia’s Lamb of God, who are arguably one of the biggest metal outfits in all the world. I mean, think about it — who else can tour two years running on a metal record? Metallica did it on Death Magnetic, but other than that, there’s only Slayer and Megadeth.

Plus, the band’s last record, Wrath, debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 back in early 2009, selling more than 68,000 copies. Such achievements are unheard of for a group so brutal, but Lamb of God have been slowly built an allegiant, underground following that appreciates the fact that the band’s never softened, even after inking a major label deal. But two years is a long time to be away from home, and so now, the band’s taking some time to unwind…and then they will start to write new material.

“We just finished all the touring for Wrath which ended up taking, in full, about two years; I think the longest we were home at any time during those two years was about three weeks, so it’s not often that — just kind of seeing what’s going on out there — bands are able to tour that long,” Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler tells Gun Shy Assassin, who you can tell truly appreciates the position his band’s in and the opportunities that brings. “In fact, most bands are struggling to do anything and they’re putting out an album a year. We’ve been lucky to be able to keep going and it’s been cool, but its also been really exhausting, so we’re going to kind of lay low for the holidays, and then I think probably February, get together and start writing the new one which we hope to have done by the end of next year.”

Yes, people. That’s right. Gun Shy Assassin spoke with the very humble Adler exclusively about Lamb of God and the plan for the foreseeable future and it goes something like this: In early 2011, start writing songs and be recording stuff by July, with an eye on releasing the new record sometime before the band starts a tour that’s already been booked for January 2012.

“We’re already booked for several tours in 2012, so, we’ve already got the schedule rolling and a little job security, so things are good. We’re booked through the end of July of 2012…if we can hold it together.”

Lamb of God have come along way since the Devin Townsend-produced As The Palaces Burn, the record that — in my opinion — was the beginning of LOG’s mercurial rise.

“It’s pretty bizarre,” Adler admits. “We’ve been keeping our nose to the grindstone, and taking advantage of the opportunities and make smart moves. There’s been very little time to reflect on that. We really don’t even know our place anymore. We just keep trudging along at our own pace. I don’t think any of us really recognize the size of what we’ve accomplished. Yet. I don’t know what that will happen but…we’ll see.”

For Adler — who said being away from his wife and daughter the last two years was “really tough, emotional torture” — and the rest of Lamb of God, the next couple of months will be about unraveling, reconnecting with family, taking care of long-overdue home improvements, and “trying to get the creative juices flowing.”

Because 2011 is all about the new Lamb of God record, Adler says. “It’s going to take a minute, but hopefully February, we’ll start knocking around ideas,” he says. ”I know there are a lot of ideas already. I think [guitarists] Willie [Adler, Chris’ brother] and Mark [Morton] have eight or nine really good long ideas of what they want to do. We are working with Josh Wilbur again and hoping by July, we will be in a studio somewhere, with songs written, kind of banging ‘em out.”

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  • Kishor Singh

    Waiting for your another explosion!!!

  • blabla

    FYI Machine Head toured for 2+ years on the Blackening..

    • Anonymous

      AH, you’re right! I totally forgot about Machine Head. Thanks for pointing that out, dude.

    • Jwag72

      u r so that right about that.i luv MACHINE FUCKIN HEAD!!!!!

  • This is really fucking exciting. CANNOT WAIT!!! m/

  • Truly impressive feet of Metal accomplishment and determination. I’m so blown away by Lamb of God in so many ways that my mind boggles when trying to sum it all up and wrap my brain around what Lamb Of God has accomplished in such a short time! Seems to me,though, that only taking the holidays off after 2 years of touring and WORKING while missing family is an incredibly generous and selfless amount of time to step away from the stage. As the old adage says…Good things come to those who wait…I could stand to wait another year and a half for the next Lamb Of God release. DAMN IMPRESSIVE!! BEST METAL BAND EVER!!! WITHOUT ONE DOUBT!!!

  • Larry8869

    I can’t wait until the new album comes out,I really like
    there other stuff.U guys kick ass

  • Wes Store

    new album undoubtably will push metal in all creativeness and technical extremes. these guys seriously deserve the recognition and credit theyve deserved through out their career. One of the tighest and inspiring bands to watch live! love these guys

  • InVain

    lamb of god is a true metal band and ne of the best at that. i have been to more shows then i can count
    thiers. they are my fave band.

  • Shane

    Its awesome that these guys stay so humble after all they’ve accomplished. They are no doubt my favorite band, and totally kick ass live. Very much looking forward to the new album. m/

  • Downer33

    Keepin’ on there grind!!! LAMB OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • -Kongir-

    Lamb of god rulz! But you must notice that there are lots of other bands that can tour over 2 years within one metal album… However nice interview /,,/

  • Suckit

    tool tours for 5 years and metallica is not a metal band

    • Hellhox

      take a lissen to ride the lightning and tell me thats not metal. Idiot

    • Ironcobra

      You suck it mofucka. Tool is pop, at best soft rock. Metallica is thrash metal. You are obviously not a metalhead. So, go SUCK IT.

      • jack

        Tool isnt pop.

  • i can’t wait been a fan sense burn the priest … it’s amazing watching them progress
    2012 will be a killer year …. i can’t wait to see Lamb-Of-God some more

    you guy’s fkn Rock

    thank you

  • Allan

    Josh Wilbur should be able to work his magic like he did on Sacrament & Ashes Of The Wake, my two
    favourite Lamb Of God albums.

    • Happyhappybear

      Machine worked on sacrament and ashes. Josh Wilbur only worked on wrath production wise. he did the drums on sacrament but thats the only connection he has

    • jack

      My favourite too 🙂

  • f’kin awesome! A new record! Can’t wait…. m/

  • Che 6661

    hellyeeeaaaahhh… m/

  • wo!
    ii cnt wait fr it!!!
    awsum m/

  • long toes

    ya the blackening was there only good album

  • D.Tuned

    @ ironcobra Forget metalhead, don’t call yourself a music lover if you don’t respect Tool’s music. They are not remotely poppish.

  • dilllion

    Man, I really admire you guys for what you do. And I KNOW its hard to be away from everyone you love for that long. Your music is truly amazing! And I cannot wait untill you get that new album done next year sometime. Im going to look at your tour dates, and I will most deff. be at one of your closest shows for sure! Keep up the great music and you have a fan for life!!! LOG fuckin rocks!!!!!