I guess now we know what Jonny Craig did with all the money he scammed out of people…he used the money people sent him for computers he was selling online to buy lots and lots of drugs. And why should we be surprised? If I were in shitty, non-metal bands called Dance Gavin Dance (I mean, why not ask a girl to dance…why Gavin?) and Emarosa, I’d need to be high all the time too.

According to Jonny’s label and management team, Jonny has checked himself into rehab. Hilarious.

Craig has “checked himself into a professional detox treatment facility located in North Hollywood, California. His addiction needed immediate attention and with the help from MusiCares, we were able to make it happen.”

I wonder what his drug of choice was? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it was either cocaine or meth. And Jonny funded his drug addiction by ripping off his fans.

“Rise Records and Artery Management will reimburse all people who Jonny took advantage of financially. No one will be getting ripped off and we’d all like to issue a public apology to anyone who had been taken advantage of.”

That’s at least nice…that the label will take care of people. I’d like to take this moment to say “Fuck you” to anyone who initially questioned my reportage of Jonny’s felonious activities. Fuck. You.

For Emarosa’s upcoming tour with Chiodos, Tilian Pearson (former vocalist of Tides of Man) will be filling in for Craig. “Everyone from his team wishes Jonny the best in his recovery. We’re all looking forward to the new and improved Jonny.”

Yeah, good luck asshole. Enjoy those withdrawals.

  • Anon

    You write as if you know the guy. You’re a fucking prick.

    • Anonymous

      I’m glad I don’t know the guy

      • christhedouche

        Yet you talk about him as if you do. Douchecake.

    • kyleblonglive

      You write as if being a singer with a high pitched voice is an excuse for drug addiction. get out now scene girl

  • crystal$37H

    Dude you are fucking stupid. Yeah he made mistakes and fucked people over, but he’s at least taking actions upon his mistakes. Haters gonna hate and that’s all you are doing. Yeah, DGD might not be metal, but they sure as hell sound a lot better than any metal band on this site. Anon is right.

    • Blink_me

      I say DGD live because they happened to be there, and they were awful have the crowd was litterally sitting on the ground talking… awful music awful band awful person

      • Chris Benoit

        What’s truly awful is your spelling and grammar.

    • Chris Benoit

      Metalheads are some of the most close-minded people you’ll ever meet. It doesn’t take much talent to repetitively chug away at a couple notes and head bang.

  • Some dude

    He was addicted to heroin, not meth or cocaine.

    I’ve been through heroin detox; the staff takes care of you, so there are actually no withdrawals at all…only mental cravings.

  • Mrtopo666

    having a drug addiction sucks but that is no excuse to rip people off, if he wanted the drugs he would’ve sell his ass on the streets

  • Xenosapien90125

    Shut your mouth. Black label society sucks. Just because you’re intolerant to music that’s not metal doesnt mean you’re the higher authority. Want to know what’s on my playlist you studded belt wearing faggot? Opeth, Sunn O))), Dance Gavin Dance, Yes, Born of Osiris, The Red Chord, Devourment, and Emery. Now shut your whore mouth and stop acting like you know things.

    • Nataliezavasnik

      wow you listen to bad music

  • Eric Lindholm

    You are the worst writer/reporter i have ever seen. and i use those terms loosely.
    get a life, and stop hating on things that you should have nothing to do with. damnit, let him live his life, prick

    • When you SCAM people off of HUNDRED of dollars, it’s not a personal matter anymore. It’s a legal matter. Why would you EVER defend someone like Jonny Craig who would NEVER defend you (or anybody)?

    • Xxbrakinghartzxx

      im sure you would be saying that if it were you who got scammed.. the guy is a prick.. have a conversation with him and try and say different

  • Professionalism

    Yeah, I’m not a fan but he writes as if he knows the guy. Chill out and do your job.

  • Ijose951

    Fucking queer!

  • Ihazdrums

    BLS is amazing. They are flawless live. Just amazing.

  • Mannyd954

    Chris Harris is the worst reporter I’ve ever come across. This guy used to work for MTV, the biggest sell out of music, and he is telling me what is shitty and non-metal.

    • Anonymous

      Explain why I’m the worst…

      • The Muffin Man

        Not necessary. Your work speaks for itself.

        Shit Sandwich.

  • 36girls1cup

    The guy obviously has problems but that fucking voice is amazing…for a Canadian…

  • Logan S

    I would like to say that you are a horrendous writer and a terrible reporter. Firstly, why laugh at someone else’s problems? That is terrible, rude and inconsiderate. Secondly, how can a music reporter– I use that term loosely– be judging a band by their name? I am quite apaulled that you have gotten 74 likes on Facebok. It just shows, as does your article, that there are so many hateful people in this world. Apparently, those who can’t do, hate, when you’re too ignorant to appreciate talent.

