Mike Portnoy
This is awesome. I knew that in time, Mike Portnoy would try to get back with Dream Theater, and I knew they’d be all, “Fuck you dude, go fly a kite!” I just knew it would happen. And now that Mike is also Avenged Sevenfold’s former drummer, Mike tried to crawl back to his old band.

“Just for the record, this is indeed true…Fairly recently, I reached out to the guys to try and make amends and offered to reconcile for the sake of having peace back in our lives…(plus I know how much it meant to a lot of the fans…),” Portnoy writes online. “I figured it was still possible to try and save us, because they hadn’t made any announcements yet or begun any public activity with another drummer…but sadly, they declined my offer (well, actually their lawyer did…they didn’t even tell me themselves…)”

Oh man…as if they owe you anything. Their lawyers shot Mike down. Ouch! I guess Portnoy’s never going to be in Dream Theater again. I still question why he left to begin with…something tells me that he had the Avenged gig beyond 2011 until he started spouting off about his departure like a little girl, and starting that shit with James LaBrie.

“Sorry, gang, I honestly gave it my all,” he writes. “So now the fans on my Twitter and Facebook can please stop asking me to go back to Dream Theater… I tried, and the door is now shut…The ball is now in their court, not mine. I’m not crying or looking for mercy by posting this. I am merely trying to set the record straight as that is always the most important thing about my relationship with you guys. No BS, no spins, nothing to hide — and for better or for worse, I tell it like it is. I’ve also recently seen some people accuse my online activity of ‘looking for attention or media coverage,’ or ‘looking for sympathy,’ but it’s honestly none of the above. I merely value having an open and active communication with my fans. Always have, always will. It is the cornerstone of everything I’ve done since day #1 with Dream Theater.”

Mike adds that he’s “got a lot of great music and ideas waiting to come out of me and a lot of exciting collaborations in the works…so goodbye 2010…bring on 2011!”

Amen, Mike. It still hilarious that you went back to Dream Theater, like a husband who had an affair with a younger chick from his office who finally realized she was turned off by gray pubes, and dumped his ass.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that Mike finds what he wants in life.

  • perry hartman

    I pray that he & Neil Morse get close and Mike finds Christ!

  • Gugered

    I don’t care, I hope DT announce their new drummer: Mike Portnoy.

  • drummerdude

    Perry i totally agree i believe he will come to Christ eventually. Im sure he’s got alot of people praying for him (including Neal). However i do find it odd that DT still hasn’t announced their drummer. Maybe they’re trying to see if he can come back and avoid a bunch of legal garbage.

  • ProgDemigod

    To the comments below, get your christianity shit out of here, you and your religion is like a virus.
    On the topic of DT/MP, I will miss Mike greatly in DT, but I’m also quite excited to here what new imput their newly assigned drummer has to offer.

    • Logan Trainer

      whats your prob dude? if you knew the christ that loves you, you wouldnt be saying those things. what does it matter to you what someone else said anyways?

      • Because your religion is like a f*cking virus!

        • Hfahsf

          And you are the world’s cancer

  • Dedutes76

    Thumbs up, DT! for giving that egomaniac Portnoy a taste of his own medicine!

  • It’s a shame they won’t let him back but will probably give DT a new lease of life too. I can’t wait to hear what the new album has to offer and what projects Portnoy continues with.

  • 7/8isthenew4/4

    Still hard to imagine DT without Portnoy or vise-versa. I didn’t really care for A7X’s Nightmare, although I thought their self-titled album was pretty good. I’m still hoping Portnoy returns. His drumming is the foundation for that band. Although they are all incredible musicians and pretty much irreplaceable, his leaving would change the band’s sound dramatically. Somebody wake me!

  • Hafidz

    on this side of the world, my world, seems that you were like a family, creating a history within, but that life man! fuck it! create your own album and hit it again mike.hafidz

  • AD

    You idiots spouting Christian bullshit are morons. Portnoy is Jewish, learn stuff you retards.

    I’m pretty interested to see what DT will come out with now Portnoy is a memory. I found in their later albums that the rhythmic play often killed the songs, limiting the scope of the rest of the band somewhat.

  • Dan25

    In my opinion DT are fucked without Portnoy. Its like taking the engine out of a ferarri, it still looks the same but it is not longer a ferarri. The driving force behind DT was portnoy, he did everything. Without him there lost. Im excited to find out who their replacement is, but he will never fill the shoes portnoy left behind.

  • Gameplayer24

    I agree. DT is gone without Portnoy. That guy was the man in that band. Never should have left for fail A7X in the first place.

  • Alex Andersson

    He should be officially dubbed ‘Midlife Mike’ after this ridiculous fiasco.

  • Gundament

    That is sad. I cant believe Dream Theater Wont let him back

  • Swish71

    geez man give the guy a break

  • Guest

    Wouldn’t you want to take a break after 20 yrs of non-stop writing/touring? Not to mention his countless side projects… and A7x asked HIM to fill in to honor the Rev, he didn’t ask for that. He probably didn’t see his wife or kids for but 2-3 months out of the year. Anyone would want a break from something as exhausting as DT (since he was writer/producer/drummer/video editor/set lists, etc.). Fuck the haters.

    Love you Mike.

  • W_jayce

    wow the writer of this article is kinda being an unnecessary dickhead eh

  • drumfiend

    Wow… this article only tells me that a complete ass wrote it. DT owes Mike a lot more than even they realize, that much is obvious.

  • Bemtikru

    chris harris is a fuckin pussy with a broom stick up his ass

  • haven3426

    This author is such a fucking dickhead.

  • Sean Lewis

    I am going to ask Mike to get aggressive because the best band in the world cannot fall apart like this, the band was stupid to reject Mike’s coming to DT, without Portnoy in DT there will never be anything peaceful in this world, and i am definetily not a fan of Adrenaline Mob  

  • Austin

    The writer holds no respect in my eyes. This was an unprofessional opinionated finger-pointing at mike. Way to go. You have proved no points.