Season's Solstice

Season's Solstice


This is the one that started it all. No matter what your religious beliefs or non beliefs, the solstice is remarkable event and what makes this one even more remarkable is the lunar eclipse which the Earth’s shadow’s will cast an orange glow on the full moon. The solstice did not only signify the shortest day of the year but also was a time that wine and beer fermented and was ready to drink from the fall’s harvest. Some debate when Christ was actually born since the Gregorian and Julian calendar’s have discrepancies…weblink

Regardless, I embrace a pure moment in nature where an individual can apply their own meaning, whether spiritual, mystical, natural or astronomical to this wonderful event as opposed to this rampant commercialism and greed has clouded our senses and perceptions.

As for our neighbors south of the equator, enjoy your longest day of the year and rejoice in the wonders of this planet and beyond.

  • Tom

    Dude, how high were you when your wrote this?

  • kranky kritter

    …and only 3 days until Festivus on the 23rd. I’ve begun compiling my grievances for our candlelight airing ceremony.

  • Mike A.
  • Mike A.

    And form FPBX10: Airing of Grievances

  • kranky kritter

    Nice above-ground pool, Mike. LOL

  • Buwahaha

    Isn’t it hard to celebrate something that you don’t attach a specific meaning to? I mean, if you’re gonna go pagan, then embrace that. There’s a point where inclusion blurs into dilution. I will applaud your skyclad (does she know about shrinkage, Jerry?) revelry and in a few days wish you a hearty Merry Christmas.

  • kranky kritter

    Whaddaya mean? Who said the winter solstice has no meaning? It’s an annual natural milestone, the end of the waning of daylight and the beginning of its waxing.

    Without making any big deal about it, I think it’s pretty easy to recognize that as naturally and scientifically cool, and without any baggage beyond that. Unless anyone feels compelled to attach their own baggage to it.

    Personally, I really enjoy the changing and passing of the seasons at a tactile and visceral level. As a crusty nor-easter myself, I feel them in my bones. Again, no reason to make a big stinking and honking big deal about it, as some folks insist on doing about certain holidays during the course of the year.

    But where does the compulsion to shit on someone for noticing and appreciating the solstice come from, exactly? From your crack about inclusion, I suspect it has to do with some sort of fantasy about a hidden agenda against christmas. Christmas, which gets bigger and more all consuming with each passing year, sorta like an unstoppable mecha-Barbra Streisand, About 5 years ago Christmas finally breached the Thanksgiving firewall and quickly washed up on the shores of Halloween.

    All I am really wondering is, is it so much to ask that we leave a couple breathfuls of air for something else? Heartiest Merry Christmas to you.

  • Thomas

    I wrote on this very same thing a few years ago if anyone cares:

    That bit of plugging done, to my fellow Pagans and to everyone else:
    May your fire burn bright through the longest night of the year;
    May you weather all the storms of winter;
    and May fortune smile upon you with the lengthening of days.
    …Brightest Blessings for Yule and the new season.

  • Mike A.

    For your viewing pleasure

    Hey Kranky…I’m a little dense…don’t get the above-ground pool reference.

  • WHQ

    What? No mention of the Feats of Strength? I’ve been doing dips all year in preparation.

  • daniel noe

    What does it mean to apply my own meaning whether spiritual, mystical, natural, or astronomical? Can I apply my own meaning to that phrase?

  • Buwahaha

    Not saying it has no meaning. My point was that the OP was bending over backwards to turn the Solstice into Anybody’s Anything. Symbols, without meaning, are gibberish.

  • Buwahaha

    By the way, dig the solstice tree–nice!

  • WHQ

    The solstice is an event, not a symbol. It is well defined and happens every year on a planetary basis. People can and have applied various meanings to this event, beyond the meaning it has by its very existence, even in the absence of human understanding. It’s not anybody’s anything, but it is many people’s something. Be dismissive of it necessarily at the risk of being, yourself, dismissed.

    I personally celebrate the solstice by playing Black Sabbath at high volume and vigorously dancing naked with twenty or so nicotine patches pasted onto my body until I fall unconscious. I later awake reborn, usually in a hospital, like the first time I was born. I am not one to be taken lightly on the score of the solstice. You have been warned.

  • kranky kritter

    Mike, I figured you had watched the video at that site about festivus and its origins. it’s pretty funny, check it out. That’s a quote from it. festivus the movie. The airing of grievances illustration is worth the price of admission, trust me.

    As is the reprise to the crappy festivus song:

    “gather round the rest of us, the time has come for Festivus.

    The best part is the rule about festivus gifts which dictates that the only appropriate festivus gift is an item that you have but do not want, and are also sure the recipient won’t want either. Sounds right.

  • WHQ

    Here’s some interesting stuff on the solstice and the religious holidays that occur around it.

    Copy and paste in the event of link problems:

  • Mike A.


    Got it. Yep…a little slow. It’s a good video. I have to admit my favorite part of festivus would be the AOG…”Lashing into others and the world about how they have been disappointments.”. I would have a lot to say to the world….and I’m sure it would have a lot to say to me.