Author Steven Tyler
I guess the only way to get a book deal anymore is to not be a writer, but someone famous. Like Steven Tyler…he just got himself a book deal…what with him being the new “American Idol” judge and all.

HarperCollins will release Steven’s autobiography “Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?” on May 10. What a title, huh? According to the publisher’s Web site, the tome will trace Steven’s life from his humble beginnings in The Bronx to his teaming with Joe Perry, and follow him through Aerosmith’s roller coaster-like career, all the broads he nailed, his becoming a father, a junkie, and a road dog.

Apparently, Steven spent the last few years working on it, and says it will be a more personal book than the band’s 2003‘s autobiography.

“This is not just my take — this is the unbridled truth, the in-your-face, up-close and prodigious tale of Steven Tyler straight from the horse’s lips,” said Tyler, who was paid a reported $2 million for the rights to the book.

  • Justpeg4559

    your story doesn’t even make since. You say he got the deal for being on Idol, yet you say he’s been writing it for a few years. Did you flunk math/ sounds like your jelouse

    • Anonymous

      Well, Justpeg. Lemme explain how things work. Books actually start being
      made LONG before anyone knows who will put it out. You start the book, get
      an agent, and the agent sells the book to a publisher. Steven has been
      working on this a while, but probably only got the deal recently because of

      And it’s spelled jealous, not jelouse.

      Go suck a fuck.

  • Chris

    Yeah, get your facts right. Tyler has had the deal with HarperCollins for 3 or 4 years, he didn’t “just strike it”. And the band’s autobiography was released in 1997, not 2003.

  • Mike

    “Probably”….this boy didn’t do his homework. probably means he doesnt know but will write his variation of why he thinks he got the deal.

    very unprofessional.

    this $2,000,000 book deal is old news. it takes a total of 10 secolds to google and get that information. LONG before mr Tyler was offered a spot on the judges tables at american idol.