    For the record I will never support anything Chris Harris contributes to from now on. I have a subscription to AP mag and if I come across an article by him it will immediately be torn from the magazine.

  • Personally, I think this was a pretty good article

    • Obesity Treatment Center

      Too bad you can’t even read.

    • Professionally and personally, I agree.

  • After-flight88

    Nobody said DGD was metal you dipshit, and don’t you rip on Jonny Craig, he made mistakes, yes. But that gives you no right to tell him off you were sitting next to him trying to tell him not to do it. Soooooooo FUCK. YOU.

  • Fuckstick

    Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa suck dick, I hope he gets out of rehab and overdoses.

  • Chris Benoit

    Jonny Craig can’t pull off a lot of what you hear on albums and carries himself like a douche, but there’s no reason to write such a harsh article as if you’ve never done something wrong in your pitiful life. You’re a journalist, get over yourself. You’re an even bigger douche than Jonny Craig.

  • Chris

    You folks are all defending a dude who ripped people off, took thousands of dollars from people, and shot it into his veins or snorted it up his nose. Really? Nice ethics, assholes.

    • Jjj

      i agree. if he was just a regular person everyone would be screaming “Send him to prison!!!”

      Jonny is getting off with a slap on the wrist.

    • Billy Bob

      Aw… are you upset that people are calling you out on your shoddy work? Let me taste your tears.

    • I think people hate YOU more than they hate Jonny Craig. Too bad, man. I enjoyed reading it, especially with your side notes and thoughts.

      • kellymason

        No way. This article blows. It almost makes me feel BAD for Jonny Craig–and I hate the dude more than anybody.

        • Kelly, I could NEVER FEEL empathy for him. Maybe for Lindsay Lohan, but Jonny is a prick. He’s lived his life out in the open and did so without feeling like he would ever get caught.

    • shmeghan

       addiction is really a serious matter, people arent themselves when theyre an addict, dick. so if you knew anything (which im guessing you dont, you probably never even met him) esp about addiction, youd think twice about writing something like this about someone, doesnt matter who they are but since hes some-what famous youre just simply jealous and just have nothing else better to write. hes an amazing artist and for you to bash him over the internet is a pussy thing to do, so get a life and get a real job…a job you actually get paid for, since youre not good at what you do.

      • bullshit. thats a piss fucking poor excuse for being a selfish piece of shit. ive dealt with addicts that are oblivious, remorseless cunts

  • Keandra

    Ignorance is bliss. Journalism is taking a turn for the worst.

  • Ohspazzyone

    You did your job well by reaching out to a different group of readers, but the fact that you’re an asshole kind of ruins the effort. Wouldn’t it have been just as easy to use a less biased approach that “whether you like Jonny’s music of not, the guy is a scammer”. Your opinions have nothing to do with the story. Don’t kid yourself, people aren’t reading because you’re clever, they’re reading because they care about the topic for whatever reason. You don’t give a “hard core metal” impression with your writing, this member of the audience just pities the fuck out of you.

  • I love reading this. Perhaps, it is because justice is FINALLY being served. I know people who’ve worked with Jonny and he screws everyone over and rips you a new one before he get rid of you. Personally, he needs to go to jail. What a joke.

    • Raw Dawg

      Justice is not served if he’s sitting in rehab while record companies pay those that have been screwed over. He needs to be charged for his actions and put in jail with people he can relate to. He’s your common drug-y that does whatever it takes to feed his addiction. Jail is a great place for him to rot, until you realize that’s where your tax dollars are going.

      Whatever the outcome and consequences are, he’ll be right back in the same place in a matter of time. That’s typical of that life style. There will always be different circumstances for someone who has made a name for themself than a nobody.

      • Now that I’ve thought of this, I completely and utterly agree.

    • shmeghan

       bitch, shut up. youre a wanna-be hardcore stupid cunt, that acts like she knows everyone and everything when in reality, you know nothing, you dont know anyone. youre a fucking loser so sits on her computer and acts like she does. get a life. youre ugly. youre stupid. and simply you just suck at life 🙂 so why dnot you get one and stop acting like you have one.

      • I’m sorry, but your lack of your ability to make sense is actually making YOU look like an idiot. Also, this article is over a year old. You should learn to get over it, darling. <3

        • CAPTAINfuckingMORGAN

          I’d like to point out, that you also posted back talking shit on this article. So don’t go and bad mouth this Megan chick for commenting on a year old article. Find something else to whine about. Go back to your fake ass little scene kid blog and talk to your clan of pale ass followers and smear some more 12 cent eye liner under your eyes. Damn.

