Joe Lieberman Won’t Run in 2012…For Anything

Joe Lieberman Won’t Run in 2012…For Anything


The initial reports today speculated about presidential aspirations. But what tomorrow’s press conference is really about is his intentions for the Senate.

Politico has the story…

Lieberman will announce that he will not seek re-election Wednesday in Stamford, Conn., ending months of speculation about whether Lieberman would run as an independent, a Republican, a Democrat, or simply retire.

Several knowledgeable sources on Tuesday confirmed Lieberman’s decision not to run.

“He feels that after 24 years in the Senate and 40 years in public life, it’s time for a new season,” a Lieberman aide said Tuesday night. The aide said Lieberman isn’t bowing out because he was worried about re-election. “It would be tough fight, but that’s not a reason not to run for re-election.”

After his tough fight in 2006 and his support for McCain in 2008, even after McCain picked Palin (which clearly made Lieberman uncomfortable), this isn’t necessarily surprising.

More as it develops…