Although it’s a phenomenon that’s rarer than sightings of Haley’s comet, there are a few sequels that are superior to the original movies: Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.

It’s really not surprising that Ghostbusters II: We Only Did It For The Money, isn’t included on this very short list. This dud of a sci-fi comedy was a textbook example of a bad sequel; it was boring, derivative, predictable, and unnecessary. Ghostbusters II was a bad idea and a lousy movie, and it never should have been made.

Unfortunately, bad ideas are as commonplace as breast implants in Hollywood, so naturally the studio guys are talking about doing Ghostbusters 3, God help us. On October 14, 2010 Stefano Paganini, Sony’s Product Marketing Manager, proudly announced that a script was finally approved and claimed that the original cast promised to return.

Does that mean Bill Murray will return? In a recent interview, Ernie Hudson (the token African-American character in an amazingly melanin-free New York City) claims the only reason the sequel to the sequel hasn’t happened yet is Bill Murray.

“Dan and Harold are working on the script. If it happens we will see but Bill has been the hold up. His definition of good is a little bit different than everybody else’s.”

Oddly enough, I think Mr. Hudson’s observation about Murray is absolutely correct, and that’s why there’s still a chance that if Ghostbusters 3 gets green-lighted, Murray won’t be in it. Sure, Mr. Bill was at the Spike TV Scream Awards accepting an award for Zombieland dressed in his “Ghostbusters” costume, but I believe he was just playing a cruel practical joke at his co-stars’ expense. Murray hasn’t publicly committed to anything, other than expressing his loathing for the idea.

If you think about it, Bill Murray’s definition of “good” is the reason why he won a Golden Globe award for Lost In Translation, after all.

Remember, Ghostbusters II was over twenty years ago. In the meantime, Murray has evolved into a talented and well-respected character actor who has worked with non-mainstream visionary directors such as Wes Anderson, Jim Jarmusch and Sofia Coppola. The man who portrayed Dr. Peter Venkman doesn’t exist anymore, and expecting him to do that again is as ridiculous as expecting Woody Allen to do a sequel to Bananas.

Hopefully, Bill Murray will keep his artistic integrity and forget about the money. That would be a phenomenon as rare as a good sequel.


  • stephensj

    first off, your information is off. that murray interview is quite old. secondly, it is happening, its casting and filming starts in the spring. secondly, do you now read or see any of dan’s interviews? the script is done and has been done. Everyone is on board.

  • Patrick

    Stephensj I was going to say the samething to the asshole who printed this False GB3 Article about Bill Murray. I saw the ET Interview and Dan Aykroyd confirmed that Bill Murray has a Comic Role of a LifeTime and all 4 Original GB’s are in! That Ernie Hudson Video is False because Production Begans next May 2011 because Sony Confirmed that and Dan confirmed and Sony Confirmed that Filming begans next Spring 2011 for a Christmas Day release in 2012! I’m sick and Tired of People making up False Interviews and Articles then posts them online. We know that GB3 is Happening so this Person better read Dan Aykroyds GB3 Info because this Jerk is Way Off!!!

  • Patrick

    Dan Aykroyd Confirmed on ET that GB3 is in the Bag and they got the Material to make a GB3! I called Sony myself and a Nice Lady told me that they are making a Ghostbusters 3!!! This Fool is a Liar for making up this False GB3 Article about Bill Murray! Ernie knows that GB3 is Happening along with his GB Pals!!!

  • strouds

    With every update, Ghostbusters 3 just keeps sounding worse, and worse….

  • squee232

    strouds, this article is not true, as well as the fact that the author mentioned nothing about the movie except that Bill Murray may not be in it, you are a fool sir or ma’am, a fool

  • DMUK

    Oh dear…

    Thank you Google Alerts for directing to me to this rubbish.

    Information: 0/10
    Authors Opinion: 0/10

    GB2 wasn’t great, but wasn’t that bad. Moron.

  • DMUK

    PS. (the token African-American character in an amazingly melanin-free New York City)

    Really, I mean REALLY?

    *checks calendar*

    Yep, it’s 2010.

    I’m going to wipe your pony site from my mind!!

  • JeffF

    Obviously you haven’t played the video game. It was awesome and if the third movie has a plot anyone near the caliber of the game then we’re in for a treat

  • jim

    I don’t care what the reasons it was made were, but Ghostbusters 2 is not bad and quite frankly is great. In my opinion it surpasses the original in many ways. The plot of a down on their luck Ghostbusters team who is forced once again save a city that hates them is great, too. I loved the fact that the guys didn’t want to come back but were forced to. Rick Moranis’ expanded role is clearly superior to the first film also. It’s an awesome movie. And Ghostbusters 3 will be too. Because Dan Aykroyd knows and has always known how much the fans adore the property, and clearly cares just as much for it himself. And if the quality of the videogame performances were any indication we have nothing to worry about. Bill Murray is understandably reluctant- but in his heart he knows he can’t fight this and people will love it if it’s done right, and I think he wants to do it if it can be done well.

  • OST

    If it is done right this time- it could be good. They have to make good directing and casting choices and then we’ll have to wait and see.