          Also, who gives the vaguest fuck ifhe does drugs? If you like his music, you like his music. If you don’t, you don’t. The fact that his extracurricular activities are a tad bit frowned upon doesnt mean his music sucks. Fuck.

  • hammerbeard

    everyone is a fucking critic

  • Jbk

    Maybe they will ask Kurt Travis to join back with dance Gavin dance?

  • Motoboyjr102

    dude your an asshole fuck u fucking hater

  • Reesh

    I work at a substance abuse facility and I can personally say…this won’t do shit. He was already tweeting about how “shitty” the weather was out in CA. Dude, pay more attention to your recovery then the weather. When shits forced it never works.

  • Fuckit

    I hope this dude dies.

  • jordannsunnn

    i met jonny this summer. he was a nice guy. people fuck up, plain and simple. you’ve obviously made mistakes before, this article being one of them, you should just wrote a respectful, non-biased report. everyone here wants to know about this situation jonny craig is in, nobody cares to hear your ignorant and plain fucking stupid comments. dance gavin dance isnt supposed to be “metal”… go suck a dick and listen to BLS dumbass

  • Jayws3

    Chirs Harris you are a nobody and i agree with most, every piece of work you have done is awful, and thats putting it lightly. Btw shouldnt reporters have the facts cuz you obviously know nothing about this story. His choice of drugs was neither cocaine or meth. He had major surgery and got hooked on pain killers. Hes human it happens. He has alot of talent and its people like you that will drive this world into the ground. he makes music and music saves lives every single day, which in turn means HE SAVES LIVES. Ya ok we get it he screwed up, but he will get better, everyone deserves a chance to get better. Sorry your mr. perfect, i bet if we did a little digging we would find out uve done some stuff that would make Jonny look like god. Go listen to Judas Preist and Black sabbath and go write about bands that bite the heads off of animals you fag.

  • thewalkingwounded

    I don’t think people are defending his actions, he fucked up and all the people who were scammed and getting reimbursed. I’m not saying that makes it alright but to call criticize his music because of his actions is bias. For a “internationally-published music journalist and writer” you sound like a child with a short temper. The man has more talent in his pinky than you do in your whole body. You question his morals and than wish ill fate on him, real mature.

  • Ac-129

    I’m sorry but i have to say this, Jonny is a great guy yeah he scammed people but i spent a day with him. and I’ve never met such a down to earth guy. He may be a prick to some people like this guy that wrote the article but to his real fans hes a great buy. he even stood up for me when some guy called me a fag and i was ready to flipped i turned around and i saw Jonny bitching them out. before that day I’ve never met him heard his music or even heard of him, but now im truly a fan of Jonny Craig so fuck you, you dumb-ass you can only build yourself up by tearing other people down. so FUCK YOU!

  • moosemaster

    dance gavin dance sucks my bawlz. emarosas good. jonny is a great singer. but as far as him as a person. hes a fucking piece of shit. and dumb bitch who said at least hes takinhg steps ti better himself. HES ONLY GOING TO REHAB TO STAY OUT OF JAIL. he doesnt give a fuck about bettering himself u dumb cunt. and chris benoit. ur an idiot. im pretty sure bands like anaal nathrakh, decrepit birth, brain drill, behemoth, aand obituary dont just. “chug a few notes” u talentless cunt. dont diss metal if u dont know what it is. and if u dont like this guys writing. WHY THE FUCK R U READING IT. theres plenty of other articles on the topic. and to everyone saying hes a nobody. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU

  • Yeahh, we could care less about your opinion on the music. I believe the title of this page is “Jonny Craig Did Rip People Off; Going To Rehab.” ._____.

  • Mark

    You sir, are a fucking prick. Sure, Johhny is an ass hole, But people love his music, so do i! Yeah, they guy needs help with drugs clearly, but who they fuck are you to slander this guy? Are you perfect? Do you never make mistakes? Do you make better music that helps people get through life, and just create amazing stories in your songs? Nope, You’re just a douche bag nigger reporter. Get a fucking life lol. You’ll never be anything compared to Craig. just a small time internet hate reported. Good luck ass hole!

  • Does being metal really affect a band’s talent? Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa are amazing bands and Jonny Craig is an amazing vocalist, and this is coming from a Meshuggah and Gojira fan. And what the hell is so goddamn funny about someone wanting to better himself by going to rehab? Did you want him to continue to be an addict? You need to grow the fuck up and stop being so goddamn close-minded.

  • Kaileyrussill

    about chris harris it should just say that he’s an idiot..

  • Dev

    You’re opinions are unneeded, drug addiction can change you and fuck your life. He was now recently released and if he really does stay better than good for him, he’s already better than you anyway. Hope karma doesn’t come and bite you in the ass for being a prick.

  • John_smith

    shitty non metal bands like emarosa…. fucking behave yourself.