The Leppard

The Leppard
You’d think…after reading this story from, which Blabbermouth somehow found online today. I mean, the thing is, sometimes, the cat is let out of the bag. Most of the time, the bag is opened by someone in the band…a tour booker. Some small venue’s Web site jumps the gun. But this time, it was a guitar maker.

Thomas Harmon, the Savannah, Georgia, resident who is currently building a guitar for Billy Greer, longtime bass player for the rockers Kansas, told the SavannahNow site that his client has plans for the guitar.

He wants to take the guitar on a 60-day concert tour with Kansas, Heart and Def Leppard in the spring, “so I figure I have the winter to get it done,” Harmon innocently muttered.

Harmon claims he’ll be done with the guitar by early February.

What a lineup. Kansas AND Heart?!?! THEN Def Lep! Sounds like Taylor Swift booked this fucking thing.

  • Pooism

    If Heart sticks to their 70’s shit and Def Leppard sticks to their 80’s shit I’d have a long piss during Kansas and go see this. Believe it or not, both Heart and DL have put on incredible shows in their day. Seriously.

  • Tharmon150

    At the time I made this comment it was gonna happen. Turns out, for various reasons, this gig fell through. I never thought my comment would have made it all over the interwebs the way it did. Lesson learned – never congratulate a woman if she looks pregnant unless you actually see the baby’s head popping out.