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Hollywood Undead and their new masks
Mushroomhead and Slipknot do it with each new album cycle so why shouldn’t Hollywood Undead? They have a new album called American Tragedy coming out soon and just revealed their new-look masks.

The masks are the handiwork of special effects artist Jerry Constantine, the band’s J-Dog tells Kikaxemusic — a site I’ve never heard of. I hate to say it, but those masks look like they were designed by Elton John.

“We wanted new masks because they represent us as a band, and as a whole,” said J-Dog. “We all felt it’s years later since the first record and time to start a new chapter. Also the guy, Jerry, who molded them said ‘I noticed it was a problem when some of your fans masks started looking better than yours.’ So we stepped it up. Now ours look better, light up, and shoot fuckin missiles at terrorists!”

Can someone please translate what the fuck this J-Dog character just said? Sorry, but I don’t speak masked wigger. I wonder what it is with the masks…like, I’ve never understood why any band would wear masks. You’re putting this music out there, and no one knows what you look like. My guess is, these dudes are either super ugly (not saying that I’m some beauty, mind you) or they know the music isn’t strong enough so they need some gimmick — “Bros, let’s rock weird, ghetto Eyes Wide Shut masks!” Bingo!

  • Xander

    I will defend the use of masks in the case of Slipknot and Mushroomhead, because it makes the music that much more intense, and besides, everyone knows who they all are anyway, so who gives a fuck whether they wear masks. In the case of Hollywood Undead, who my (now ex) girlfriend made me listen to over and over again, being a puritan metalhead I utterly loathe them. I’m convinced they do it because they want to get the success that other masked bands have had. It’s a hard sell, and you have to opt for the shitty-looking mask to make the shitty music a little less distracting. Just my opinion.

  • 2Fa¢e


  • Kurai

    They openly take their masks off at concerts, since it’s kinda impossible to sing with them on all the time.

  • Undead Soldier For Life

    @ Kurai – No, They have special masks for concerts. Atleast for the old ones they did. The mourth part was like cut off so it was a whole like an upside down “u” so they could talk and not look like it was just a whole for sucking a dick. Lol. HU Rocks, Undead Soldier For Life.

  • Bitch

    I’d like to point out that they take their masks off. So, they don’t wear the masks all the time. It’s not an original idea, at any rate. But, does it matter? They’re more successful than any of us, and if you don’t want to hear about it, don’t listen to the music/look at them.

  • Popssmith2002

    Your a fuckin dumb shit they wear them as a fashionstatement. Y dont you get your facts straight asshole

  • Synyster Gates

    shutup their new masks are badass and stop dissing jdog-_-

  • undeadarmybabe

    WOW!! why the fuck are you writing about hollywood undead if your just going to diss them… the masks are so people don’t like their music only because of looks like a lot of other bands and also the masks are to be different and stand out but they don’t wear their masks during concerts usually… so get a life if you are just going to hate post about a band you don’t like.

  • Ntg_3

    you dumbass dont kno what your talking about go crawl back in ur hole, the take there masks off during shows learn your facts before you stay sumthing stupid

  • Elijah_james

    granted there mask are amazeing espically jdogs that ones badass and dannys mask is cool and all… but its not the same without deuce and funnyman hes just the biggest badass in the world the dude has a pet squirrel thats… awesome!

  • reaper66

    HU is the best looking and best playing band EVER

  • Corvetteboss

    your a homo chris harris. dont diss a band just cause your a jackass.

  • Vladmir

    Translation from masked Wigger to White Guy English
    The masks are cool to the fans. im sorry if it scares your children and wife. Fuck anyone who hates us.

  • Jfleetham0

    What J-dog said in White Fag English:
    We are wereing masks as a fasion and we made them better. Fuck all the people who hate us

  • jacob

    yeah their ne masks are awfull like their new album, swan songs was amazing but american tragity is just shit, da kurllz’s mask makes his face look fat, j-dog looks like a wigger, j3t never had a good mask, funny man looks like he just threw a beinie on his face,charlie scene didnt realy change, and danny is a fag…deuce’s 1st mask is better than all the new ones


    said that up to them n they would rip u apart bitch Hollywood Undead is a badass band out there n their song is a beast

  • Lattneralexey

    hey dumb ass in almost every concert there not wearing masks do your fucking homework before you diss a good band

  • Jsl96

    they wear masks to grab peoples attention and not to be just another crappy hip hop/rock band that youd never look twice at.

  • Who is who?