Matt Paquette
This is fucking extremely sad news. Not because I am a fan of Montreal, Canada-based metal outfit Beheading Of A King — which, I’m guessing, they named after the Amon Amarth song. That’s just a guess though.

This story is sad because Matt Paquette, Beheading Of A King’s frontman, has died.

The cause of Paquette’s death is not yet known, but the dude was just 20 years old; some reports claim he was only 19. Had his whole life in front of him and it’s gone. How fucking tragic. My condolences are with his family and the band’s fans. This is just awful news. What could have killed this kid at 20? I seriously hope it wasn’t drugs.

An outpouring of support and remembrance has consumed the band’s Facebook page.

Beheading Of A King — while not signed to a major — had been working on a new EP and are managed by Outerloop Management, who manage Veil of Maya, Oceano, and Periphery.

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    • Kreamy1995

      Yes he can, he did. It’s done, if you don’t like it, make a time machine, punch him in the face. Other then that, shut up. It’s not as if you haven’t seen the word written, or heard it.

    • Kreamy1995

      Yes he can, he did. It’s done, if you don’t like it, make a time machine, punch him in the face. Other then that, shut up. It’s not as if you haven’t seen the word written, or heard it.

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    • Danarg1994

      It’s metal. The word FUCK is guaran-FUCKING-teed to be FUCKING used, FUCK.

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    • Anonymous

      GO AWAY. That is what this site is all about, you fucking asshat.

    • guest

      Seriously asshole, this isn’t the New York Times…

    • Gareth Allix

      Hate to break it to you, but to use all capitals in a sentence is a grammatically incorrect. You might want to expand your own knowledge of the proper use of English, before making yourself a hypocrite with your own linguistic limitations. Not to mention that being completely insensitive to the subject matter does not make you appear intelligent. But thanks for playing.

      • Gareth Allix

        is* grammatically incorrect. i messed up the grammar in telling him his grammar was sloppy, in criticising someone else’s vocabulary. oh the irony.

    • kimbooosliceee

      Says someone with the name “boobjob”

    • Im impressed that you’de really care about that when you’re name is “boobjob.”

  • Wtvrtfr

    It’s not drugs.. and he was 19.

  • Taswildcats

    this about about the writer, its about Matt. I never liked them but its really sad to hear.

  • yah

    I heard it was a suicide :/

    • Anonymous

      Yikes. Tragic story.

  • Everyone lighten up – the article is written and you can’t change that. If you really cared you’d send the writer of the article an email or personal message instead of shouting out to the world. It is slightly disrespectful but your complaining about it isn’t changing things either. Peace & Love

  • hanged himself…proves that even the happiest, nicest and cheerfulest of people even have demons inside…
    R.I.P. will miss you bud.

    • Gteengirl10132

      How do you know he hung himself?:/

  • Greengirl10132

    How do you know he hung himself:/

  • Sebbimon @ youtube

    Some rumors said he killed himself, because he some studio guy told him that they are never going to be signed. I also heard, that he had a huge fight with his girlfriend. I guess that pushed him over the edge.

    Rest In Peace, Matt Paquette. You will be missed.

  • me605

    mathieu Mathieu Paquet these suicide by himself because of depression :S

  • Jayson

    b.o.a.k. was named after that song from amon amarth just too confirm it to you i was there when they decided… to Matt Paquette R.I.P.

  • fuck you

    does every musician’s death always have to be assumed to be drugs? give it a fucking rest

  • lol

    Pussies kill themselves.

    • Condemnthedead

      Hey fuck you bitch. You don’t know what the fuck he was going through! So lay the fuck off

  • Xhardxxcorex

    Rick from beheading of a king here speaking.

    He commited suicide. Thats all. No drugs involved.
    And we didnt name the band after amon amarth. Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for clearing that up man. I was just speculating because the guy was
      so young.

      Best to you and the band.

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  • Seriously

    I SERIOUSLY have trouble grasping why a bunch of metalheads reading a metal blog would mind the fact that the article includes the word fuck. Has it really come to the point where even subgenres like metal are ridden with moral-majority assholes who can’t even stand writing or reading the word ‘fuck’? Ridiculous.

    Also, it’s a shame. I’m not a big fan either, but it’s still sad as hell.

  • sara

    :'( im gonna miss him!

  • Seadrak

    So sad…. I wish people realize that suicide is never the answer